What Is Your Job Profile In Software Testing? [POLL]

In order to make softwaretestinghelp.com a better and all-in-one place for software testing professionals, we are conducting a quick readers poll.

Basically, we are starting a series of such polls to know more about our readers and their requirements.

Such ‘readers poll’ post-series will help us plan our future articles. So don’t forget to make your vote count.

To start with, here is our first poll question:


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94 thoughts on “What Is Your Job Profile In Software Testing? [POLL]”

  1. Hi all ,

    I am a manual tester in my company and having 2 yr exp. now i want to learn automation .so planing to do QTP certification or IBM rational functional testing .
    plz suggest which tool i should learn .
    plz let me know the good institute in Bangalore.

    • Yoy should go ahead with selenium,and alternative option having if you wanna go in a product base company then go with appium and Jenkins,you can study through guru99.

      I don’t have idea of institute which is in Bangalore

  2. Hi Everyone

    Currently i am into Manual testing working for Web based and Desltop applications I am looking forward in future to learn about automation and dream to work in SAP Testing

    Please if anyone doing SAP testing can guide me how to start

  3. Hi all,

    Currently i am into manual testing working with 1.8 yrs of experience.i am looking for job, is it neccessary to have certfication course from any any institute to know automation testing.or if do through online net knowledge will work in interviwes?

  4. Hi all,

    Currently i am into manual testing working with 1.8 yrs of experience.i am looking for job, is it neccessary to have certfication course from any any institute to know automation testing.or if do through online net knowledge will work in interviwes

  5. Hello all,

    I am in to Manual Testing, n i am working as QA Engineer with some company. I am having 1.9 yrs of experience in Manual Testing, my responsibility is to make Test Plan Doc, Test Case Scenario doc., which is further used by QC person for actual execution of Test Cases, looking forward to make career in Automation, specially in QTP.

  6. Hello all,
    Iam working in Manual testing….Iam having 1 2 yrs experience in this field….Working life Insurance domain…..I would like to learn Tools like QTP.can anyone help for that.How to start….Is there any material for QTP….Helpme to provide this things….

  7. hi all, currently i am working as a php developer in bombay. and searching for a job in testing because i am more interested in testing than development. and can u suggest how to prepare test cases and plans?? and what are the mfq asked??? can u help me on this id sampatnirav1984@yahoo.co.in

  8. I need information about your testing curse and I will need your advice on how to get a job and progress.Thank you.

  9. Dear All,

    I am into manual testing for MCAD software, i also perform QA activities like Test plan development,Test plan execution and others things,also we have our own inbuilt software where in we do Automation activities..
    And i am looking for a job in software testing in CAD domain.

    My question is to build my carrier will i get jobs in CAD companies in testing in future? or should i need to change my domain , i am very confused and affraid about my future, Please give the suggestions…

  10. Hi,

    I am having 2 years exp in testing ( telecom domain) alongwith QA activities like writing testcases. Can anyone let me know how to proceed if i want to start working on business analyst profile

  11. @ bhakti

    You should pay more focus on the enhancing your business domain knowledge.Additionaly involve yourself in the client meetings to know the requirements of the clients and their customers.

    maintain closeness with the team lead and manager.

  12. hi guys ..I am a fresher (2010 pass out) ., I got a job opening as a Software Tester.. Please tell me can i switch over to development after starting a my career in testing.

  13. Hi
    I am sales professional.i am working with Sr.Sales Executive in AFL Pvt.Ltd.new delhi,my organisation are into supply chain management company having all india netwok and reliable for the customers,i do activities making a new customer,and collecting payments,prepared mis report for internal and external information,for generating profitable revenue .

    Jitendra Singh Chauhan

  14. hi friends
    my name is swapnil.i am working in software compny as a game tester.would like any one suggest to me game testing exp is count in actual software testing.

  15. Hi i am yogendra.I have done MCA in year 2009.I am uneployment yet.I am in delhi and searching job in testing profile.plz help how i can get a job in this field.

    • Do one thing Communication is most important. Do you communicate and explain quickly your are the right person to learn testing. Get the in couple of months I think..

  16. Hi
    I Have done Bachelor in Computer science and job as a Test Engineer for last 4 years. My field is manual in embedded systems (industrial automation) . I want to do some testing with Web applications also but i didn’t find any place from where i can get some work regarding Web application. 2ndly i also want to learn about Test Automation tools. e.g. QTP, Loadrunner or Silktest .

  17. Hi, I am working in Software testing company as Software test engineer. I want to know about testing concept like 1) QC is very imapartant topic on manual and automation testing. How to Exapalin from your site.
    2)How is Quality Center(QC) imparatant in testing?
    3)Tell me which module imparatant for Tester in basic level.

    Thank You!
    You can reach me @ sameer.samrat@gmail.com

  18. Hi,

    I want to do some testing with Web applications also but I didn’t find any place from where I can get some work regarding Web application. 2ndly I also want to learn about Test Automation tools. e.g. QTP, Loadrunner or Silktest .

    1) Please, give me some tips for Web testing.
    2) Hoe to find error in web designing and development.
    Please send me web testing and manual testing Check List.


  19. I have been working for a company for last 9 months, Has involved my self into Web Application testing, Embedded application testing. I finish my work on time and gets a lot of free time. Now my problem is what shall do in this free time. Can any 1 give me some suggestion to use this free time to improve my quality of work.
    . I asked my seniors they themselves are very confused of the career path
    My probs
    1. Shall I go for some automated testing tool but my company doesn’t have any licensed version of tool
    2.I study a lot but I don’t see any any value addition to what I am doing now
    3. Can any 1give me direction that can give me enough boost to remain in testing career for as long as 30 to 40 years
    Please reply as soon as posible.

  20. hi i want to start my career in software testing,,i have done b.tech in computer science and engg.
    i am weak in programming,so you suggest me that should i opt this career,and what are the requirements?

  21. 1 . I am working as a manual tester for past 1 yr in a small IT company we are not using any testing tools.
    2. I am in black box testing.
    3. If i want to jump to any MNC do i need to learn any thing like Qtp or new technologies ..
    please reply soon…

  22. Sir,
    I am a diploma engineer(MECHANICAL) and working with maruti suzuki India limited as a JET-1,What is my job profile.

  23. dear freinds/seniors
    i have done b.tech in electronics & communication engg.i want to make career in software testing.can i do this.is pragramming language is must for this.is their is any good institute who gives training regarding this.please guide me.

  24. I am a BE (computers)passout in 2009.I have done a software testing coruse from Mindscripts Pune.But I am not getting a job in testing at all.How to get a job in testing,please advice as I am fed up.I am searching a job in Pune for last 6 months but not getting any interviews for testing.I am intetested in a manual testing job

  25. I have more than 4+years of IT experience in Software Testing. Currently I am working as a Software Test Engineer with Virtusa Software Services Pvt Ltd My experience also includes strong hands on experience in Software testing both manual and using automation tools (QTP 10.0 ).

  26. Adroit Technology has a popular online testing service to test websites, games, mobile apps, software at unbeatable prices & quality. We are looking out for good part time testers both experienced and inexperienced, to work on various projects for us. The candidate doesnt even have to quit the existing job and can work just for a few hours on weekends or from office and get paid well. Everything including payments would be managed online. We would also provide an experience certificate for our employees.

    If interested please send your resume to santhosh.jose@proappsconsulting.com


  27. Hi, I have 1.6 yrs exp. in manual testing, I will be giving an ISTQB certification exam in January 2012. I want to build a strong career in software testing, so what courses or certifications should I posses for bright career in this field?
    Also suggest good institutes for these certifications in Pune. i want to build a unique, high profile career in this field, please reply?


  28. Dear Sir (To whom it may concerned,
    Anyone know where I could purchase a Job Profiling Test to be used for Undergraduates


  29. hello every one,

    am planing to take course in testing,actually i dont have much knowledge in any of the softwaredomine
    as am from health background..so, could any one tell me is this the right course to start my carrier
    in software….????

  30. hi all I have 2 yrs of experience in java developement but now i want to move in testing profile.Some one told me that for a java developer its better to go to selenium tool .but my motive to move in testing is to work on a tool that has a market demand plus i dont need a salary cut off too as being a fresher in testing profile.So what should i do ? should i go for selenium or QTP?As a java resource i ll defnelty have an add on advntage if i go for an interview after learning selenium tool. Plz suggest

  31. Hi

    I am working as QA under Testing engineering team section… now i have been asked to move to “QA Support testing” .. i am just confused is it a good profile or a bad?.. they said that this is better profile than what engineering team does.. as i will be having entire application knowledge … and will be doing a round of testing before application released to client … so is it like beta testing ?.. am just confused about this …. kindly guide me on the same

  32. Hi,

    I am working as a business analyst in MNC from last 3 years but now they have pushed me in functional testing for 6 month.
    Is this a wise decision?
    Is this a big career switch?
    What possible effects will happens in future?

    Your suggestion required on urgent basis.

  33. Hello,
    I want to enter in software testing. And I wanted the total information about testing .. How should i prepare for testing for companies queries?

  34. Hi i am working as automation tester.i am working on Silk Automation tool.Can you Please provide some traing on silk test

  35. Hi,

    I am currently working as a Software Developer from past 2 years but now i wants to switch into Testing Profile because of my more interest in Testing.

    So please guide me whether to go with Functional testing Profile or with Performance Testing Profile?


  36. Hi,

    I am having 6 years of experience in manual testing, I want to do automation courses. I am getting confused whether to go for QTP or Selenium. Please suggest which one is better.

  37. Hello,

    Currently I am into manual testing of the web applications. But I need to change my profile to automation testing using Selenium. Hence, as a beginner in Selenium framework, will you please help me how to start working on it? Also, let me know about any institute who provides training, especially on Selenium in Pune


  38. Hi,
    I have 4+ yrs of experience in manual testing. Then after have career gap of 1 yr .And now i am looking for job in testing can anyone suggest what new skills or technologies need to get a job.


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