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Mallik asks:

What type of database (SQL) questions asked in interviews for test engineer position (not for database tester)?

Database Testing Interview Questions:

This depends on many factors whether these questions are for testing positions at entry level or for experienced testing professionals. The depth of database interview questions depends on the experience of the candidate.

Irrespective of the position, the candidate should always be clear and confident about the database concepts. For most software testing positions you need to have database knowledge to perform some database checks. Almost all applications need an interaction with a database.

Let’s consider the database interview questions for entry-level software testing positions. For entry-level testing positions generally following questions can be asked in interviews:

1) Basic and to some extent nested SQL queries to fetch data from database tables.
2) Examples of database statements for Create Database, Create table and Drop Table.
3) Concept of “Primary Key”, “Foreign Key” and DB index
4) Examples of Select, Insert, Delete, Alter and Update SQL statements.
5) SQL joins (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join and Full join) with examples.
Practice SQL join queries on dummy tables and see results.

For experienced level software testing positions, database interview questions depend on the job requirement. For such positions, interviewers expect detailed database knowledge from candidates.

One more important point – If you get questions on database SQL queries, never say that “You get all query statements to be executed from developers”. It’s ok to say that you get help from developers to write complex SQL queries, but finally, you manage by your own.

Shariff asks:

What is Test Strategy?

In simple words – Test strategy means “How you are going to test the application?” You need to mention the exact process/strategy that you are going to follow when you will get the application for testing.

I see many companies follow test strategy template very strictly. Even without any standard template, you can keep this test strategy document simple but still effective.

Simple Tips to Write Test Strategy Document:

1) Include product background in test strategy document. In the first paragraph of your test strategy document answer – Why stakeholders want to develop this project? This will help to understand and prioritize things quickly.
2) List all important features you are going to test. If you think some features are not part of this release then mention those features under “Features not to be tested” label.
3) Write down the test approach for your project. Clearly, mention what types of testing you are going to conduct?
I.e. Functional testing, UI testing, Integration testing, Load/Stress testing, Security testing etc.
4) Answer questions like How you are going to perform functional testing? Manual or automation testing? Are you going to execute all test cases from your test management tool?
5) Which bug tracking tool you are going to use? What will be the process when you will find a new bug?
6) What are your test entry and exit criteria?
7) How will you track your testing progress? What metrics are you going to use for tracking test completion?
8 ) Task distribution – Define roles and responsibilities of each team member.
9) What documents will you produce during and after testing phase?
10) What all risk you see in test completion?

If you answer all these questions, I think your test strategy document should be ready!

Ayyappang asks:

I want some more ISTQB questions and papers. Please send me these papers as it will be very helpful for my study

I think I have written many posts earlier on ISTQB sample papers and mock test. You can access all these papers and online mock test on below page:
Sample ISTQB papers and mock tests

Also, I have listed some papers for download on our Resources page.
ISTQB sample papers with answers for practice

Here are some more resources for ISTQB exam preparation:
ISTQB Foundation Exam Format & Guidelines to Solve Papers

I hope this will be helpful for you ISTQB exam preparation.
If readers are having some sample ISTQB papers please share with us!

If you want to ask any question please post your question in the comment section of this post.

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#1 Aman

Nice one!!

#2 Sushi

I like these posts. Simple and effective answers.

I would like to say same think regarding db interview questions. “Never say u get sql queries from developers” unless for complex one

#3 V.Ganesh Prabhu

Really Very usefull and very understandable keep on posting like these usefull things can u please tell me some thing regarding VSS(Virtual Source Safe) if possible can u mail to ma id

#4 Himanshu

Its help a lot..!!!

#5 jyoti bhatia

1.what would u do if ur TL asks u to execute 300 test cases manually in a day?
2.what would u do if u r not given the priority n severity of a bug?

#6 ehsan

Nice !!!!its very helpful for me

#7 Tejaswini

Thanks for answering these questions, but could you provide some more info on SQL/database?

#8 srinivas

hi friends this is srinivas. recently i got job on mobile application testing.but i dont have interest on mobile application(games). is there growth if i continued in mobile sector.

……..pls answer any body

#9 Kirti


Would like to see article on SQL queries.

#10 balaji

expecting reply for jyoti bhatia first question

1.what would u do if ur TL asks u to execute 300 test cases manually in a day?

#11 mohit gupta

perfect answer bro

thanks for sharing

#12 Priya

I have completed the ISTQB foundation level 2 years back. Now, planning for the Advanced level. Would I get correct, exact resources, study materials please?

#13 Priya

How to correctly estimate the testing activities (hours involved in testing) for a given project?

#14 @mol


I completed my Diploma in software testing course form Seed Infotech Pune. I have done MCM(2008), PGDCA(2006), DBM(2005), in interview interviwer asked me
Q) Why are you looking for software testing? What will be the ideal answer for that?

#15 kishore

Does anybody have an idea on QTP elearning, I am referring to an advertisement flashing on this site.

#16 Nandan

Hi Kishore, for QTP u can refer recorded lessons from, it is very good..

#17 shanker

I am an BTECH(IT) background student fresher,I am intrested in software testing feild but most of my uncles and my friends are telling that there are more chanceses only for dgree student who are non btech, i have a problem with the programming side becoz i am not understanding wat is it so i choosed testing felid wats is ur sugestion for me i am totaly in a confusing stage is there a god life for me in testing feild,i have confidence that i can work on it but there are no opertunities then where my career gng to be.

#18 Nandan

Hi jyoti bhatia,

1) There will be preplan regarding completion of test cases per day depending on the time to be taken for each test case, so no TL will suddenly ask any one to complete huge number of test vases in a day, because taking extra time is better than completing test cases in hurry and leting the defects to pass with the build.

2) Depending on the importance of the module tester has to assign the preority and seviority to the defect, you may get the suggestions from the seniors and the TL if required.

#19 Nandan

Hi Mol,
U can answer as below..

“I am not a software graduate but coming to my current work profile, I am already communicating with clients for day to day work and working on so many quality related works in my current work process. To support to this I have done certification in software testing, So I can easily migrate myself in to software testing field.

I have seen so many my friends who are not IT graduates are successfully persuing carrers in IT and drawing nice salary. Because of my current experience and the certification I strongly believe I can also persue same career successfully… So I am looking jobs in softwares”

Hope this help you…

#20 Nandan

Hi Shanker,

Testing not “any one can do kind of job”, there are so many kinds of testings.
Example.. to do data base testing you should have better sql knowledge than the developer.

Automation tester is also a developer by writing the scripts.

So you would get good profesional life in testing also…

#21 Nandan

Hi Priya,

According to my research CSTE is better than ISTQB advance…

#22 ajish

Very useful information in simple lay mans language…Thanks a lot!!!

#23 Jenny

Thats a fantastic article.. Thanks for sharing ISTQB dumps..

#24 jhoiyce

Does anybody have an idea on QTP e-learning, I am referring to an advertisement flashing on this site but I am not sure.

#25 kishore

Yeah, its a wonderful site to learn QTP. No need to join institute and waste money. The also teach from the tutorial and such stuff.

#26 radhika

Hi, I am new to testing, while searching abt testing, I come across to ur articles, these are very nice and very useful to me.Thank u for all your posts. I want to know how to write test scripts, can u give me any suggestions that will help me alot.

#27 vaishali


I want to learn database testing can u plz give me provide me with basics concepts required in db testing…


#28 nirav bhatia

hi… I am novice to testing but i have enough knowledge of concepts of testing but how can i go for a project? can you send me some real time test cases of any website on my email id plz help me I expect a lot from you…as i am not getting any help I posted many times.

#29 hansika

why,when and where to use ECP and BVA….Please suggest me

#30 ajay

i want your suggestion . i have passed my master in E-commerce in 2005, then after i have not done any IT job . now i want to pursue my career in software testing bcz i am really interested in that. so i want to know is that too late for me to start career in software testing as i have finished master in 2005 and no IT experience.
thank you

#31 rajesh

this is rajesh. i completed my graduation in CSE in 2008. i learned manual testing , QTP. now i am having 1 year experience in PHP as a programmer. now i want to switch my career in this experience will help me to get as a job in testing departement.if not please provide me what are the steps i has to take to start my career in testing…

#32 advait

Can you send me any document to understand sql joins on my mail ID? My mail ID is

#33 it is is very heipfull new testers.

Hi, I am new to testing, while searching abt testing, I come across to ur articles, these are very nice and very useful to me.Thank u for all your posts. I want to know how to write test scripts, can u give me any suggestions that will help me alot

#34 it is is very heipfull new testers.

Hi this is uma, I am new to testing, while searching abt testing, I come across to ur articles, these are very nice and very useful to me. I want to know how to write test cases, can u give me any suggestions that will help me alot

#35 a2knch


I never worked before but want to start now. I have done the course in software testing and worked in a 2 weeks project(manual testing).Now I’m searching for job, but without experience(I can’t put just 2weeks exp.)I didnot get any response from recruiters.My friend saying at least I have to put 5 years experience. But I dont want to do that. I know QC , SQL knowledge in QTP.

Can I try freelance projects to start with?…
(I really dont know what is freelance is exactly.. just find it on the internet)..

If the answer is yes, can I put those experience to find a job?

what are freelance projects?and what are the risks in it? please explain..


#36 a2knch

Hi Advait,

You can learn and practice sql commands on’’. It is a very good website. good luck.

#37 Mona

What is the criteria for a Testing job.If I Have Second Class
In my academic then can I get Problem?Pls give me answer

#38 ganesh

what is epsilon minus and epsilon plus… this question is asked by one of the interviewer to me…

#39 vinay

Hi all. I have completed MSc in life science in 2008. I am pursuin a course in software testing. If the interviewer asks y i want 2 change my domain, what would be the best response?
thank u…:)

#40 narasimha

hi aii i had completed MBA IN FINANCEIN 2010 i am pursuing a course in software testing if the interviewer asks why r u change ur stream what will the best responce?my degree back ground is BSC (computer)

#41 supriya


1) i want to know how to write test cases for database testing/ how to write scenario.

2) how to do database testing on linux platform
please explain all question with example.

3) how to do documentation for database testing
please send if anyone have good database testing

email id

please help me as early as possible

Thanks & Regards

#42 Phani

How to correctly estimate the testing activities (hours involved in testing) for a given project?

#43 Monalisa


I never worked before but want to start now. I have done the course in software testing and worked in a 2 weeks project(manual testing).Now I’m searching for job, but without experienceexp.I didnot get any response from recruiters. I know QC , QTP.


#44 Mano venkatesh

Very superb things that you have uploaded.. This website helps the beginners to know about the process in testing…


#45 mallikarjuna.T

Hi all. I have completed MSc maths i had completed in software testing. If the interviewer asks y i want 2 change my domain, what would be the best response?
thank u…:)

#46 vatana

i really like this help,it real useful.
i want to know how many type of database?

#47 Maya Shinde


I am BE(computer science) fresher,searching for job on testing.but not getting job as a is it better to go on development side as they are asking testing certification…..please hep me out

#48 mathan

hi its very use full for me.. thanks………….

#49 Deepak


I have been working in BFSI circle’s Swift Domain, Can you please help me out like what should i do to get the indepth knowledge of SWIFT, like for e.g. How Swift Works, & how to do Swift Testing for a Particular message type say for e.g. A Payment message (MT103) .
How would you write the Test strategy for a Payment Message.

I’m knew to this testing ,wish to enhance my knowledge

#50 hemant

i want article for c ,C++,java, for the interview based.
and which type of questions they asked.

#51 Prem sagar

Im New to Testing , Can anyone provide me the Basic level in Load/Win runner , realy appreciate ur help .
My Mail ID .

#52 priya to write test cases for date,month and year?
2.How to decide the test completion Schedule as was asked by the interviewer??i.e; how much it will take to complete the testing of this project???

#53 Zoheb

Very nice pointers related to Test Strategy

#54 vamshi

i want to know about the ETL-Testing and also sample test cases for ETL testing.

#55 Spandana

Hi ,
I am spandana I am working as a Technical Recruiter from 2 years.I would like to change my profession to Testing.I have done my Btech(2007).can you please suggest me how to start my new career towards testing.please help me out in this regards.

#56 Mahesh G

Really its very helpful for me……..thaanx

#57 phani

What is the difference between test stratagy and test Plan?

#58 pavan

I am pavan….. can u provide some sample QTP certification sample papers?

Thanks in advance!
Pavan kumar

#59 Shveta Kanwar

Hi, I really liked your site. I have ISEB foundation cleared, and want to prepare for ISEB Intermediate. Could you guide me the best way to start the preparation plus any directions to study material/ question papers or the book names. Thanks for your help.

#60 sandhya

actually i had applied for technology quality analyst(tester) at my fresher level,so cud you help me out with
the technical interview for the same,that whether the question wil arise from core subjects(dbms,data structure,operating system) or testing?and also if u can tel me upto what level????

#61 dinesh


#62 keerthi

Could you exp difference between “Test strategy & Test plan”?

#63 Dheeraj Goyal

Hello All,

Myself Dheeraj Goyal and I am working in Orange Business Services a Telecom Industry. Per my educational qualification I am MCA. I want to join the field of Software Testing. But this is very much new for me. I can do each and every thing regarding Testing job but as I have no experience in this field. Apart from this I have an idea regarding software testing, and want to make my carreer in Testing field. Could anyone advise me what should I have to do for the same or could anyone help me out means how I can join this field as I am fresher for Industries.

Waiting for your swift replies. Many Thanks in Advance!!!

#64 ramesh

dear sir,

i am finished mba (finance) 2010, UG bcom 2008, AM LIKE TO SOFTWARETESTING LINE PLEASE TELL ME SUGGESTION .

#65 Ajith

Hi Dheeraj,
U can join a institution which teaches software testing and get yourself certified.They also give u suggestions and projects to convert your present experience into Testing experience.

#66 rekha

which tool is used to test the sql queries in manual testing?

#67 Gayatri

Dear All,

For Trainning on 1. Practical Software testing approach
2. Basic sooftware Engineering 3. Basic Software Testing Techniques 4. Automation Testing Tools like
QTP,Winrunner,Test Director , Load Runner and other sucks ..

Trainning will be provided in all the branches of NICT in Bangalore with Real Time Senario.



#68 Mudassar Shaikh

Great help…………Thanks for all

#69 Hiral

Hi keerthi,

How you are going to test the application?” You need to mention the exact process/strategy that you are going to follow when you will get the application for testing.

Whereas, Test Plan is the document which will include all the details such as project overview, scope, approach, resources, test env and data requirements, test standards, automation approach, test process, schedule, etc which needs to be finalized and signedoff by client before starting the testing.

test strategy is included as part of test plan.


hexaware is hiring 2010 freshers, chennai

#71 gsreddy

can u please give me the metrics followed by small scale companies for tesing process

#72 om parkash

I want to appear ISTQB foundation level plz send me study material.also send question paper.


#73 Great tester

Hexaware is firing 2010 freshers, Madras

#74 vinay pakhale

this is vinay..i hv done BE from Pune uni. now i hv 6 month exprience in S/w testing..but i m confuse,how to test a s/w..?? so can u plz give me some ideas about ths……??

#75 vaibhav Nikam

Hello,this vaibhav nikam completed MCA from pune university,working as test engg. but i get fustarate with let me know is there is any way to switch to development.

#76 Kunal

Hi, Looking for a change in job for the permanent position & not on the client side so please help me in getting the job.

#77 radha

Please explain about data base testing

#78 Radha

Interviewer ask me one question that is Why you choose testing ?

#79 Govind


I’m working in MNC. I have 4 yrs exp in IT. I want to change mu carieer into Software Testing i have some idea abt manul testing and i’m started learning automation tools as well. what is the latest tool in Current date.

#80 Giriraj


#81 @mit sharma

Expecting answer of the questions asked by Jyoti Bhatia(#5). Can any body?

#82 Tamil

This article is very useful. Easy to understand the Concepts. Is possible can you please post the article for 1. OAT [ Operational Acceptance Testing ].
2. Frame work in Automation such kind of QTP tool


#83 Muhammad Adnan

I am a student of BBA (H) in Gomal University D.I.Khan (Pakistan).
We have a subjact of Management Information System. In this sudjact we studied about data base and types of data base.
We studied that their are six major types of Data Base which are:
1. Analytical data base
2. Operational data base
3. Centralized data base
4. Distributed data base
5. External data base
6. Hyper media data base

#84 Rahul Manodhya

hello i’ve read all ur tips related to software testing all is appreciable i want to make my carrer in testing field i want to know about actual working of software testing doing all the company.

thanks if possible so please make a mail of my address given which include all testing activities in practical company environment.

#85 Dharmendra

oracle is what type of database

#86 KraftSkaft

Seriously do quit ISTQB, crying out loud!!!

#87 Pa Modou

Excellenet blog and a great sentiment of sharing one though to colleagues on the same field , it sound software testing is the next coming job for company. interesting !!!

#88 Ayomipo

How is SQL examination organise,is it objective or what?

#89 Ravikumar Vanapalli

Hai I am Ravikumar. I have good hands in Manual Testing and Automation testing.

I want to learn Muchmore in Testing . presnt now I am looking for the job. if there any vacancy please inform me.

please send :

#90 Bal krishna

This is bal krishna,I have knowledge on software testing and database testing .
I m able to manual and Automation testing.

pls tell me for openings for job.

#91 Minju


I would like to know more about
1. Different matrices used in testing.
2. what all details need to be in the test summary report.


#92 shashikala

hi i hav read ur articles it is very helpful. right now i m doing testing course. can u plz help me for my studies dat mean good testing books? n also provide me study material for database testing?

#93 priya subramanian

Please attach more sample questions of ISTQB. It will be useful.

#94 priya subramanian

This article is very informative. Thank you.

#95 Meenal

thanks for sharing this valuable information!

#96 Hitesh jain

it really help me as i am beginner in this field ….

#97 rahulraj

how is SQL eximination organise . is it objective or what?

#98 shubraj

thanks yar ?\

#99 Swetha

I am planning to take ISTQB CTAL Test analyst exam.
What is the pass percentage for ISTQB advanced level exam modules, I find no info in the official website regarding the passed members and dumps…could you please help me

#100 Swetha

Data base testing basically include the following.
1)Data validity testing.
2)Data Integritity testing
3)Performance related to database.
4)Testing of Procedure triggers and functions.

For doing data validity testing you should be good in SQL queries

For data integrity testing you should know about referintial integrity and different constraint.

For performance related things you should have idea about the table structure and design.

For testing Procedure triggers and functions you should be able to understand the same.

#101 Brajesh

Nice article…really infomative…

#102 rajesh

Hi All,
I need the Interview Questions for Database testing for Experienced Persons and Agile Interview Questions.

#103 no answers only suggestions

No answers ,, only suggestions you gave ,, and for senior testers , you should tell some scensrios for SQl query ,, Then you should give answer ,, for senior testers

#104 Raji Swami

I had Tech Mahindra interview recently, they ask me where did u declare risk in testing, Test plan or test strategy?

I answered Test Strategy.Is that correct.
Please somebody help me.

#105 Raji Swami

I am beginner in software testing. If the ask me scale yourself SQL knowledge means.. What answer I have to say?1 is the lowest and 10 is the top one..?

#106 Dattatraya Ransing

As I have experience in only Manual Testing. So I don’t have basic knowledge of SQL. so I am facing problems while appearing for interview.

So suggest SQL Interview Questions for experienced tester.

#107 Rasheed

UNIX topics for etl testing. As a newbie in ETL testing using informatica, I am good in SQL, ETL concepts, DWH concepts. what are the things I need to learn or focus in UNIX? Any help is much appreciated.

#108 Umesh karanji

Hi sir,
I am currently working on manual testing, with 2+ yrs of experience, by the side way I learnt sql for database testing job.. I have good hand over sql joins, dil, dil, dry statements

And what my queries are
1. Are those manual testing skills necessary in database testing??????
2. And what all are the skills should still I have to develop for the job of database testing???????!?

#109 zaib un nisa

very nice ..

what are the initial steps for testing a database?

#110 ashish panse

what are the types of data bases in dbms

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