Top 12 Semrush Alternatives [Semrush Competitors In 2023]

Comprehensive Review & Comparison of the Top Semrush Alternatives.  Select the best Semrush Competitor for all your SEO Requirements:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial function for the success of your online business. Without SEO, your target customers can’t get to view your business and you lose potential profits. This is why you have to invest in powerful SEO tools such as Semrush.

Semrush comes with more than 20 tools that give you updated reports and analysis to help you know where your SEO strategy is working and where it needs tweaking.

Top SEMrush Alternatives

Semrush Alternatives

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For those who cannot use Semrush, there are several other Semrush alternatives to use. In this article, we will see top Semrush competitors available in the market for successful SEO practices.

Fact Check: Businesses appearing in the top 5 organic search results get up to 75% of the clicks. Your SEO strategy should not just be geared into getting your business on the first page, but into the top 5 positions.

Use the Semrush alternatives to tweak your SEO practices to finally get to this top coveted position and see your business grow dramatically. However, you shouldn’t try to be a jack of all trades and spread yourself thin; identify the best keywords for your business, and apply proper SEO tactics.

SEMrush alternatives to SEO practices

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Pro Tip: When choosing an SEO tool, make sure that it has as many features as possible to enrich your optimization strategy. Some of the tools are purely directed at one feature such as backlinks. You need a tool that shows keywords to use, their ratings, backlinks, and other SEO indicators, all bundled into one.

FAQs About Semrush Competitors

Here are some important questions that are asked:

Q #1) Do I really need SEO?

Answer: Oh yes, you do! It’s crucial if you want your website to be listed when potential customers type in keywords relevant to your business. Search engines are a discovery channel. They help web visitors discover your business for the first time and become loyal customers.

Q #2) How does SEO work?

Answer: Search engines rank websites by three primary factors:

  • Authority: This measures the reputation of your website. It determines if your content offers value to the end-user.
  • Relevancy: The search engine has to understand your content so it sends it to the right people. (Keywords are crucial here).
  • Navigability: The ease of navigating your website.

Q #3) Should I buy backlinks?

Answer: This is a definite NO! If the search engines catch you buying backlinks, your site rankings will take a nosedive very fast. Invest in creating exceptional backlinks and engaging other bloggers who would like to link to your site.

Q #4) Ahrefs vs. Semrush: which is superior?

Answer: Ahrefs is user-friendly in terms of the presentation of data and offers a lot more features to improve your optimization tasks. For example, it will indicate how many backlinks you need on your site to rank well on the search engines, something that you cannot do with Semrush.

Q #5) What is UR and DR in SEO?

Answer: Domain Rating (DR) is an indication of the quality and quantity of backlinks coming into your site or any other domain that you search for. URL Rating (UR) is an indication of the quality and quantity of backlinks coming to a particular page on your website or another site you are checking. These two will give you a measure or rank of the backlink profile of your website or other.

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List of Top Semrush Alternatives

Here is a list of the most popular Semrush Competitors:

  1. SpyFu
  2. Monitor Backlinks
  3. UberSuggest
  4. Google Keyword Planner
  5. Ahrefs
  6. Searchmetrics
  7. SEO Powersuite
  8. Moz Pro
  9. Serpstat
  10. Raven Tools
  11. KWFinder
  12. Majestic

Comparison of Best Semrush Competitors

Tool Name Starting PriceMain FeaturesUsability/ReliabilityOur Rating(Out of 5)
$119.95 - Monthly
$229.95 – Monthly
$449.95 - Monthly
-Keyword research
-Advertising research
-Competitor analysis
-Backlink monitoring
-Traffic analysis
-Market analysis
-SEO writing assistant
-Reports and charts
-Very high reliability due to advanced features.
-It can be complicated for first-time users.
-Intuitive interface
$39.00 – Monthly
$396.00 – Annually
$39.00 – 1st Month
$78.00 – Monthly Thereafter
$696.00 – Annually
$299.00 – Monthly
$2,388.00 – Annually
-Keyword research
-Backlinks monitoring
-Reports and charts
-Competitor analysis
-Custom Ad and PPC reports
-Multiple user accounts (team version)
-Domain monitoring
-Quite a reliable tool for all levels of SEO.
-It is complicated for first-time users.
-Intuitive interface
Monitor BacklinksFree-to-try
1 domain monitored
$25.00 – Monthly
$47.40 – Monthly
$89.91 – Monthly

-Link building
-Brand monitoring and building
-Backlink recovery
-Track keyword ranking
-Reverse engineer competitor links
-Remove bad links
-Competitor analysis
-The tool is reliable especially when it comes to creating valuable backlinks.
-It has a simple interface with reports that one can easily understand.

$29.00 - Monthly
$290.00 - Annually

-Domain overview
-Competitor analysis
-Keyword research and suggestions
-Content ideas
-Backlink monitoring
-A simple tool for basic SEO purposes.
-Simple interface with easy-to-understand reports.
Google Keyword PlannerPay-as-you-go (set the budget according to your needs)-PPC ads
-Keyword suggestions
-Mobile ad creation
-Integrated advertising tools
-Ideally created for Google Ads.
-Great interface and simple reports to follow.

Review of the top Semrush competitors:

#1) SpyFu

Best for SEO for small to large companies and teams.


SpyFu is a powerful Semrush alternative, which offers you a wide range of SEO tools to improve your ranking on search engine results. It is costly and best suited for enterprise operations and not small startups.


  • Keyword research
  • Advertising research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink monitoring
  • Traffic analysis
  • Market analysis
  • SEO writing assistant
  • Reports and charts

Cons: The tools can be quite complex for first-time users and the price can be prohibitive to startups.

Verdict: This is a great tool for people who want serious SEO results and analysis. The tool monitors several levels of SEO and helps in quickly changing rankings accordingly. It can be used by teams in different geographic locations to meet regional SEO needs.

Price: Premium prices ranging from $33 per month for the Basic plan to $2,388 for the Professional and Team packages.


Website: SpyFu

#2) Monitor Backlinks

Best for SEO through link building, monitoring domains, analysis, and reporting.

monitor backlinks-screen

Monitor Backlinks is ideal for those who want to monitor links and build valuable backlinks. It can remove negative backlinks.


  • Link building
  • Brand monitoring and building
  • Backlink recovery
  • Track keyword ranking
  • Reverse engineer competitor links
  • Remove bad links
  • Competitor analysis

Cons: The tool primarily focuses on link building with a lesser emphasis on keyword SEO practices.

Verdict: This tool is great for businesses that want to increase traffic through backlinks. It monitors your competitor’s backlink strategies and gives metrics to help you tweak yours. It is great for SEO management through in-depth analysis and reporting.

Price: Free-to-try and the packages range from $25 to $89 per month. The price increases with the number of domains being monitored.


Website: Monitor Backlinks

#3) UberSuggest

Best for intuitive and low-cost SEO.


UberSuggest is a great tool for suggesting keywords that will improve your SEO ranking. It has various monitoring and reporting tools. It also comes with a great content suggestion tool.


  • Link building
  • Brand monitoring and building
  • Backlink recovery
  • Track keyword ranking
  • Reverse engineer competitor links
  • Remove bad links
  • Competitor analysis

Cons: The tool has a weakness when checking for results in certain niche markets. Some niches will yield no results.

Verdict: This is a great tool for those who use keywords as their primary SEO tool. Based on its analysis, it provides you with the best keywords and also content ideas to increase your ranking on the search engines. It is great for those starting in SEO.

Price: Starts at $29 per month and $290 annual payment.


Website: UberSuggest

#4) Google Keyword Planner

Best for advertising campaigns on the Google platform.


Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for searching for content keywords. It is ideal for getting keywords for creating Google ads.


  • PPC ads
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Mobile ad creation
  • Integrated advertising tools

Cons: The keyword filters are not “exact” and you get results covering a wider range of keywords, some of which may not apply to your business.

Verdict: This tool is ideal for those who want to create a successful Google Ads campaign. It helps target your ads to people who search your keywords, thereby increasing your click-through rate. It offers results based on a wider time frame, stretching back to the last four years, which is great.

Price: Allows you to set your budget according to your needs.

Google Keyword Planner

Website: Google Keyword Planner

#5) Ahrefs

Best for monitoring backlinks.


You can easily check on your keyword rank for the top 100 searches. Create valuable backlinks and remove negative ones. It comes with great tracking abilities, for backlinks, keywords domain comparison, content gaps, and other metrics.


  • Strategic choice of content topics.
  • Enables the targeting of prospective customers.
  • Enables you to create accurate user profiles.
  • Website management.

Cons: It gives a huge amount of data and this can overwhelm both seasoned and newbie SEO practitioners.

Verdict: This is one of the best SaaS SEO tools, with incredible backlinks checking. It suggests keywords for your content and tracks them as they increase in value. You, therefore, know how to adjust your content keywords with time.

Price: 7-day trial for $7, and monthly packages thereafter. You get 2 months subscription free when you pay annually.


Website: Ahrefs

#6) Searchmetrics

Best for tracking visibility and keyword performance.


It comes with different suites for specific purposes like Search Experience, Research Cloud, Content Experience, and Site Experience. These suites help you cover a wide range of SEO practices to improve your site ranking.


  • Vertical industry reporting
  • Advertising and PPC data.
  • Tracks social links and backlinks
  • Keyword research
  • Tracks website rank
  • Content creation tool
  • Competitor analysis

Cons: Keyword metrics are limited and do not offer keyword management tools. In some niches, the metrics data is sparse. It also has an awkward interface.

Verdict: Searchmetrics is a robust SEO tool, with basic tools for checking on your PPC adverts, keyword performance, tracking for the last fortnight, among many other metrics. It is ideal for companies venturing out into SEO.

Price: Starts at $29 per month depending on the suites that you subscribe to.

Website: Searchmetrics

#7) SEO Powersuite

Best for all-round SEO for those who cannot afford premium tools.


This tool has four different suites to address different SEO aspects such as website audits, keyword research, backlink monitoring, link outreach, and many others.


  • Automatic rank tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink research
  • Anti-penalty link audit to remove negative links
  • Website audits
  • Content optimization
  • Link management and outreach.

Cons: You need different licenses when you want to use it on several computers.

Verdict: SEO Powersuite is a great tool for people undertaking SEO at no cost. Given that it is free Semrush alternative, it comes with powerful features to improve your ranking on search engines. It explains the issues found and show how to fix them.

Price: Completely free license for each user.

Website: SEO Powersuite

#8) Moz Pro

Best for those who want to practically learn about SEO; also great for SEO experts.


The tool allows you to track your campaigns, and also find out about the health of your site, links, and the performance of your SEO practices.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Link management
  • Keyword research
  • Content management
  • Link tracking
  • Rank tracking

Cons: One must subscribe to use the full set of free tools.

Verdict: Analysis of competitor performance, building and monitoring keywords, suggestions as to how you can improve your link building outreach and so many other tools available for top inbound marketing results. The tool is suitable for people starting in SEO.

Price: Starts at $79 to $479 per month. It offers a 20% discount for annual payments and comes with a 30-day free trial.


Website: Moz Pro

#9) Serpstat

Best for Enterprise-level SEO and teams working across geographical regions.


A robust tool that offers more than 20 SEO tools to ensure that every aspect of your marketing is addressed properly.


  • Site audits
  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword suggestions and research
  • Link building
  • Competitor analysis
  • Advertising analysis
  • Content ideas
  • Market intelligence
  • On-page audit

Cons: An overwhelming amount of data to consume, which is challenging for newbie SEO practitioners.

Verdict: With robust competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracker, site-auditor, and more, this tool is great for serious SEO strategies. You can have comprehensive analytical data that will help fine-tune your marketing efforts for maximum results.

Price: Pricing packages include Lite plan at $69 per month, Standard plan at $149 per month, Advanced plan at $299 per month, and Enterprise plan at $499 per month.


Website: Serpstat

#10) Raven Tools

Best for Agencies, Freelancers, Media Companies, and other small to enterprise businesses.

raven tools

This tool covers a wide range of SEO practices. The reports and analysis tools are easy-to-follow making it great for professionals and newbies alike.


  • Marketing reports
  • Competitor domain research
  • Site auditor
  • SERP rank tracker
  • Keyword rank checker
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink checker
  • Link spy
  • Social media tracking

Cons: It does not do well with showing performance over a long period.

Verdict: This is a powerful tool that allows you to manage many SEO aspects such as keyword research, content management, social management, website audits, link tracking, and a host of other features. It is a great tool for serious SEO purposes.

Price: Premium tool starting at $79 per month depending on the package you choose. There is a 30% discount for annual payments.


Website: Raven Tools

#11) KWFinder

Best for keyword-based SEO marketing efforts.


Provides tools that are primarily geared towards keyword-intensive SEO. However, it also has backlink monitoring and management. The price is quite attractive for those with low marketing budgets.


  • Long-tail keywords
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Local keyword research
  • High keyword accuracy for niches
  • Bulk keyword importation
  • Google suggest keywords
  • SERP analysis
  • SEO metrics reports
  • Looks for profitable keywords

Cons: The competitor research tool is not exhaustive and only identifies keywords being used by your competition. The keywords that you can get are also capped based on the package you subscribe to.

Verdict: For those who rely a lot on the use of keywords for SEO purposes, this tool is great. However, it does not do well when it comes to competitor analysis. The tool is ideal for those starting in SEO.

Price: Three premium plans starting from $29.90 per month.


Website: KWFinder

#12) Majestic

Best for great backlink SEO practices and site audits.


High-level backlink management and tracking tools. It primarily targets this SEO function with less emphasis on keyword analysis, site audit, on-page audits, etc.


  • Backlink analysis and management
  • Site explorer summary
  • Topics reports
  • Domain comparison

Cons: The data collected by this tool has a wide variance with other tools, which may be confusing. One wonders if the data will provide much help when it comes to other SEO functions apart from link management and tracking.

Verdict: If you rely a lot on backlinks for SEO, then this is an ideal tool for you. On the other hand, it does not perform well when it comes to suggesting keywords and analyzing your competitors.

Price: Three premium plans with prices starting from $49.99 per month, with a discount on every package when you pay annually.


Website: Majestic


SEO is a critical function for serious marketing at a low cost. You must use the best Semrush alternatives if you are to increase your site ranking to the top 5 search engine results slots.

SpyFu is a powerful, feature-rich Semrush alternative designed for all business types. From single users to professional SEO teams, this tool has everything you need in a neat package.

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Monitor Backlinks is another Semrush competitor that helps monitor the performance of your website when it comes to SEO analytics. It is priced according to the number of domains that you want to monitor.

Research process:

We spent 36 hours testing the feature of the listed Semrush alternatives against Semrush itself. This way, you get the top 12 best alternatives to use for your SEO marketing practices.

Tools researched online – 18
Tools Shortlisted – 12

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