9 BEST DevOps Conferences in 2023 You Should Follow

List of the best DevOps Conference in 2023 that you should not miss – Attend or follow online:

DevOps implementation differs from team to team, hence knowing the other’s methods and discussing the same with them will be much helpful. Any DevOps Conference plays an important role in this.

You will be able to build the community of DevOps practitioners which in turn may help you with DevOps practices. By attending the DevOps Conferences you will get to know about the new development along with testing ideas and methods.

devops conferences

Who Should Attend the DevOps Conference?

Automation experts, Architects, Developers, Testers, Engineers, Managers, and Business Analysts should attend the DevOps Conferences.

Benefits of attending these conferences

By attending DevOps Conferences:

  • You will know ‘how to develop and deliver software faster?’
  • You will know more about Cloud computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Training, and Certifications.

Joining an organization and working on some technology is not just enough, you should keep updating your knowledge. Attending a conference will benefit you to a great extent. Even if you are you are experienced, you will definitely learn something new.

Thus the conference will give you both educational and networking opportunities. With the new ideas, methods, and knowledge you will be able to work more effectively and efficiently.

Few tips to attend the conference:

The first thing to do is to understand the Agenda and take notes. You shouldn’t be shy there, otherwise, you will not be able to build the network.

Here in this article, we have listed the DevOps conferences on a month-wise basis.

DevOps Conferences 2023

1. Developer Week Virtual
Date: February 17-19, 2021
Location: Virtual
Price: DeveloperWeek PRO Pass (Ends on 24 Sep): $295. Premium Pass (Ends on 24 Sep): $495
Website: Developer Week

2. DevOps Days
Date: Feb 3-4, 2021
Location: Aarhus
Price: Tickets not available yet.
Website: DevOps Days

3. The DEVOPS Conference
Date: March 23-24, 2021
Location: Virtual
Price: Free
Website: The DEVOPS Conference

4. Agile + DevOps WEST.
Date: June 8-June 11, 2021
Location: Las Vegas
Price: All-Access Pass: $999, Conference Pass $499, Free Pass
Website: Agile+DevOps WEST

DevOps Conferences 2020

1. DevOps Days Cairo (Online)
Date: Sep 21, 2020
Location: Online
Price: Free
Website: DevOps Days Cairo

2. DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas-Virtual
Dates: October 13-15, 2020
Location: Online
Price: $325 with 50% off.
Website: DevOps Enterprise Summit

April 2019 Conferences

#1) PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit

Location:  Bellevue, Washington, USA.


Date: 29th April to 2nd May
Cost: $1585

Description: This conference will cover the Power Shell Windows tool and its integration with DevOps.

Why should attend? This conference should be attended to know more about the use of PowerShell tool in DevOps solutions. It can be attended by developers and Windows system administrators.

Website: PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit

#2) GOTO Chicago

Date: 28 April-2 May
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Cost: $595 to $2385
Website: GOTO Chicago

#3) DockerCon US

Date: 29 Apr-2 May
San Francisco, California, USA.
$930 to $1150. For Workshop: $150 each.
DockerCon US

#4) Google Cloud Next

Date: 9 April to 11 April
San Francisco, California, USA
$999 to $2000
Google Cloud Next

May 2019 Conferences

#5) Continuous Lifecycle London

Location: London, UK


Date: 14 May-16 May
Cost: 600 pounds

Description: This conference will focus on DevOps, Continuous Delivery and containerization event.

Why should attend? Development heads, architects, developers, CTOs, etc. should attend this conference to explore about Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and Containers.

Website: Continuous Lifecycle London

#6) GlueCon

Date: May22-May 23
Broomfield, Colorado, USA

#7) ChefConf

Date: May20-May 24
$995 to $1295 Check for 2020

June 2019 Conferences

#8) Agile + DevOps West

Location: Las Vegas.


Date: June 2 to June 7
Cost: Starts at $2895

Description: You will get to know more about the latest DevOps tools and methods. Topics that will be covered in this conference are Digital transformation, Agile DevOps leadership, Agile Engineering practices, and agile & DevOps certification training, and many more.

Why should attend? Developers, testers, and Business analysts should attend as it provides more learning opportunities.

Website: Agile + DevOps West

#9) Velocity Conference

Date: 10 June to 13 June
San Jose, California, USA
Cost: –
Velocity Conference

#10) DevOpsCon

Date: 11 June to 14 June
Berlin, Germany
413 to 1979 Euros

#11) DevOps Enterprise Summit Europe

Date: 25 June to 27 June
London, UK
600 to 800 Pounds
DevOps Enterprise Summit Europe

August 2019 Conferences

#12) Jenkins World

Location: San Francisco, California, USA


Date: 12 August to 15 August
Cost: Starts at $1079. This price was for 2018.

Description: This conference is all about Jenkins. It will focus on Jenkins, DevOps, Cloud, Process Design, and Automated Testing.

Why should attend? This conference should be attended as there will be Jenkins and DevOps talks and you will meet more than 2000 Jenkins users. It can be attended by CxOs, managers, Jenkins users, Jenkins partners, and DevOps Practitioners

Website: Jenkins World

September 2019 Conferences

#13) CloudNative London

Location: London, UK


Date: 25 Sep to 27 Sep.
Cost: $1195. Some discounts are also available

Description: This conference will cover everything about cloud-native. It will cover containers and schedulers, Kubernetes and DevOps, etc.

Why should attend? This conference should be attended by developers, site reliability engineers, CEO, etc. to get the knowledge about cloud-native.

Website: CloudNative London

October 2019 Conferences

#14) LISA

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA


Date: 28 Oct to 30 Oct.
Cost: $510-$1205. For students: $175-$525. These were the prices for 2018.

Description: This conference is held annually for the community of system administration and vendors. It is for system engineers and operations professionals.

Why should attend? It should be attended as real-world knowledge about the critical systems will be shared. It can be attended by system administrators, developers, network engineers, etc.

Website: LISA

#15) DevOps Enterprise Summit USA

Date: 28 Oct to 30 Oct
Las Vegas, Nevada
$1400 to $1975—2018
DevOps Enterprise Summit USA

November 2019 Conferences

#16) Microsoft Ignite

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA


Date: 2 Nov to 8 Nov
Cost: Around $2220 for the full conference. (This price was the price for the year 2018)

Description: The topics that will be covered in this conference are deployment, architecture, implementation, security, etc.

Why should attend? It should be attended to know more about Microsoft products and some more information about the topic from the speakers.

Website: Microsoft Ignite

#17) Agile + DevOps East

Date: 3 to 8 November
Orlando, Florida, USA
$1795 to $3995
Agile + DevOps East

December 2019 Conferences

#18) KubeCon/ CloudNativeCon 

Location: San Diego, California, USA


Date: 18 to 21 December
Cost: $150 to $1100

Description: Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation sponsor this conference and will help you to meet the leading contributors of cloud-native applications, microservices, and containers.

Why should attend? It should be attended to gain more knowledge about open-source projects Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, Fluentd, etc. It can be attended by Application Developers, IT Operations staff, end users, etc.

Website: KubeCon/ CloudNativeCon 

October 2018 Conferences

#19) DevOps Enterprise Summit

devops enterprise summit

Dates: 13-15 Oct 2020
Las Vegas
DevOps Enterprise Summit

Ticket Cost: $ 1975

Description: DevOps experts and practitioners will speak about new ideas and methods. There will be more than 50 speakers from top companies like Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover, The Walt Disney Company, Nike, and many others. It will include new technical and architectural practices.

The conference will give information about the tools and strategies to develop and deliver the software faster.

Who should attend and why? Architects, Developers, Engineers, Executives, and Managers should attend the conference to meet the experts and know more about top technologies.

#20) Puppet Conf

puppet conf

Dates: 9-11 Oct 2018
San Francisco, California
Ticket Cost:
Puppet Conf

Description: The event will be focused on DevOps, Cloud, and software automation. This conference is for puppet which is an open source configuration management tool. It will include training on Puppet components.

Who should attend and why? Automation experts, DevOps leaders, and Puppet technology users can attend. You will meet more than 100 industry experts there.

#21) IT/ Dev Connections

it-dev connections

Dates: 15-18 Oct 2018
Dallas Texas
Ticket Cost:
Two types of tickets are available.Essentials: $1299,All Access: $2099
 It/Dev connections

Description: There will be a detailed training on DevOps and many networking opportunities. Topics which will be covered in this conference include Cloud and data center, enterprise collaboration, data platform, and business intelligence, development and DevOps, and mobility & security.

Who should attend and why? IT professionals of any company can attend to have detailed training on DevOps.

#22) LISA


Dates: 29-31 Oct 2018
Tennessee, USA
Ticket Cost:
Starts at $254.

Description: Along with DevOps, different topics like cloud computing, Big Data, and Machine Learning will be covered here. This conference will be promoted by Usenix, LISA, and Advanced Computing Systems Association. And this conference will be more training focused.

Who should attend and why? Operations professionals can attend this conference as practical knowledge about the critical systems will be shared.

#23) Velocity


Description: This conference will help you in building the web applications which will drive the business. The conference will have training and tutorials. The conference will cover many topics like DevOps and SRE, Microservices and containers, Distributed data, distributed systems and much more.

Who should attend and why? Developers, Engineers and Software architects can attend the conference and it will help to know more about building and managing websites and applications.

November 2018 Conferences

#24) AWS re Invent

aws re-invent

Dates: 26-30 Nov 2018
Las Vegas
Ticket Cost:
AWS reinvent

Description: This conference is for the cloud computing community. There will be technical sessions. You will get to know more about training and certifications.

Who should attend and why? Developers, Engineers, System administrators, system architects, and technical decision-makers can attend to know more about AWS services and their features.

#25) Agile + DevOps East


Dates: 4-9 Nov 18
Orlando, Florida
Ticket Cost:
Price starts at $3095.
Agile DevOps East

Description: You will get to know more about the latest tools and methods of agile and DevOps and also about certification training.

Who should attend and why? IT professionals can attend to hear the talks from experts.

December 2018 Conferences

#26) KubeCon- Cloud Native Con

KubeCon- Cloud Native Con

Dates: 10-13 Dec 18
Seattle, Washington
Ticket Cost:
Academic starts from $150, Individual starts at $ 550, and Corporate starts at $1150.
KubeCon- Cloud Native Con

Description: Cloud-native applications & computing contributors, micro-services, and projects will be brought together to know more about cloud native. This conference is promoted by Linux Foundation and cloud-native computing foundation.

Topics which are going to be covered in this conference are NATS, Prometheus, Kubernetes, Open tracing, Core DNS, Notary, Jaeger and many more.

Who should attend and why? Application developers, IT Operations, technical management, end users or anyone who wants to know about Cloud Native.

List of DevOps Conferences in 2018-19

DateLocationTicket PriceWebsite
Puppet Conf9-11 Oct 18San Francisco, California$319 Visit here
IT/ Dev Connections15-18 Oct 18Dallas TexasEssentials: $1299
All Access: $2099
Visit here
DevOps Enterprise Summit22-24 Oct 18Las Vegas$ 1975Visit here
LISA29-31 Oct 18Tennessee, USAStarts from $254Visit here
Velocity 30 th Oct-2 nd Nov 18London$995
$1195 &
Visit here
Agile + DevOps East4-9 Nov 18Orlando, FloridaStarts at $3095Visit here
AWS re: Invent26-30 Nov 18Las Vegas$1799Visit here
KubeCon- Cloud Native Con10-13 Dec 18Seattle, WashingtonAcademic: $150, Individual: $ 550, and Corporate: $1150Visit here
Agile + DevOps WEST2-7 June 19Las VegasStarts at $ 2895Visit here
DevOps DaysThis will be held on multiple datesMultiple locationsVary as per event.Visit here


All the conferences are worth considering but the conferences you must consider to attend are LISA, AWS re Invent, and Velocity.

Some conferences are technology specifics like KubeCon and Puppet Conf. So these conferences should be attended if you are working in that technology or if want to know more about that technology.

Hope you enjoyed this informative article on DevOps Conferences!!The DEVOPS Conference