4K Stogram Review: Download Instagram Photos And Videos Easily

The 4K Stogram is an Instagram Photo, Video Viewer and Downloader for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Read this Comprehensive Hands-on 4K Stogram Review with Features and Installation Steps and learn how to use it:

Wherever you choose to spend the holidays, the pictures you take always turn out to be bright and dreamy. And you may want to save it all together safely on your computer so that you can view them later whenever you feel like and you never lose them.

Users post beautiful pics on Instagram, however, they don’t always back up their Instagram pictures. Or, many of them ponder if there is a way through which they can bulk down Insta pictures of their friend’s accounts.

4K Stogram Review

If you are one amongst these users, then you have landed at the right place today. All you need is a 4K Stogram.

4K Stogram Review

The 4K Stogram is an online tool used to backup your Instagram account in seconds. You can also browse and download the photos easily by location and by hashtags. It works as an Instagram viewer and downloader through which you can download pictures, videos, and stories from your favorite accounts, backup your Instagram profile and do a lot more!

Website: 4k Stogram

And, the best part is that the basic version of this tool is available free of cost.

In this article, we are going to review this tool in detail. We have reviewed the tool on the Windows 10 platform. So, let’s get started and delve into the tour of this software!

What Is a 4K Stogram?

4K Stogram is one of five products offered under 4K Download, which is a range of cross-platform shareware allowing users to download, create, and publish content from all the famous content and social media sites.

It is a computer program that creates backups of Instagram pictures on a desktop computer. It automatically downloads complete Instagram profiles and puts them on your hard disk so that you can access pics, videos, and stories in content in offline mode. It works for both public and private accounts.

View and Download pics

With this tool, you can quickly and easily:

  • View and Download pics, videos, and stories from Instagram accounts.
  • Store a backup of your Instagram profile.
  • Import the list of subscriptions that you have made on Instagram.

The basic version of the tool comes free of cost. It is available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Unique Features

#1) Backup your entire Instagram account in just one click:

Are you planning to delete your Instagram account, and before that, do you want to pick up all the precious shots? Taking Instagram backup is so easy with a 4K Stogram. Just run the Stogram application on your computer and go to the ‘Backup your Instagram account’ option. You just need to give your username and hit the download button. And that’s it. It will immediately start saving your Instagram content on your computer.

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#2) Inbuilt search option to view and download Instagram content:

With this tool, you can do a content search through Instagram username, location, or a hashtag, subscribe, and automatically download related photo posts, video posts, stories, or highlights. It also gives a date-based download control option through which you select the date range for which you want to download the content.

#3) Download Private friend’s photos or videos:

Login with your Instagram account and save videos and photos from your private friend’s account. This is one of the unique features of this tool, which is rarely offered by other Instagram downloader tools.

You just need to search through username in the Stogram search bar, select the desired option from the search result and click the subscribe button. And you are done! Within a few seconds, all the content from the private Instagram accounts will be downloaded to your computer.

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#4) Browse your friend’s Instagram feed:

It is not only a powerful Instagram downloader but also an awesome Instagram viewer. You can view in real-time the new photos uploaded by the accounts you have subscribed to. You will not need to visit Instagram for this, you can view everything within the interface of Stogram itself.

The Stogram gives a lot of advanced options to enrich your content browsing experience. You can view additional information about the uploader, date of posting, and captions. You can also enlarge the pictures, copy the caption, copy the link, and open the post on Instagram from here. You also get the option to subscribe to the author, location or entire hashtag from here.

#5) Follow Subscriptions in just one click:

All accounts that you are following on Instagram get added to your 4K Stogram by just clicking a subscribe button.

#6) Export & Import Subscriptions:

Another lively feature of the tool is Export-Import that allows you to import and export the accounts, locations, and hashtags you are subscribed to. This feature is really helpful in case of major computer reinstallations as no images or accounts are lost.

#7) Comments and hashtag metadata:

For all downloaded photos, it preserves information about comments and hashtags.

4k Stogram License

The 4k Stogram is copyrighted by OpenMedia LLC. Before version 3, Stogram was accessible as open-source software.

Software Category: Social Networking
Latest Release: Version 3.0, last updated in June 2020.
Supported OS: Stogram is cross-platform and is available for:

  • MacOS – 10.14, 10.13
  • Windows – Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7
  • Linux – Ubuntu


The performance of this software is great. It does the downloading quickly and at the same time does not compromise with the quality of downloaded content.

Is it safe?

Yes, the 4K Stogram is a completely safe application to download and backup your Instagram account, photos and videos.

Support if the 4K Stogram is not working

There are some comments online about the 4K Stogram not working.

You can restart the 4K Stogram application, log in again using Tools -> Preferences option and try using it. For all updates and bug fixes, you need to always update and use the latest version.

You can also post an issue you are facing or can give any suggestions on the 4K download feedback page, or you can directly contact the 4K download team by leaving a message for them along with your email id. The team responds fast and addresses your concerns. On the whole, they provide an awesome customer support experience.

Product Support

The tool has a lot of ‘How to’ and ‘Video’ tutorials available on its website. These tutorials are very intuitive and easy to follow. You will get tutorials on almost all the actions you may want to perform with this tool.

They also have a FAQ section that covers a lot of frequent and common queries that users may have.


  • The basic version of the Stogram is free.
  • The premium version that comes with additional features like unlimited downloads, account access, etc. There are two flavors available in the premium version:
    • Personal License, that will cost you around $10 as a one-time fee for three computers.
    • Pro Professional license, that will cost you around $30 as a one-time fee for three computers.

Download and Installation

Installation is super quick. It will take less than 2 minutes to download the msi, complete the installation, and launch the Stogram.

Let us quickly take you through the installation steps:

#1) Go to their official website and click ‘Get 4K Stogram’.

Get Stogram’

#2) The msi file gets downloaded as shown in the image below.

An msi file

#3) Open the msi file and follow the steps in the setup wizard.

setup wizard

#4) And that’s it, you get Stogram installed on your desktop.

If you have purchased a personal or professional license, give the license key, and activate the product.

license key

And you are done!

professional license

Getting Started

Let’s get started, try to perform a few actions in the Stogram interface, and see how the working experience is with this tool.

#1) Logging into Instagram from Stogram UI:

Launch the application and you will initially see the screen below from where you can log in to your Instagram account.

Logging into Instagram from Stogram UI

Instagram from Stogram UI

instagram verification

#2) Searching through username, hashtag, or location and download the desired content:

In the Stogram’s intuitive search box, you can easily search for the content user’s username, hashtag, or location. The search was very quick and displayed results within a few seconds.

intuitive search box

From the search results, you can select the one that you were looking for and download the related content. It also gives you the option to select the date range for download.

advanced download options

Once you hit the subscribe button, you will see that the content will start downloading.


The whole content got downloaded fast. You will see the summary of downloaded content in the ‘All’ tab. If you right-click, you will have the option to view the content in the computer folder, show it on Instagram, remove the downloaded content, copy links, export posts or subscribe to username followings, as shown in the image below.

copy link

#3) Content Organization:

To view the downloaded content in detail, you can click on the right arrow that you see in the above screenshot. See how beautifully the content has got categorized into different folders – Photos, Videos, Stories, Highlights.  The caption is also getting displayed when you hover over a video.

Additionally, it gives you a lot of options like viewing the content locally on your computer (shown in the folder), copy the link, caption and share on Facebook or Twitter, show on Instagram, and subscribe to the author or location.

author or location

It also allows us to sort the downloaded content.

sort the downloaded content

#4) Getting real-time updates:

For the accounts that you are following, you can sync for the real-time updates as shown in the image below.

Getting real time updates

#5) Backup your Instagram Account:

Taking account backup is easy and quick. You just have to enter the username and click the download button and everything will get downloaded in a few seconds.

Backup your Instagram Account

The content will be displayed under your username in the Users tab.

Pros and Cons


  • The free version itself has all the basic capabilities this tool has. Generally, other tools of this category offer these features in their paid versions only.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Easy to use and quick interface. You can directly start using the tool with very little or no advanced learning needed.
  • Supports hashtag and location search which takes browsing and content downloading experience to the next level.
  • Organizes the downloaded content very well. Creates different folders for Photos, Videos, Stories, Highlights.
  • Preserves original resolution of photos.
  • Offers multilingual support. Available in almost all popular languages.
  • Updates the displayed content at the time you desire.
  • Unlimited content downloading and no advertisements in the paid version.
  • View photos and stories in full size in offline mode with no time limit.
  • Save your friends’ photos, stories, and highlights.
  • Bulk download – by username, hashtag, or location.
  • Auto-update option, so that you never miss viewing your friend’s story before it gets expired.
  • Great customer experience and service.
  • Lots of intuitive tutorials on the 4K download website about using Stogram.

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  • If you don’t know about the advanced download options available, you may see a direct start to downloading all the content without giving any message or asking for confirmation.

download options

  • Application freezes occasionally, but it’s very rare.
  • The free version has ads.


Overall, 4K Stogram is an ultimate Instagram viewer and downloader for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With this application, you can enjoy Instagram even more. If you compare Stogram with other similar tools available in the market, then no doubt, you will find it the best one.

It helps you not only to backup your Instagram account, but also to memorize your friends’ and celebrity photos for the future.

It’s highlighting features like search and download through hashtag, location or username, private accounts download feature, single click Instagram backup and many others makes this tool cool. It also organizes the downloaded content very well under different categories and folders.

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If you want to enrich your Instagram experience, we highly recommend this tool.

=> You can download the 4K Stogram from this page.