10 Best FREE Anti Tracking Software In 2023 [TOP SELECTIVE]

To keep your privacy intact and data safe, here we have listed the best free anti tracking software with comparisons, features, pros, etc:

People often say that privacy is just an illusion in this modern world, and all your data is being monitored and analyzed. Some people always wonder about what one can obtain from their search results, but it isn’t the reality.

Your search results contain your important details, including your name, birthplace, birth date, card number, choices, likes/dislikes, orders, comments, and images. So keeping your privacy intact and data safe is an excellent call in the modern and digitized world.

In this article, we will discuss some free anti tracking software that will make it easier for you to keep your data and personal information safe and secure.

Let us begin!

What is Anti Tracking Software

Best Anti-Tracking Tools

As the name suggests, anti-tracking software prevents any form of tracking in your system. But before knowing about anti-tracking tools, you need to understand how trackers work.

When users visit websites, servers also share trackers along with data packets. These trackers are stored in cookies, and when they come in contact with other cookies, the data stored in those cookies are sent back to the server.

The server analyzes those cookies and shows ads based on the data received. This is the primary reason you can see shoe ads once you search for them on Google. The anti-tracking tool disables such trackers and doesn’t allow them to share your data back to their servers.

Market Trends: Data privacy is a significant concern in a growing market, as users cannot safeguard their data. Various anti-tracking tools have made their way to the market to enhance data privacy. As per Grandview Research analysis and reports, there will be massive growth in the anti-tracking tools market, as the market in 2020 was $2.45 billion, which is expected to reach $9.7 billion by 2028.

This prediction is based on well-calculated results and gross growth of overall demand in the market for the anti-tracking tools.

Grandview Research analysis and reports

Expert Advice: Investing in anti-tracking software is a great choice, but some specific things have to be kept in mind to ensure that you choose the best tool.

  1. Ensure that your tool has the best ad blocking algorithm and can block all sorts of ads.
  2. The filtered list of ads can be a bonus as it lets you select the ads you want to see.
  3. It would be best if you have a series of encrypted firewalls which are impenetrable, making your data safe.
  4. Trackers mainly function using cookies, so ensure that your tool is equipped with cookie cleaners and tracker disablers.
  5. Though most tools are free or donationware based, the budget won’t be an issue with these tools.

FAQs About Anti Tracking

Q #1) What is the best anti-tracking browser?

Answer: Disconnect and privacy badger are extension-based tools well known for their anti-tracking features, but DuckDuckGo is an excellent pick as a browser.

Q #2) Is there an anti-tracking app?

Answer: There are various anti-tracking applications, and some of them are listed below:

  1. Disconnect
  2. Privacy Badger
  3. AdblockPlus
  4. DuckDuckGo
  5. Ghostery

Q #3) Can antivirus stop trackers?

Answer: Some antiviruses have complimentary anti-tracking services like Avast and Malwarebytes.

Q #4) Is Anti-tracking software necessary?

Answer: Yes, it is essential because everyone needs to keep their data safe and privacy intact.

Q #5) Which browser is the most private?

Answer: DuckDuckGo is considered to be the most private browser.

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List of the Top Free Anti Tracking Software

Popular and best anti-tracking software list:

  1. TotalAV Antivirus
  2. NordVPN
  3. Malwarebytes Browser Guard
  4. Atlas VPN
  5. AVG AntiTrack
  6. Disconnect
  7. Privacy Badger
  8. AdblockPlus
  9. DuckDuckGo
  10. Ghostery
  11. TrackOFF
  12. AdGuard
  13. Avast AntiTrack
  14. Privoxy
  15. Intego

Comparison Table of Some BEST Free Anti-Tracking Software

NameExtension basedPricingSpecial featureRating
TotalAV AntivirusExtension, browser, and device-basedFree plan for basic scanning only,
Pro plan: $19 for 3 devices,
Internet Security: $39 for 5 devices, Total Security: $49 for 8 devices,
VPN cost $99,
Ad Blocker cost $55.
Browser encryption, ad and tracker blocker, chrome extension.Star_rating_5_of_5
NordVPNYesOne month: $11.99,
One year: $4.99/month,
Two years: $3.49/month.
Cloud Encryption and VPN-based privacy protection.Star_rating_5_of_5
Malwarebytes Browser GuardYesPremium + Privacy: $8.33/month (5 devices),
Premium: $3.33/month (1 device),
Business: $52.49 /device/year
Best privacy protection for your social media profilesStar_rating_5_of_5
Atlas VPNPowerful servers across the globe$10.99 for the monthly plan, $3.29/month if billed annually, $1.82/month for the 2-year plan.
SafeSwap Servers and Network Kill SwitchStar_rating_4.5_of_5
AVG AntiTrackYesStarts at $53.99 for a single deviceBlock fingerprinting,
Stops targeted Ads
DisconnectYesDonationwareCloud privacy and encrypted firewallsStar_rating_5_of_5
Privacy BadgerYesDonationwareSaves Biometric InfoStar_rating_4.5_of_5
AdblockPlusYesDonationwareBest for ad blocksStar_rating_4_of_5
DuckDuckGoBoth browser and extensionFreePrivate incognito modeStar_rating_4_of_5
GhosteryNoAnnual: $3.99/month
Monthly $4.99/month
Trackers and ads analysisStar_rating_4_of_5

Detailed reviews:

#1) TotalAV Antivirus

Best for VPN and Ad-blocking Integration.

TotalAV Antivirus Dashboard

There are two things that make TotalAV Antivirus an ideal anti-tracking tool. With the added VPN integration, TotalAV Antivirus can effectively encrypt your browsing experience to cloak your online presence. This way your activity remains hidden from online spies and even your own ISP.

Add to that, the phenomenal ad blocker really takes the tool’s anti-tracking capabilities up a notch. As of today, the software has blocked over 77 total trackers in a bid to protect user privacy. Simply put, this software can effectively block ad and tracking servers to give users total control over their own browsing experiences.


  • Ransomware protection
  • Phishing protection
  • Malware, Trojan, virus protection
  • Zero Day cloud scanning
  • VPN


  • Chrome extension for tracker blocking
  • One-click VPN activation.


  • You’ll need to pay extra for VPN and Ad blocker.

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Verdict: TotalAV Antivirus serves as a good anti-tracking tool with its paid VPN and Ad blocker add-ons. Both of these additions are simple and efficient to use. However, the extra price might dissuade some people.

Price: Free plan for basic scanning only, Pro plan: $19 for 3 devices, Internet Security: $39 for 5 devices, Total Security: $49 for 8 devices. VPN: $99 extra, Ad Blocker: $55 extra.

#2) NordVPN Anti-Tracking Software

NordVPN Dashboard

NordVPN is the best service provider in the field of VPN, as it keeps your location and IP private, making it untraceable and secure for a user. Nord provides its support and services to its users, keeping their data privacy intact and search results.


  • One month $11.99
  • One year $4.99/mo
  • Two years $3.49/mo

#3) Malwarebytes Browser Guard

Best for being most effective against pop-up scammers and ransomware.

Malwarebytes - free anti tracking software

Malwarebytes is also a renowned antivirus-based company that has successfully provided its users with adequate support against scammer pop-ups and ransomware attacks on the system. This tool offers various features, such as scheduled system scans, detailed analysis and forensic reports, and real-time ransomware protection.

This tool is highly effective against brute force attacks as it limits the number of attempts by users and has encrypted and enhanced firewall protection to safeguard your data. This tool also has an anomaly detection feature that allows users to locate any issue or anomaly in the application/browser and provides the best remote technical support.


  • This tool is extension-based to easily sync with various browsers and enhance your overall work performance.
  • Faster browsing to surf the internet efficiently.
  • This tool is highly effective against scammers, and ransomware attacks by securing your data within encrypted firewalls.
  • Equipped with Ads crushers, which crushes any ads running on the website.
  • Best privacy protection for your social media profiles.
  • Adequate support against malware breaches.
  • This tool also has a quarantine feature to clean infected files and work efficiently.

Verdict: This tool is loaded with features that allow users to block ads, maintain privacy, and, most of all, stand against attacks on their system. So overall, this tool can be a great choice.


  • Premium + Privacy $8.33/month (5 devices)
  • Premium $3.33/month (1 device)
  • Business $52.49 /device/year

#4) Atlas VPN

Best for Powerful servers across the globe.

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN lets you hide your IP address with just a single click. You get to connect with any of Atlas VPNs 750+ servers worldwide. Atlas VPN also comes with a kill switch features wherein all your internet activity is halted as soon as an unstable VPN connection is detected. This features is beneficial in preventing IP and DNS leaks.

Another fantastic feature that Atlas VPN offers is the SafeBrowse. What this feature does is stop third-party trackers from gathering information about your online activity. The VPN can also be used to prevent malware attacks by blocking potentially harmful websites online.


  • Network Kill Switch
  • SafeBrowse
  • Split Tunneling
  • Malware Blocking


  • Universal compatibility
  • Worldwide server location
  • Zero-logs policy


  • The pricing structure isn’t that appealing

Verdict: Atlas VPN successfully hides your IP address by allowing you to connect with more than 750 servers located all over the world. You can switch between multiple IP addresses with just a click and protect your devices from online threats using this VPN service.


  • $10.99 for the monthly plan
  • $3.29/month if billed annually
  • $1.82/month for the 2-year plan.

#5) AVG AntiTrack

Best for One click tracking blocker.


AVG serves as a very effective blocker of tracking ads. Once launched, it immediately gets to work by determining whether someone is following you online. The software proactively identify the threat and block them.

The best aspect of AVG Tracker Blocker is its ability to create a fake digital footprint, which proves effective in throwing advertisers off your scent online. The software also deletes tracking cookies and browsing history as well.


  • Notifies you if you are leaving tracks online
  • Clears tracking cookies
  • Block fingerprinting
  • Stops targeted Ads


  • Easy to use
  • Tells you who and what is tracking you


  • Some users may find the price a tad bit expensive.

Verdict: From clearing out cookies and browsing history to creating an entire fake digital footprint, AVG AntiTrack is an intuitive solution for keep yourself safe from prying advertisers and other such entities online.

Price: The subscription plans are as follows:

  • $53.99 for a single device
  • $64.99/ year for 10 devices

#6) Disconnect

Best for cloud-based privacy as it provides impenetrable firewall safety.

Disconnect - free anti tracking software

Disconnect doesn’t go well with its name because it does not make people disconnect from the other world, but it makes it easier to connect on the network without trackers tracing back their data.

The data and information of users remain concealed by using disconnect, as safety and security in the cyber world are a great deal. This tool is loaded with many features, making it extremely useful and reliable.

Disconnect provides better performance to its users, making it easier to work efficiently. Pop-ups are real trouble for users as they keep popping up on your webpage, so this tool is equipped with a pop-up prevention code that blocks pop ads and averts various scams.

Along with pop-up dialog boxes, this tool also focuses on autoplay videos and prevents them from slowing down the system.


  • Blocks trackers and ensure that your data remains secure.
  • Maintain a log for all sorts of trackers and then put them in categories, making it easier to manage and check on analytics.
  • Disables trackers and advertisements, directing the network speed and thus loads the web pages faster.
  • This tool is compatible with almost all browsers, making it a great use.
  • Blocks malicious ads, preventing malware filtering and data breaches.
  • Simple User Interface for users to work on it.
  • 30-day cancellation policy that allows users to cancel their subscriptions and ask for a refund.
  • This tool provides the best cloud privacy service, making your cloud data safe.


  • Better performance.
  • It prevents Pop-up and autoplay videos.


  • It lacks features like a kill switch which halts all processes at the time of emergency.

Verdict: This tool is handy with features and an interactive UI for the users to work efficiently. Still, it lacks certain essential features compensated by its other exemplary features. So overall, this tool can be an excellent choice for you.

Pricing: Donationware

Website: Disconnect

#7) Privacy Badger

Best for browsers, as it is an extension-based tool.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is your badge to track free internet surfing where your data remains protected and out of reach of people with malicious intent. This tool uses an advanced algorithm with a cookie-based blocking feature that blocks all the cookies from a website, making it easier to disable the trackers.

This tool has an advanced fingerprint collection prevention feature, which ensures that your biometrics remain safe and you cannot use them for malicious purposes. Social media widgets are a significant cause of various pop-ups and ads. To fix this, they have replaced media widgets with on-click placeholders that are activated when clicked.


  • Extension-based, so you can use it without downloading it to your system.
  • Compatible with all browsers to serve a large audience of users.
  • This tool keeps a list of trackers, making it easier to categorize them and letting users know which website releases the most trackers.
  • Works through checks for third-party scripts in the browser code and then red marks the tracker scripts and disables them.
  • Support periodic updates.
  • Categorizes websites with trackers and based on the trackers create a list of websites with red, yellow, and green lists.
  • Follow Global Privacy Control, allowing users to choose if their data must be sold or shared.
  • Sends a Do not track signal to all website trackers, ensuring that they do not release many trackers.


  • Social media widget turned on, click placeholders
  • Sends Do Not Track signals to websites.


  • Some users have faced website crashes while using this tool

Verdict: This tool is also a donationware tool so users can pay for this tool if they want to. So privacy badgers can easily make it to your list, and it can allow you to keep your data safe and keep trackers out of reach. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for your secrecy and anonymity.

Pricing: Donationware

Website: Privacy Badger

#8) AdblockPlus

Best for ad-free browsing with enhanced speed.

AdblockPlus - free anti tracking software

AdblockPlus completely syncs in with its name. It can provide users with the best adblocking services by categorizing advertisements and ensuring that the specific category doesn’t display any ads. Furthermore, this tool has enhanced tracking disabling features that let you select the types of ads you want to disable.

This tool guarantees your data privacy as it collects a minimal amount of data from the users and then doesn’t share it with the servers. So your data remains safe on your local machine.


  • This tool disables trackers and then deletes cookies, enabling fast browsing on the web, and making it equally fast and efficient.
  • Ensures data privacy by providing a data safety folder that guarantees enhanced protection and encryption, which keeps your data safe.
  • The Ad block feature of this tool is the start on its crown because this tool can block all types of ads, including pop-ups, autoplay, and other formats of advertisements.
  • Users do not always want to miss ads because sometimes few ads can be convenient, so this tool provides an ads filter list in which users can choose the ads of their choice.
  • This tool provides a blocklist containing all the websites whose ads and trackers are entirely disabled.


  • Blocklist
  • Local data sharing


  • Focuses mainly on ad blocks rather than trackers

Verdict: This tool is handy because it disables ads based on various categories for users to work efficiently. The tool also provides increased layers of encryption to safeguard your data. This tool is a little behind other devices in tracker prevention but potentially leads to ad-block.

Pricing: Donationware

Website: AdblockPlus

#9) DuckDuckGo

Best for tracking-free browsers with no cookie incognito mode.


DuckDuckGo is a reputable name in the market of the private web browser, as this tool allows users to easily access the internet and ensure that they do not get traced. DuckDuckGo ensures that your data remains safe and out of reach, and the best thing about the tool is the incognito mode. The incognito mode does not create any cookies, making the mode completely private.

This tool also uses an enhanced and secure encrypted connection to make the connection between servers safe, which increases the surfing speed and safeguards privacy.


  • This tool is a browser and search engine which safeguards that your data remains safe and unreachable by companies that seek to exploit your data.
  • This tool is also available in extension mode, making it easier for users to keep their data safe and access duck goes on their browser tabs.
  • This tool is a faster browser because it disables all ads, cookies, and tracers to safeguard complete anonymity.
  • The incognito mode has been a perfect illusion for various people, as they think that their history remains hidden with this mode. Still, this isn’t true, but cookies never make their name on the history log in this tool’s incognito mode.

Verdict: DuckDuckGo is a good tool with an interactive UI and advanced features that allow users to access the website without being tracked. Your data, location, cookies, and search results will all remain concealed within this tool. But some users have reported that as a search engine, it does not show the best results as compared to other search engines.

Pricing: Free

Website: DuckDuckGo

#10) Ghostery

Best for analyzing the trackers and advertisements more comprehensively.


Ghostery is the perfect tool you need to become an online ghost and surf the internet without the data getting traced back to you. This tool ensures data anonymity to keep your data safe, ensuring that your private data is hidden in an untraceable region.

It also creates a list of all the trackers which try to plunder your data and is known for its zero advertisement efficient service.

To enhance the user experience, this tool has different other devices associated with it, which ensures that your data remains secure in all regions. It also provides Dawn with a private browser to ensure the safety of your search results.


  • Advanced Privacy Protection features that ensure various standard strategies to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Customizable browser options that let you personalize your browser as per your wish.
  • Personalize the advertisements you wish to see while surfing the internet.
  • This tool is equipped with Adblockers that ensure that your data remains secure and you can switch to Ad-free surfing.
  • Reports in Tracker segmentation to understand trackers more comprehensively.
  • In-depth Insights on trackers and the websites they originate from, making it easier to add them to the blocklist.
  • With the trackers blocked, this tool provides the fastest webpage loads, making it easier for the users to work efficiently.

Verdict: This tool is awesome with a series of options and features which has helped users to ensure the safety of their data. Anonymity is the best feature of this tool, so your data remains non-labeled, allowing smooth and carefree work.


  • Annual: $3.99/month
  • Monthly $4.99/month

Website: Ghostery

#11) TrackOFF

Best for preventing your system from identity fraud.

TrackOFF - free anti tracking software

TrackOFF is functioning efficiently and has provided its users with continuous and better support by offering amazing features like biometric safety and real-time threat detection. This tool tracks down the tracker server and allows you to identify who shared the tracker. It also has a no-storage policy that does not store any personal data.

It also provides VPN encrypted secure browsing to work safely and remotely.


  • Keeps your biometrics safe and ensures the safety of your data over the internet.
  • Shields internet browsing, allowing users to keep their search results safe.
  • Easily sync the system and the browser providing the best support.
  • Masks IP, which makes your system untraceable.
  • Real-time threat detection feature that safeguards your system from various threats.

Verdict: This is a good tool with a series of features that help you mask your IP and trace back the trackers. So overall, this is an amazing tool for your requirements.

Pricing: Free

Website: TrackOFF

#12) AdGuard

Best for features like parental control and VPN and is considered an all-rounder tool for anti-tracking.


AdGuard is a tool with various features which allow users to work efficiently without worrying about their data privacy. This tool provides a faster browser as it disables all ads and trackers on the browser, enabling a faster browsing speed.

This tool has the most efficient feature, which is the malware blocking feature, which doesn’t allow malicious code to penetrate through its security firewalls. Anonymity and data privacy are the two most considered features of the tool and your data remain safe with this tool.


  • Provides VPN, making your location non-traceable by the servers.
  • Provides complimentary browsing security to safeguard your search results and ensure that they are not used for advertising purposes.
  • Parental controls block specific websites, ads, and cookies that your children cannot use.
  • Multilayer encryption to ensure that your data remains safe behind numerous firewalls.
  • Provides excellent and efficient 24/7 support for their client preferences.
  • Wipe out all the logs that contain any personal details or cookies.
  • This tool speeds up your browser, making it easier to browse at complete potential.

Verdict: This tool is excellent with various features such as malware prevention, data privacy, browsing security, and many more. This ensures that your data remains safe and out of reach of numerous users. Still, it is a bit expensive compared to other tools on the list.


  • Personal $79.99 (lifetime), $2.49/mo (yearly)
  • Family $169.99(lifetime), $5.49/mo (yearly)
  • Additional add AdGuard VPN $2.99

Website: AdGuard

#13) Avast AntiTrack

Best for an all-in-one reliable tool for data privacy as your data remains secure on all networks.

Avast AntiTrack - free anti tracking software

Avast is a well-known name in the antivirus market, and it has provided its users with exemplary services which have built an innumerable audience for its products. But Avast isn’t limited to the antivirus field as it also offers anti-track tools for enhanced data privacy. This tool counts the number of tracking attempts made by the websites to track data.

Sometimes it is observed that when ads and pop-ups are blocked, websites break down, but Avast deals with this issue in the most efficient manner and prevents website breaks or server timeout issues. This tool even safeguards your data and cookies while connected to public Wi-Fi by hiding your location and making you unreachable.


  • The best prevention against online tracking is that it disables trackers and other advertisements to track your info.
  • Provides a check privacy status feature that lets you select to which extent your data and privacy are safe.
  • Provides anonymity and data security to its users to upscale the experience.
  • Do not disturb mode, which lets you browse without disruptions, making your work faster.
  • Hide history feature that lets users decide to wipe out a specific section of their web history.
  • Ensures a secure browser for users to work without worrying about the data leak.
  • This tool also uses an anti-fingerprint track which ensures that your biometric data remains only on the local system and is untraceable.

Verdict: This is an excellent tool, as it comes from a reliable and renowned technical giant. So, no doubt it is a good product and comes equipped with several features. This tool is expensive compared to other devices, but it is worth every penny invested.


  • One device $49.99/year
  • Ten devices $59.99/year

Website: Avast AntiTrack

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#14) Privoxy

Best for users who seek to work with data privacy on a core level.


Privoxy is a GitHub-based project that focuses on providing users with a free anti-tracking tool that has the most advanced features. With this tool, users can efficiently manage trackers and cookies to their core level. This tool provides a feature to personalize your browser and further personalize the ads you wish to see while surfing the internet.

This tool has features for stand-alone users and users on a shared network.


  • This tool turns a website into a non-cache website, making the website load faster.
  • Filters for enhanced privacy by securely concealing all personal data.
  • Modifies web page data to ensure that users can keep their data safe and surf efficiently.
  • This tool has various HTTP readers which disable scripts for ads and pop-ups on a particular website.
  • Equipped with Ad removers that do not allow ads on your browser.
  • This tool prevents any Internet junk to keep your data safe.

Verdict: This tool is an essential tool with many features, and it is a repository-based tool so that you can avail of these features free of cost. The features often include Ad removers, cookie filtering, and many more.

Pricing: Free and donationware

Website: Privoxy

#15) Intego

Best for Net Barrier and VPN


Intego works great as an antivirus solution that can protect both macOS and Windows systems from threats that are online or offline in nature. The software is great at identifying malicious traffic, fake websites, and harmful web applications that could contain tracking malware.

It also identifies and blocks or eliminates adware from affecting your system. If you opt for Intego’s more expensive plan, you’ll also be able to make use of its VPN service. The VPN is very effective in hiding your internet activity, thus granting you complete online anonymity.


  • Web-shield
  • Advanced Firewall protection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Anti-phishing protection

Verdict: Intego can effectively identify and neutralize threats from both online and offline sources that could track your online activity. While you need to pay more, Intego’s VPN also does a great job of keeping your internet activity hidden from prying eyes.


Premium Plans for Mac are as follows:

  • Internet Security X9 – $39.99/year
  • Premium Bundle X9 – $69.99/year
  • Premium Bundle + VPN – $89.99/year

Premium Plans for Windows are as follows:

  • Personal Plan: $39.99/year
  • Family Plan: $54.99/year
  • Extended Plan: $69.99/year.

Other Notable Tools for Anti Tracking

#16) Cliqz

This free anti tracking software makes your browser faster by disabling all the trackers and advertisements. The most commendable feature of this includes displaying indexed pages, making it easier to track down the tracker server. This tool also comes in very handy against phishing attacks.

Pricing: Free

Website: Cliqz

#17) Brave

Brave is a beneficial browser with no ads, and the best thing about brave is that it even pays its users in crypto to watch ads on its browser. Brave has a user-friendly interface and a desktop display of several trackers, ads blocked and time saved.

Pricing: Free

Website: Brave

#18) Tor

Tor is a scripted onion browser that uses onion linking on a multi-server linking technique to access a particular website. Users state that Tor is mainly used to access the dark web and for security purposes, as it’s highly untraceable.

Pricing: Free

Website: Tor

#19) uBlock Origin

This free anti tracking software is an open-source application that allows users to work efficiently by disabling the advertisement. The tool reports the websites that generate the ads. It also categorizes the category of advertising and its scripts.

Pricing: free

Website: uBlock Origin


Privacy is a great accessory, and this has to be secured at all possible costs. Therefore, users should use anti-tracking software to keep their data safe and untraceable.

In this article, we discussed the various free anti tracking software, out of which Disconnect and Privacy Badger are recommended. While these are the best free anti tracking software, DuckDuckGo stands as the best browser for privacy features.

Research Process:

  • We spent a total of 38 hours researching and writing this article. We did this so that you can get summarized and insightful information on the free anti tracking software.
  • Total Free Anti Tracking Software Researched: 32
  • Total Anti Tracking Tools Shortlisted: 15
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