10 BEST Broken Link Checker Tools to Check Your Entire Website [2021 LIST]

List of the Best Free Online Website Broken Link Checker Tools with Detailed Comparison:

Broken links are those links which show a 404 error message.

Generally, it occurs when the website owners make some modification or remove a page from the website. These links are also called dead links and are not good for SEO as well as the person who visits the website.

When broken links are available on a website, then it is not good for the site, therefore you must resolve such links and point them to correct the URL.

broken link checker

What are Broken Links?

Broken Links are the links or hyperlinks which are linked to the external web pages that are no more existing in the websites.

When you click on those hyperlinks then it will display an error message. Broken links reduce the performance and visitors of any website.

How to Find Broken Links?

Broken links can be understood if,

  • A website site is continuously inaccessible.
  • The web page is out-of-date.
  • It transfers to a new domain.
  • It has been deleted.

Why does the Problem of Broken Links Arise?

Broken Links arise because of few most communal reasons.

They are,

  • Reformation of the websites.
  • When changed to another ISP.
  • Dynamic assemblies in Colleges and Universities.
  • Spelling error in the link.
  • Grammatical mistakes in the link.

How to Fix Broken Links?

Broken Links can be fixed from the tools which we have discussed in this article. By using these tools your site will get more visitors and the Google ranking of your website will also improve. Broken Links can be fixed without losing any info from the websites.

According to sources, Large Enterprises like Apple, IBM, Microsoft also have several broken links on their websites. The statistics below show the approx. percentage of large enterprises.

Report on Broken Links

[image source]

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These approximate stats of the Large Enterprises has taken from the above-mentioned URL and it shows the approx.value of broken links after our research.

Here, in this article, we have discussed the tools which support SEO and users to discover the broken links for their Websites and remove such links. These are the top most used tools and some of them are free of cost also.

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Top Broken Link Checker Tools Reviews

Enlisted below are the most commonly used dead link checker tools that are available in the market.

Comparison of Top 5 Dead Link Checker Tools

Tools Ratings Price Free Version Cool Features Type
YesThe whole website audit,
backlink tracker, keywords rank tracker, SEO monitoring.
Online Tool
Semrush5/5Pro: $99.95/ month,
Guru: $199.95/ month,
Business: $399.95/month.
NoPerforms deep link analysis, can check backlink types, links’ geolocation, etc. Online Tool
Screaming Frog4.7/5From 149.00 EUR/yearYes (Till 500 links)Custom Search and Custom extraction with support of Robots.txt to check performance.Desktop Application
Google Webmaster4.5/5Contact Google for Pricing.YesSEO Optimization for most hunted websites on the GoogleOnline Tool
Dead Link Checker4.2/5From $9.95/monthYesFeature of Site Check, Multi Check and Auto Check.Online Tool
Xenu’s link Sleuth3.5/5Free available without any subscription plans.Yes Good for Temporary network issue and supports SSL certificates and Site map.Desktop Application
Ahrefs Broken Link Checker3.5/5From $99/month(Trial for $7 for 7 days)NoNotice backlinks of competitor’s contents and display picture of Do-follow and No-Follow links.Online Tool

Let’s Explore!!

#1) Sitechecker


Sitechecker– Making website technical health perfect is enough a hard thing, but a must.

Sitechecker website crawler checks your website for broken links and provides the whole information about how to correct them. You can research the anchors of 404 error pages and fix them immediately.

It is a web tool, so it can be run by any operating system. Moreover, the website on any CMS can be crawled.


  • It scans 100 web pages for free.
  • It gives the comprehensive report of website technical health: broken links, redirect chains, orphan links, indexation errors.
  • It provides SEO audit of the exact page (free option) and the whole website (monthly/annual subscription).
  • It shows content errors: meta tags issues, thin pages.
  • It creates a visual structure of the website due to internal and external linking.
  • It implements website monitoring after crawling: can be alerted on any corrections made on the website (paid option).
  • It suggests backlink tracker and keyword ranking checker services. (paid option)


  • You can scan only 100 pages for free.
  • You can`t export data from a free subscription.

#2) Semrush

SEMrush - Broken link

Semrush is a great website backlink checker that displays all the links directing to your domain. It provides the functionalities to find everything about your and competitor’s backlinks.

Semrush helps to check a website by executing a deep link study by inspecting the incoming links, anchor texts, understanding the external links of the linking websites. It also proposes geo-distribution assets like graphs, pie-charts, and a world map.


  • Semrush can conduct a deep link analysis.
  • It has features to check backlink’s type that will let you know the source of your competitor’s do follow links, relevant industry web sources, and the websites that are interested in referring to your content.
  • It provides geo distribution widgets such as graphs and pie charts for finding the answers.
  • It has features that will let you see the unique IP of referring domains, IP distributions by countries, etc.


  • It is expensive as compared to others.

#3) W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker

W3C Link Checker gives you choices while inspecting the broken links of your websites like display only summary, hide redirects, check only documents, heading etc.

In the results, it delivers the status of the link and lists the issues found through checking those broken links. This free bad link checker is a part of Quality Web Tool and W3C’s Validators.


  • It inspects the issues in the links, anchors, and referenced things in the entire website.
  • Restriction can be established on how deep the tool goes.
  • This tool can also be downloaded and installed on your system.
  • It uses HTML and CSS for getting the best results of scanning.


  • This tool is a little bit slow.
  • Error messages come in lengthy words than it is desired.

URL: W3C Link Checker

#4) Online Broken Link Checker

online broken link

Online Broken Link is a free online website validator tool that checks your web pages for broken links, authorizes, discovers, and accounts bad hyperlinks if any originate. It can scan an unlimited number of web pages. It works for both external and internal links.

This tool runs on Windows, iOS, Linux, and Mac OS.


  • It can scan unlimited pages for both external and internal URLs.
  • It specifies bad link’s position in the HTML code.
  • It notices linkrot and other issues of the website integrity.
  • It supports sub-domains.


  • Not entirely a free tool.
  • The free version has restrictions of 3,000 pages.
  • Amount of the tool will depend on your website.

URL: Online Link Checker

#5) Dead Link Checker

dead link

Dead Link Checker crawls your website systematically and detects all the dead links that disturb your website.

It can create an HTML output for an informal inspection of the results and can develop a link cache file to speed up multiple requirements. Dead Link checker can notice broken links like Page not found, Timeout, Server error and any other error that cause webpage not to be showed.


  • Dead link has three methods of process i.e. Site Check, Multi Check, Auto Check.
  • It filters the URL keyword with wildcards.
  • It can Pause and Resume at any period.
  • It scans several links simultaneously.


  • Limitation in the scanning of the pages.
  • Modification in the subdomains is seen as a changed website and hence links on those domains will not be checked.

URL: Dead Link Checker

#6) Dr. Link Check .com


Dr. Link Checker inspects all links that contain internal and external links to another website. It can also check links to images, style sheets, and other files.

It inspects all HTML and CSS code records and scans your whole website. Each link originated by Dr. Link Checker passes through several checks to confirm that no threats should be left which can harm your websites.


  • It scans a website for 1000 links for free.
  • It gives summarized reports of internal, external, and broken links.
  • Multiple scans per link.
  • You can plan checks to run automatically as per your requirements.


  • Limited pages can only be scanned.
  • Not completely free.
  • Even for the basic plan, only 2000 limited links can be scanned per month.

URL: DrLinkCheck.com

#7) Xenu’s Link Sleuth


It is a free open source tool to check the broken link for a website.

It automatically links to your website and starts crawling the website. It is very easy and user-friendly. For crawling, paste your website URL and it will start checking the broken links. Link confirmation is done on images, borders, plug-ins, backgrounds, style sheets, scripts, and Java applets.

You can create a report at any time.


  • It is beneficial for temporary network glitches.
  • It can execute files lesser than1 MB.
  • It supports SSL websites and sitemap.
  • Limited testing of FTP, gopher and mail URLs.


  • Not companionable with Windows 32 system.
  • Does not have graphics capabilities of WebAnalayzer 2.0.
  • The methods of scanning gopher sites are undependable.

URL: Xenu’s Link Sleuth

#8) Integrity Link Checker

Integrity Broken Link Checker

Integrity Checker is a free Mac desktop application.

Depending on the extent of your Website, this tool might take periods to complete the report. It has numerous choices to sort the results, and it can only check corrupted links, by choosing the option on the report page.

It benefits to inject the broken links from the comment forms as well. Options like transferring the data, verification, handling multiple sites, sitemap generation, spelling checks are all available in two connected apps i.e. Integrity Plus and Scrutiny.


  • Works flawlessly with large websites, without any slowness.
  • It also checks for broken images.
  • Check for internal and external links.
  • It exports reports in .pdf format


  • It is for Mac users only.
  • It takes time to complete the report after inspecting the broken links.
  • For using Integrity Plus Checker, it is not available free for users.

URL: Integrity Checker

#9) Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster is a freely available tool that maintains your website’s performance in the search results. It authenticates that Google can access the content on your website.

Google Webmaster makes it possible to create new pages and posts for Google to crawl and eliminate the content which you don’t want the search engine handlers to learn. Google Webmaster can preserve your website without understanding its presence in the search results.


  • It helps you to optimize your website by keyword SEO by knowing the most hunted sites.
  • Access information that will be appropriate for advertising campaigns.
  • Find better visions regarding indexing and crawling actions made by the search engine procedure to your website.
  • Improve your link by campaigns with the systematic data about the external and internal links to your web pages.


  • Anomalies in data updating.
  • For link removal from Google, you can only request to Google.
  • Rank Monitoring affected if your website lands out there from first four or five result pages.

URL: Google Webmaster Tool

#10) WP Broken Link Status Checker

WP Plugin for Broken Link Check

It is a WordPress broken link checker tool that authenticates the HTTP status response codes of all your content links and images.

It works by crawling your content, removing links and images, observing for broken links, redirections, no follow links, etc. It scans websites with multiple checks and configures their own results.


  • It runs the crawler in the background without any sessions.
  • It has cutting-edge filters and searches by URL or anchor script.
  • Helps in editing the content straight from crawler reports without pasting in the post editor.
  • It has additional URL tools to perform huge changes if any similar post URLs are present.


  • Does not check the complete HTML Page, rather just extracts the links and images.
  • Need to disable the Firewall before using this Plugin.
  • Need to disable the WP Secure plugin to run a complete scan appropriately.

URL: WP Plugin for Broken Link Check

#11) Screaming Frog

screaming frog

Screaming Frog SEO Spider helps in quickly crawling and evaluating your website.

It can be used to crawl both small and large websites. It helps to view, study and filter the crawl data as it is collected.

SEO Spider lets you transfer elements like URL, page title, meta explanation, captions etc. to Excel so that it can simply be used as a base for SEO references.


  • Examines backlinks, internal and external links of the websites to improve your website’s performance.
  • Custom searches and Custom Extraction are available to discover a certain choice of the text.
  • It generates XML Sitemaps.
  • Robots.txt support to check and show the complete performance of the site.


  • Speed is slow if the websites are very large.
  • Need the training to use all the resources.
  • The free version can scan only 500 pages.

URL: Screaming Frog SEO Spider

#12) Ahrefs Broken Link Checker

Ahrefs Broken Link Checking

Ahrefs Link Checker tool delivers a detailed report related to all the backlinks to your site.

It can understand by what means of your site, the links are growing or falling. It is backed up by the largest database of live backlinks and great crawling speed of AhrefsBot. It is a good tool for knowing info about the broken backlinks across the network in one place.


  • Notice backlinks to your competitor misplaced content pages.
  • Discover broken external links on related websites through exporting links.
  • Filter and categorize backlinks.
  • Display the whole image of do-follow and no-follow links for any URL.


  • Can’t export graphs from the pages.
  • No complete SEO outcomes exist.
  • Expensive for small start-ups.
  • Not free for the users.

URL: Ahrefs Broken Link Checking

Additional Website Link Checking Tools to Consider

#13) Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas is a free link checker tool that helps to check broken links, image files, and internal & external links and sends detailed reports through email.

It has a limitation of 5 site crawls per IP address. IMN also has the choice to choose 500 to 1000 pages for the first scan. Due to this, the server load will get reduced and therefore there will be lesser chances of your server getting overloaded.

URL: Internet Marketing Ninjas

#14) Link Alarm

Link Alarm is a 14 days trail website broken link checker. It delivers detailed reports and is focused to improve your website’s performance.

This tool can be used to check up to 100 pages automatically for the broken links. Their reports are proposed to make the life of the website owners improved by removing the uninteresting information. It is helpful for web shops, universities, administrations,  and for anyone with the concern for caring a site.

URL: Link Alarm

#15) Power Mapper SortSite Link Checker

SortSite is a great scanning tool which helps to scan all the pages by just one click and checks the complete site and finds broken links in HTML/CSS, Flash files etc.

SortSite checks availability, broken links, browser compatibility, SEO and other usability issues. It is available free for 30 days, followed by a plan of $49/month/user.

URL: Power Mapper Link Checker

#16) Small SEO Tool

Small SEO Tool will crawl for all web pages and will exactly show the outcomes in the picture of a chart, together with the code. It is totally free, hence requires no credits, no software care, and no installation.

Small SEO Tools offers tools like Link Count Checker Tools and Link Analyzer which can benefit you to check the internal & external links and backlinks of your web pages.

URL: Small SEO Tool

#17) InterroBot

InterroBot is a website crawler and link analysis tool. It is powered by an advanced field search, allowing web administrators to query against status codes (Example: 404, 500, etc.), headers, body content, and more.

Once an affected page, image, or other linked asset is identified, a document graph identifies the incoming links to the trouble spot. InterroBot runs on the desktop, making access behind a firewall or on localhost a non-issue.


  • No fixed limit on the number of projects or indexed pages.
  • Ridiculously fast searching against site index.
  • Works on localhost development and in within secured networks.
  • Document-level visualization allows for rapid identification of broken link references and page dependencies
    Subscription-free licensing.
  • Free personal edition available for personal/not-for-profit use.


  • Windows 10 only.
  • Lacks automated site monitoring.


In this article, we have discussed the Top Website Broken Link Checker tools that are available in the market.

These above-discussed tools are most popular, and their features and pricing can be affordable as per the industry needs. The dead link checker tools are the quickest, easily installable and free of cost tools that are available for users. You can choose any tool as per your needs.

From our research, Xenu’s Link Sleuth is the best value for Windows users, while Screaming Frog SEO Spider comes after that. For Mac Users, Integrity Tool is the best choice for all type of industries.

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