Testing Checklist

Are you going to start on a new project for testing? Don’t forget to check this Testing Checklist in each and every step of your Project life cycle. The list is mostly equivalent to Test plan, it will cover all quality assurance and testing standards.

Testing Checklist:
1 Create System and Acceptance Tests [ ]
2 Start Acceptance test Creation [ ]
3 Identify test team [ ]
4 Create Workplan [ ]
5 Create test Approach [ ]
6 Link Acceptance Criteria and Requirements to form the basis of
acceptance test [ ]
7 Use subset of system test cases to form requirements portion of
acceptance test [ ]
8 Create scripts for use by the customer to demonstrate that the system meets
requirements [ ]
9 Create test schedule. Include people and all other resources. [ ]
10 Conduct Acceptance Test [ ]
11 Start System Test Creation [ ]
12 Identify test team members [ ]
13 Create Workplan [ ]
14 Determine resource requirements [ ]
15 Identify productivity tools for testing [ ]
16 Determine data requirements [ ]
17 Reach agreement with data center [ ]
18 Create test Approach [ ]
19 Identify any facilities that are needed [ ]
20 Obtain and review existing test material [ ]
21 Create inventory of test items [ ]
22 Identify Design states, conditions, processes, and procedures [ ]
23 Determine the need for Code-based (white box) testing. Identify conditions. [ ]
24 Identify all functional requirements [ ]
25 End inventory creation [ ]
26 Start test case creation [ ]
27 Create test cases based on inventory of test items [ ]
28 Identify logical groups of business function for new system [ ]
29 Divide test cases into functional groups traced to test item inventory [ ] 1.30 Design data sets to correspond to test cases [ ]
31 End test case creation [ ]
32 Review business functions, test cases, and data sets with users [ ]
33 Get signoff on test design from Project leader and QA [ ]
34 End Test Design [ ]
35 Begin test Preparation [ ]
36 Obtain test support resources [ ]
37 Outline expected results for each test case [ ]
38 Obtain test data. Validate and trace to test cases [ ]
39 Prepare detailed test scripts for each test case [ ]
40 Prepare & document environmental setup procedures. Include back up and
recovery plans [ ]
41 End Test Preparation phase [ ]
42 Conduct System Test [ ]
43 Execute test scripts [ ]
44 Compare actual result to expected [ ]
45 Document discrepancies and create problem report [ ]
46 Prepare maintenance phase input [ ]
47 Re-execute test group after problem repairs [ ]
48 Create final test report, include known bugs list [ ]
49 Obtain formal signoff [ ]

Source: Jarvis and Crandall, Inroads to Software Quality, Prentice-Hall, 1997, p. 323.

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#5 Amit Jain

Well Thiru ,

As such there is no template . Every company has its own format and that is confidential.

You can create your format where in you can the scenario ( What are you testing ) and the outcome of that




my name is shamith, i want formats of testing reports

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I really need and example of a GUI checklist…. Anyone out there has one?

#22 Imran James

I really need and example of a GUI checklist…. Anyone out there has one? Or where I can turn to get one..

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I wish to be emailed notes on Manual Testing and Interview questions for manual testing. ……..Also I have shifted from a NOn-IT work-environment to IT industry in Testing…….is it necessary for me to certify myself as CSTE before I get good opprtunities.. I have been trying for the past one year……but I have not been able to get into any good Organisation

#24 charitha

QA will reject the application wholly and the product will be sent back to development accompanied with a full report as to why the rejection occurred.Is there any document template for the report to be given to the development team when the build is rejected?

#25 charitha

Send Details for checklist for smoke testing / sanity testing / BVT (Build Verification Testing)?

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Please give me the template of Traceability Matrix..
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GUI check list

User Interface Testing Checklist

1.1.1 Are hyperlink colors standard?
1.1.2 Are the field backgrounds the correct color?
1.1.3 Are the field prompts the correct color?
1.1.4 Are the screen and field colors adjusted correctly for non-editable mode?
1.1.5 Does the site use (approximately) standard link colors?
1.1.6 Are all the buttons are in standard format and size?
1.1.7 Is the general screen background the correct color?
1.1.8 Is the page background (color) distraction free?


1.2.1 All fonts to be the same
1.2.2 Are all the screen prompts specified in the correct screen font?
1.2.3 Does content remain if you need to go back to a previous page, or if you move forward to another new page?
1.2.4 Is all text properly aligned?
1.2.5 Is the text in all fields specified in the correct screen font?
1.2.6 Is all the heading are left aligned
1.2.7 Does the first letter of the second word appears in lowercase? Eg:


1.3.1 Are all graphics properly aligned?
1.3.2 Are graphics being used the most efficient use of file size?
1.3.3 Are graphics optimized for quick downloads?
1.3.4 Assure that command buttons are all of similar size and shape, and same font & font size.
1.3.5 Banner style & size & display exact same as existing windows
1.3.6 Does text wrap properly around pictures/graphics?
1.3.7 Is it visually consistent even without graphics?


1.4.1 Is all the error message text spelt correctly on this screen?
1.4.2 Is all the micro-help text(i.e tool tip) spelt correctly on this screen?
1.4.3 Microhelp text(i.e tool tip) for every enabled field & button
1.4.4 Progress messages on load of tabbed(active screens) screens


1.5.1 Are all disabled fields avoided in the TAB sequence?
1.5.2 Are all read-only fields avoided in the TAB sequence?
1.5.3 Can all screens accessible via buttons on this screen be accessed correctly?
1.5.4 Does a scrollbar appear if required?
1.5.5 Does the Tab Order specified on the screen go in sequence from Top Left to bottom right? This is the default unless otherwise specified.
1.5.6 Is there a link to home on every single page?
1.5.7 On open of tab focus will be on first editable field
1.5.8 When an error message occurs does the focus return to the field in error when the user cancels it?


1.6.1 Are all the field prompts spelt correctly?
1.6.2 Are fonts too large or too small to read?
1.6.3 Are names in command button & option box names are not abbreviations.
1.6.4 Assure that option boxes, option buttons, and command buttons are logically grouped together in clearly demarcated areas “Group Box”
1.6.5 Can the typical user run the system without frustration?
1.6.6 Do pages print legibly without cutting off text?
1.6.7 Does the site convey a clear sense of its intended audience?
1.6.8 Does the site have a consistent, clearly recognizable “look-&-feel”?
1.6.9 Does User cab Login Member Area with both UserName/Email ID ?
1.6.9 Does the site look good on 640 x 480, 600×800 etc.?
1.6.10 Does the system provide or facilitate customer service? i.e. responsive, helpful, accurate?
1.6.11 Is all terminology understandable for all of the site’s intended users?

Performance & Security Testing Checklist
1.1 LOAD
1.1.1 Many users requesting a certain page at the same time or using the site simultaneously
1.1.2 Increase the number of users and keep the data constant
1.1.3 Does the home page load quickly? within 8 seconds
1.1.4 Is load time appropriate to content, even on a slow dial-in connection?
1.1.5 Can the site sustain long periods of usage by multiple users?
1.1.6 Can the site sustain long periods of continuous usage by 1 user?
1.1.7 Is page loading performance acceptable over modems of different speeds?
1.1.8 Does the system meet its goals for response time, throughput, and availability?
1.1.9 Have you defined standards for response time (i.e. all screens should paint within 10 seconds)?
1.1.10 Does the system operate in the same way across different computer and network configurations, platforms and environments, with different mixes of other applications?
1.2.1 Increase the data by having constant users
1.2.2 Will the site allow for large orders without locking out inventory if the transaction is invalid?
1.2.3 Can the site sustain large transactions without crashing?
1.3.1 Increase both number of users and the data
1.3.2 Performance of memory, CPU, file handling etc.
1.3.3 Error in software, hardware, memory errors (leakage, overwrite or pointers)
1.3.4 Is the application or certain features going to be used only during certain periods of time or will it be used continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Test that the application is able to perform during those conditions. Will downtime be allowed or is that out of the question?
1.3.5 Verify that the application is able to meet the requirements and does not run out of memory or disk space.
1.4.1 Is confidentiality/user privacy protected?
1.4.2 Does the site prompt for user name and password?
1.4.3 Are there Digital Certificates, both at server and client?
1.4.4 Have you verified where encryption begins and ends?
1.4.5 Are concurrent log-ons permitted?
1.4.6 Does the application include time-outs due to inactivity?
1.4.7 Is bookmarking disabled on secure pages?
1.4.8 Does the key/lock display on status bar for insecure/secure pages?
1.4.9 Is Right Click, View, Source disabled?
1.4.10 Are you prevented from doing direct searches by editing content in the URL?
1.4.11 If using Digital Certificates, test the browser Cache by enrolling for the Certificate and completing all of the required security information. After completing the application and installation of the certificate, try using the

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go through http://www.testingfaqs.org/t-track.html link for MANTIS

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When developer release product to tester team before that from developer point of what parameters has to check from developer end . I want that check list for Developer & after that tester what to do next .
Can i have both check list for Developer as well as Tester.
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If someone have information about Checklist forAcceptance of Build/Release in Testing Phase after few Defects are fixed.

#42 Janu

@ Usha

Mantis is a bug tracking tool (freeware)
we need a server to install it, once done
we can set the authority to the concern person to edit and work on it.
there will be
Main page where you can see
New bugs, Feedback from developer, acknowledged, confirmed, assigned bug list, resolved and closed bugs
until u assign the bug to developers it will be in “New” status
All are manually done by developers and testers in the bug descripton page.
As a admin You can set the access level to different people tester, senior tester, manager, developer.
it is very useful and a easy software for all testers.

Kind of Tool
Bug tracking system (freeware)

Mantis project

Software Description
A php/MySQL/web based bug tracking system. Beta status.

Unix, Windows.

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#51 Sharmila Juvekar

Whatever the requirements to initialize the testing for new project has mentioned in above are very veg and confusing.
The basic testing requirements to kick off the testing for new project are as follows.

1. Study the requirements of the application/project that is expected to do.
2. Analyze it and study the use cases/functional-Non Functional flow of the application.
3. From the requirements, define the testing boundary / scope for whole project
4. Estimate, Schedule and Plan it so that it will fix within given time frame. If not, then take prior approval from the customer for either time or scope reduction.
5. Prepare the Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Specification where all the Risks, Contingencies should be there and get it approved from customer before start of the testing.
6. Decide the test methodology/model for the project.
6. Once all the major milestones and objectives are clear, then prepare the test team with required skills, software and hardware.
7. Then start 1st phase from testing life cycle and continue….
8. Till the end of whole testing life cycle for a particular project, do the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check and Action) frequently and follow the ideal testing process and quality measures to ensure the quality of testing and product!!!

#52 S.H.K.N

GUI checklist

1.0 Menu
1.1 To Check that Menu is properly displayed on page.
1.2 To Check that Menu is properly placed on page.
1.3 To Check that Menu is consistent with other pages.

2.0 Images
2.1 To Check that all images are properly displayed on the page.
2.2 To Check that all images are properly placed on the page.
2.3 To Check that all images are consistent with other pages.

3.0 Links
3.1 To Check that all links are properly displayed on the page.
3.2 To Check that all links are properly placed on the page.
3.3 To Check that all links are consistent with other pages.

4.0 Combo boxes
4.1 To Check that all combo boxes are properly displayed on the page.
4.2 To Check that all combo boxes are properly placed on the page.
4.3 To Check that all combo boxes are consistent with other pages.

5.0 Buttons
5.1 To Check that all buttons are properly displayed on the page.
5.2 To Check that all buttons are properly placed on the page.
5.3 To Check that all buttons are consistent with other pages.

6.0 Text
6.1 To Check that all text is properly displayed on the page.
6.2 To Check that all text is properly placed on the page.
6.3 To Check that all text is consistent with other pages.
6.4 To Check the Grammar and Spellings of the text

7.0 CSS
7.1 To Check that CSS is properly applied to on the page.
7.2 To Check that CSS is consistent with other pages.

8.0 Text Fields

8.1 To Check that all text fields are properly displayed on the page.
8.2 To Check that all text fields are properly placed on the page.
8.3 To Check that all text fields are consistent with other pages.

9.0 GUI

9.1 To Check that GUI alignment are proper on the page.
9.2 To Check that GUI alignment is consistent with other pages.

#53 bala

Thanks Sharmila Juvekar… i have started to prepare the QA Checklist with the reference for your points. i will post a comments if i have faced any difficulities

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Hi Bala

All the best for your good work! I would be glad to help you anytime!

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Hello Sharmila,
Can you please explain
which type/technique/concept of testing can be applied at what stage of SDLC.

#56 Bala

Hi Sharmila,

i have prepared the sample checklist for one module but the checklist does’t meet upto my mark.. The difficulty is there are no requirement/Use cases for that project. so i have prepared wht i can understand during my testing/QA. i am confused whether i am moving in right way( it looks like a test case). Do u have any sample Document which u prepared in your past experience?.

Mail me : balakrishnan.gg@gmail.com


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What is difference between type of testing and testing Techniques

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Do you have any check list for Build acceptance test? When development deploy the application, i need a check list to guide me the release is acceptable or not then Testing team to proceed the testing.

#68 test


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Please advice about load testing of Web based e-commerce application manually..

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Can anyone tell me these answers of the following questions?

1.What is Test Matrix?
2.Template of Test Matrix?
3.In phase of should we prepare it?

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HI all,

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which type/technique/concept of testing can be applied.please details me how it works.

#94 Http://Fishermensmonument.Org

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But yet I personally like this 1, “Testing Checklist | Software Testing Help” the best.
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it ,Dorothea

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This is a very useful info about the Checklist on a Project. It’s a good article on Testing stuff. I really enjoyed reading this one.

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Browser Compatibility Testing

Here’s a handy cross browser testing checklist you can refer while testing your web project on different browsers and operating systems:

1) CSS validation
2) HTML or XHTML validation
3) Page validations with and without JavaScript enabled
4) Ajax and JQeury functionality
5) Font size validation
6) Page layout in different resolutions
7) All images and alignment
8 ) Header and footer sections
9) Page content alignment to center, LHS or RHS
10) Page styles
11) Date formats
12) Special characters with HTML character encoding
13) Page zoom-in and zoom-out functionality
And obviously you will have to repeat these tests on:
14) Different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux and Mac
15) Different browsers (with different versions) like Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.
Email ID:-prashnsk8@gmail.com

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I need a checklist format for a website.

Please send it to me if you have any one for my reference


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Please advice about load testing of Web based e-commerce application manually..

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Can U please produce same check list for responsive web design?


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Hi all, can any one please tell me difference between test plan and test strategy.

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How to check whether the app accessing device’s UDID.

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Kindly send me the Format or Template for Test Scenarios. I need to write test scenarios for my new project.
My Mail Id is : shammisarwan@gmail.com


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