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How to Plan and Manage Testing Projects Effectively (Tips)

Project planning is one of the pivotal elements in the project management process.

How each individual team interprets the goals to be achieved, is a direct representation of the level of clarity incorporated in the project plan. Especially when it comes to a test project, inaccurate project planning can have a serious implication on the test execution of the system under test and on the overall quality of the product as a whole.  Continue reading →

How Test Planning has Upper Hand than Test Execution Phase?

Software test planning reserves far better scope comparatively in STLC phase. The delivery of quality software is ensured by the testing phase. What has to be done in testing is actually decided in the test planning phase.

What you will learn in this tutorial?


This tutorial will provide overview and illustrations on the importance of the test planning and the execution phase. After reading this tutorial you will understand the significant importance of the planning phase compared to the execution phase with more live examples and case studies for illustrations. Continue reading →

How to Write a Test Plan Document from Scratch (Download a Real Plan) – Live Project QA Training Day 3

After introducing you to the live application for our free online software testing training, we saw how to review SRS and write test scenarios.

Now it’s time to dive deeper into the most important part of the software testing live cycle – i.e. Test Planning.

Most Important Phase of Testing – Creating a Test Plan:

In today’s article we are going to see how to write a test plan document. At the end of this tutorial we have shared a 19 pages Continue reading →

How Does Test Planning Differ for Manual and Automation Projects?

We all agree that Automation projects are different in nature from Manual testing ones. Although, autonomous automation projects don’t really exist (or should not exist ideally), both manual and automation projects are dealt differently when being planned.

A mis-planned project inevitably gets mis-executed; this not only affects the current project and casts a shadow on the individual’s capabilities, but can also lead to the loss of confidence in the team for the client/management- affecting further business.  I would rather say that we testers be safe than sorry.

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Test plan sample: SoftwareTesting and Quality assurance Templates

Test plan is in high demand. Ya it should be! Test plan reflects your entire project testing schedule and approach. This article is in response to those who have demanded sample test plan.

In my previous article I have outlined Test plan Index. In this article I will elaborate that index to what each point mean to do. So this Test plan will include the purpose of test plan i. e to prescribe the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of the testing activities. To identify the items being tested, the features to be tested, the testing tasks to be performed, the personnel responsible for each task, and the risks associated with this plan.

Find what actually you need to include in each index point.

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Test Plan Template

From last couple of days I am getting more request on Sample test plan.
So for your reference I am including one sample test plan template here.

Its a Index of Test plan only.
Each point will help you to elaborate your test plan step by step.
Take this as a guideline and develop a full Test plan for Your project.

Table of Contents :

1. Introduction
1.1. Test Plan Objectives

2. Scope
2.1. Data Entry
2.2. Reports File Transfer
2.3. File Transfer
2.4. Security

3. Test Strategy
3.1. System Test
3.2. Performance Test
3.3. Security Test
3.4. Automated Test
3.5. Stress and Volume Test
3.6. Recovery Test
3.7. Documentation Test
3.8. Beta Test
3.9. User Acceptance Test

4. Environment Requirements
4.1. Data Entry workstations
4.2 MainFrame

5. Test Schedule

6. Control Procedures
6.1 Reviews
6.2 Bug Review meetings
6.3 Change Request
6.4 Defect Reporting

7. Functions To Be Tested

8. Resources and Responsibilities
8.1. Resources
8.2. Responsibilities

9. Deliverables

10. Suspension / Exit Criteria

11. Resumption Criteria

12. Dependencies
12.1 Personnel Dependencies
12.2 Software Dependencies
12.3 Hardware Dependencies
12.3 Test Data & Database

13. Risks
13.1. Schedule
13.2. Technical
13.3. Management
13.4. Personnel
13.5 Requirements

14. Tools

15. Documentation

16. Approvals

Let me know if you still want example Test plan!!

Update: You can visit the latest updated article on Sample Test plan. You can also download pdf file version of this Test plan template on this post.


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