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Want to Get Paid to Play Games? Become a Game Tester!

We are covering almost all topics from software testing industry.  Very less testing professionals are aware of Game Testing industry and Jobs. Game Testing industry is expanding really fast and now there are many “game design” and “video game testing” openings available in market. Here is a very interesting article on game testing which will give you a brief idea about game testing industry!

This is a guest article written by a Game Testing Expert “Malini”.

Game Testing Industry Introduction:

The video game testing industry is set to become the largest industry. In spite of the recession, there was no dearth in the sales of the game titles, although the game console sales were hit and the game testing companies had to revamp their strategies.

Gaming had its ups and downs over the years but it continues to grow leaps and bounds. Facebook application games are really path breaking with budding developers experimenting their knowledge. Episodic games are the new thing. Games for the iPhone are the new frontier.

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