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QTP Interview Questions and Answers Part 2 – Are You Ready?

Last week we completed our 25 part QTP online training series. Many readers have benefited from this series and I’m sure this will be the key online resource for many QTP learners.

If you have already prepared for QTP and now want to start appearing for interviews, here is the part 2 of our QTP Interview Questions and Answers series. This covers most of the basic and advanced questions asked by the readers which are helpful for freshers as well as experienced candidates. So check if your question is completely answered or not.

Please refer below link for part 1 of useful tips to prepare for QTP interview along with 20 frequently asked QTP questions:

qtp interview questions

QTP Interview Questions and Answers (Part 2)

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Descriptive Programming in QTP and Database Connection in QTP – Tutorial #25

In this tutorial you will learn what descriptive programming in QTP is, and Database connection in QTP i.e. how to connect to external data sources like database and MS Excel sheets using QTP. 

A quick note about this QTP article series before we move to details of this tutorial:

This is the last tutorial in our online QTP training series. I hope you all enjoyed these tutorials and started learning from it. If you are new here please head over to the very first tutorial in this training series.

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QTP Tutorial #24 – Using Virtual Objects and Recovery Scenarios in QTP Tests

Virtual Objects in QTP

Do you see Object not found error while running QTP tests? Well, this is because during playback QTP can’t recognize non-standard objects. To solve this object recognition problem we use Virtual Objects. Using Virtual Object Wizard we can map these unrecognized objects to a standard class which then can be used as a standard object to record the test.

How to solve object recognition problem in QTP?

Example of Virtual Object:
Here is a scenario: I am recording a test on a Microsoft word document. I activate the already opened MS word doc and I click on any of the icons in the top menu Continue reading →

QTP Tutorial #23 – QTP Smart Object Identification, Sync Point, and Test Result Analysis

In this QTP tutorial we will learn – Smart Object identification, adding Synchronization point, Running a test and viewing the results, and Silent Test runner.

Smart Identification:

Assume a situation when no object matches or multiple objects match the recorded description for an object during run time, how does QTP handle it?

QTP has a mechanism in place for cases exactly like this. If the recorded description does not enable QTP to identify the specified object in a step, and a smart identification definition is defined (and enabled) for the object, QTP tries Continue reading →

Object Repository in QTP – Tutorial #22

Object Repositories in QTP and Object Repository Manager

Today’s topic is QTP Object Repositories. In the previous articles, we have discussed how QTP identifies and stores objects in a warehouse, the OR. We also have seen how the object properties appear in the OR. To quickly recap, we will take a look at the OR screen. You can launch it from your current test by clicking on the iconQTP Object Repositories

or from the “Resources->Object Repository” option.

It launches the  following Object repository dialog box:

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