How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear Using Photo Enhancer AI App

Read this review if you’re looking for a Photo Enhancer AI to Make Blurry Pictures Clear and look crisper as well as sharper than ever.

A blurry picture is the worst nightmare for everyone. However, with Photo Enhance AI technology, you now know how to transform your blurry photos into crisp shots.

Today we will look at some of the best Photo Enhancers on the market and teach you how to enhance a blurry photo. Also learn the features and shortcomings of each Photo Enhancer software.

So, without any further ado, let us dive right in.

Photo Enhancer Software for Fixing Blurry Pictures

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Many modern-day photo and video editing tools are utilizing video enhance AI technology to offer users an elevated experience. But with so many options online, finding the right software to enhance photos can become very challenging.

Here are our top 6 Photo Enhancer Software for fixing blurry pictures:

  1. HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI
  2. AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI
  3. Inpixio Focus
  4. Lightroom
  5. Photozoom Classic 7
  6. Photoshop
  7. PhotoWorks

All the software we have listed has something unique to offer and can enhance blurry photos with ease. Let’s take a deeper dive and figure out what each of them offers.

#1) HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI

How to Fix Blurry Pictures Using HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI


  • Auto Enhancement: AI Upscaler.
  • Make pictures less blurry and enlarge images without quality loss.
  • Batch Processing.
  • Three AI models are available, namely General/Denoise/Face models.
  • Colorized black-and-white images.


  • Paid.

#2) AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI



  • Photo Resolution Up-scaling
  • Noise and grain removal
  • Sharpen blurry photos
  • AI Photo Colorizer
  • AI Face Retouching
  • BG Removal


  • 1 License only per computer

#3) Inpixio Focus

How to Fix Blurry Pictures Inpixio Focus


  • Remove objects with one simple click.
  • One-click for image correction.
  • Can remove objects in the background easily.


  • Not ideal for expert use.

#4) Using Lightroom

How to Fix Blurry Pictures UsingLightroom


  • Amazing editing capabilities without using layers.
  • Productive crop overall tool.
  • Web export integration.
  • Lighter on system resources.


  • Can’t create vector shapes.

#5) Photozoom Classic 7

How to Fix Blurry Pictures Using Photozoom Classic 7


  • Amazing photo enlarge capabilities.
  • Easy resize option.
  • Direct image print option from UI.


  • It is only compatible with Adobe products.

#6) Photoshop

How to Fix Blurry Pictures Using Photoshop


  • Multiple file blending
  • Advanced Canvas Tool
  • Various section tools for complex edits.
  • Unlimited options for edits.

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  • Has a steep learning curve.

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#7) Photoworks

How to Fix Blurry Pictures Using Photoworks


  • Easy portrait retouch for enhanced productivity.
  • One-click enhance photo option.
  • Removal of unwanted details.


  • Slow response time.

How to Make Blurry Pictures Clear Easily

You can go for a photo shoot and take dozens of sharp and crisp photos. But the problem occurs when you find that the best photo you have turned out to be quite blurry. This is a frustration that many of us face. But now is the time to finally put an end to it.

Dive down and find a step-by-step guide on how to enhance blurry photos with the top 4 recommended tools.

Steps to Fix Blurry Photos with HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI

Let’s see how to fix Blurry Pictures using HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI:

Step #1: Download and Install

download and install

Simply go to the official HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI website and download the setup file. Once downloaded, install the file on your computer and you are ready to go.

Step #2: Upload your image

Upload your image

The next step is to upload the image you want to enhance. You can either select the image from the insert menu or drag and drop the file from the software.

Step #3: Choosing your AI model

HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI offers many AI models to enhance photos. Choose the batch processing option to find out the model that suits your image the best.

Step #4: Start your enhancing process

Start your enhancing process1

Once the models are chosen, simply start the enhancing process. This will take some time as the software will enhance the blurry photos in the background.

Step #5: Preview and export

Preview and export

After the enhancement is finished, click on the eye icon on the images to see the effect. Once you are satisfied, export the file.

Steps to Fix Blurry Photos with AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

Step #1: Install and Launch AVC Labs on your system.

Step #2: Upload or drag and drop a blurry image onto your AVCLabs interface.


Step #3: Choose the ‘AI Upscaler’ Model to allow AVCLabs to sharpen your blurry image’s quality by boosting its resolution.

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

Step #4: Set image size, format, and save directory before hitting “Save All”.

Save As

Steps to Fix Blurry Photos with Inpixio Focus

Step #1: Download and Install

Download and Install

Go to the official Inpixio and buy the software from the link. After the purchase, download it to your computer and go to the main interface.

Step #2: Upload your file

Upload your file

Once you are on the main interface, choose a file from the computer and import it to the software.

Step #3: Sharpening


Once the file is imported, go to the basic option in the top right corner. In the drop-down menu, you will find an option to sharpen your photo. Click on the “Sharpen!” button.

Step #4: Preview and save

Preview and save

Once the sharpening is done, you can view the previous and the after-photo side by side. Once you are satisfied with the result, click on the Save button to store it locally on your computer.

Steps to Fix Blurry Photos with Lightroom

Step #1: Select your photo

Select your photo

To start things off, click on the develop button in the top right to select your preferred photo to edit.

Step #2: Go to the detail panel

Go to the detail panel

Once the photo is selected, you can go to the detail panel on the right-hand side. There, you will find many options, including sharpening, noise reduction, and much more.

Step #3: Sharpen the image

Sharpen the image

Now, manually choose the sharpening amount until you are satisfied with the result. Play around with all the options to find out what works best for you.

Step #4: Preview and save

Preview and save1

Once the sharpening is complete, preview the before and after images side by side. Once everything is according to your desired result, click on save and export the photo to your local drive.

Bonus Tip: Make Blurry Images Clear

Now let us look at some of the ways you can prevent the blur effect on your image in the first place. Dive below to go through our top tips to Make Blurry Pictures Clear.

Tip #1: Make sure not to shake your camera while taking a photo. If you are not using a tripod, hold your camera with both of your hands.

Tip #2: A good rule of thumb to take crip photos is to use a faster shutter speed.

Tip #3: If you are using a higher shutter speed for a clearer photo, make sure to increase your aperture. Otherwise, you will have a dark image without any light in it.

Tip #4: Focus, focus, and focus! Unless you are doing wild photography where your object can move without at the first chance it gets, make sure to focus appropriately. Focusing on the object properly can make you break your image.

Also, experiment with manual focus, as autofocus does not always work well.


We had a detailed discussion on how to make blurry pictures clear easily and quickly using photo enhancer AI.

With all things considered, we highly recommend the HitPaw Photo Enhancer AI due to its state of video enhancement AI technology, amazing features, and ease of use.

If you would like to upscale video, try HitPaw Video Enhancer AI now.