13 Best Subtitles Download Sites: English Movie Subtitles

Here we will review the 13 best websites to Download Movie Subtitles For Free and also compare each website in detail for Subtitles Download:

Once upon a time, people preferred watching films in a language they understood. So they shut themselves off to a plethora of exciting movies coming from diverse parts of the world, simply because they couldn’t understand the language.

They were missing out on so much unique content drenched in cultures alien to them. However, something changed as the internet made the world smaller with each passing day.

The rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime compelled people to notice the world cinema, which would have otherwise been ignored.

The idea of being consumed in a story took precedence among film lovers, and the language barrier quickly diminished – thanks to the availability of subtitles in multiple languages.

Sites To Movie Subtitles Download For Free

Sites to Download Movies for Free

A film lover with no knowledge of the French language can now enjoy a French film with the help of an English subtitle. The same can be said about many other films being made in a diverse range of languages.

There are some who still avoid movies if it means they also have to read the subtitles popping up below their screen. However, if you are willing to surpass this invisible barrier of subtitles, you will open yourself to a colossal gallery of quality, and bold cinema from around the world.

Sometimes a movie in your computer system may come with embedded subtitle files. However, it is often the case that a movie simply lacks a subtitle file or subtitles in a language you can read.

Fortunately, there are tons of options at your disposal to download movie subtitles from online websites. It is very easy to find the subtitles that you are looking for and download them at your convenience. In this tutorial, we will be looking at some of the best sites for subtitles download online.

Pro-Tip: First and foremost, go on a site that has a good amount of reputation backing it up or you might end up visiting a site that installs malware on your system instead of a subtitle file. Look for a site that offers subtitles to the same title in multiple languages and in multiple formats, so that you can try another one quickly if the already downloaded file doesn’t work for whatever reason.
Fact Check: According to a study published by PLYMedia, it was found that over 91% of people watched a video till completion if subtitles were involved. On the other hand, only 66% of people watched videos without any subtitles to completion.

stats on viewers engagement on Movies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Are Subtitles Safe to Download?

Answer: As per a report published by the security company – Point Check, most online downloaded subtitle files may harbor some sort of malware that can potentially harm the integrity of your system. Hence it is important to download only from reputed sites and have a strong anti-virus ready to protect your system.

Q #2) Are Subtitles Copyright Protected?

Answer: Subtitles just like visual and audio content for films are protected under the Copyright Protection Law. Thus making and sharing subtitles is considered an infringement of the copyright act, which is punishable by a fine or a light jail sentence.

Q #3) How do you add Subtitles to Your Media Player?

Answer: The process is easy and the convenience of adding subtitle files will depend on the media player you are using. E.g. you can very easily add subtitle files to your video on VLC by right-clicking and selecting the subtitle option in the scroll-down bar.

Upon selecting subtitle, you just have to simply click on ‘Add subtitles’, and then select the file that you would like to add. Just like that, your subtitle file will be displayed below the playing video.

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List Of Sites To Download Subtitles

Here is a list of websites for subtitles download for absolutely free.

  1. OpenSubtitles
  2. Podnapisi
  3. English Subtitles
  4. Subscene
  5. YIFY Subtitles
  6. Addic7ed
  7. Subtitle Seeker
  8. Downsub
  9. TVsubs
  10. Moviesubtitles.org
  11. TVSubtitles.Net
  12. DIVX Subtitles
  13. iSubtitles

Comparing Some Of The Best Sites For Subtitles Download

NameBest ForRatingsFees
OpenSubtitlesLarge database of subtitles in multiple languages.Star_rating_4_of_5Free
PodnapisiFind latest subtitles for movies and TV Series.Star_rating_3.5_of_5Free
English SubtitlesEnglish Subtitles Download Site for Movies and TV Shows.Star_rating_4_of_5Free
SubsceneDownload and Submit Subtitle file for movies and TV series.Star_rating_3.5_of_5Free
YIFY SubtitlesSubtitles in multiple languages for movies and TV Shows.Star_rating_5_of_5Free

Best Sites To Download English Subtitles

#1) OpenSubtitles

Best for Large database of the subtitle files in multiple languages.


OpenSubtitles boasts a huge database that harbors subtitles pertaining to countless films from around the world. Needless to say, you will find subtitles in many different languages for your film. The interface itself has been vastly improved, thereby replacing the clunky old version with a lighter responsive one.

The site also has a very intuitive and advanced search bar that allows you to search for subtitles with regards to title, date of release, and genre. Moreover, the site possesses ‘multi-search capabilities, which basically means you can search for multiple subtitles at once.

Although better, the UI is still populated with text in tiny font. This can be a problem if you have trouble with your vision. Plus, the site is plagued with adware, which may be annoying to some.


  • Advanced Search Bar
  • Large database of subtitles
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Chrome extension available

Verdict: OpenSubtitles may not have one of the best-looking UI’s when it comes to websites to download subtitles. However, you will find subtitles for a boatload of movies here without the hassle and in any language you desire.

Price: Free

Website: OpenSubtitles

#2) Podnapisi

Best for Finding the latest subtitles for movies and TV Series.


Contrary to OpenSubtitles, Podnapisi has a much more welcoming look to its interface. It is clear and comprehensive, with everything that you need clearly within reach. It is also a site that is constantly updated with new subtitles pertaining to the latest movie and TV-series releases.

You will find subtitles for the most recently released films and TV shows on the home page itself. If you want to look for some other title, then you can do so by employing the help of its advanced search bar.

You can easily find what you are looking for with the help of a comprehensive search filter that helps you search for a title on the basis of its release year, genre, or season number.

It is unfortunate then, that Podnapisi does not seem to shelter titles for most films or TV shows. Unlike its predecessor on this list, Podnapisi has a shorter gallery of subtitles for movies and TV shows.

However, the tool does have a very smart Global language filter, which lets you set your preferred subtitle language so that you only get results restricted to that language alone.


  • Advanced Search Bar
  • Clean UI
  • Global Language Filter

Verdict: Podnapisi is a good website to use when looking for a subtitle to a movie or TV show you desire. However, you may not find what you are looking for as the subtitle gallery here is considerably short and lacking in subtitle files for many popular titles.

Price: Free

Website: Podnapisi

#3) English Subtitles

Best for English Subtitles Download for Movies and TV Shows.

english subtitles

The first thing that really draws you in with this site is its fantastically sleek and modern UI design. Beyond that, it harbors a great online library of online English subtitle files. You will find subtitles for all kinds of international cinema and TV series here.

You are instantly greeted by some of the most recently released subtitle files to films and TV shows. Apart from having a sleek interface, the site also has a very minimalistic appeal. Finding subtitles to your favorite movies or TV series is phenomenally easy here because of its advanced search bar.

It is however a site that only has English subtitles. So people looking for subtitle files in any other language will be disappointed. On the other hand, you can find English subtitle files for all kinds of movies, both American and International.


  • Sleek UI
  • Large database of subtitles for movies and TV shows.
  • Advanced search bar

Verdict: English subtitles, as the name already suggests, is a great looking site to find English subtitles for all sorts of movies and TV shows online. The download process is also very simple. With one click, you will have your desired subtitle file downloaded on your device.

Price: Free

Website: English Subtitles

#4) Subscene

Best for Downloading and Submitting subtitles for TV series and Movies.


Subscene is one of those sites that allows you to participate in an online community that shares subtitle files to a plethora of new as well as old film and TV titles from across the world. As such, it is a great site to find subtitles to films that would otherwise be difficult to find.

The site contains a huge gallery of subtitle files in multiple global languages for many popular films and TV titles. You can personally post a request for a subtitle in any language, and for a movie you desire. You can also gauge a subtitle file’s quality by a slew of user reviews posted on the site itself.


  • Online community for downloading subtitle files for TV series and Movies.
  • Database of devices in multiple languages.
  • Advanced Search bar
  • Post reviews for subtitle files.

Verdict: The site requires you to register yourself to download and submit subtitle files on it. So if you have no issue with registering and participating in an online community of film fans like yourself, then this website is for you.

Price: Free

Website: Subscene

#5) YIFY Subtitles

Best for Subtitles in Multiple Languages for Movies and TV Series.

yify subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is perhaps one of the most popular websites for subtitles. It is also a site for subtitles to almost all known movies and TV shows in existence today. There will hardly be a title for which you won’t find a subtitle on YIFY subtitles. This alone is its biggest draw.

The website also has a very modern-looking interface, which is easier to navigate. The subtitle files are curated in an organized fashion, and you can easily find what you are looking for by using the search bar or filtering out the movie or TV show titles by genre, release date, and name.


  • Sleek and Modern UI
  • Subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Smart search filters

Verdict: YIFY subtitles is one of the best and widely used sites to download subtitles online. It is very easy to use and download subtitles from, as you will find subtitles to almost any old or new title here.

Price: Free

Website: YIFY Subtitles

#6) Addic7ed

Best for Viewing and Editing Subtitles for Movies and TV shows.


Addic7ed may not have the best UI due to its garish-looking site, however, it does have a large database of subtitle files for both movies and TV shows. You can immediately set your preferred language on the home page itself. On the basis of your preference, you will only be shown subtitle files in the language you wish to download.

Addic7ed also consists of a forum in which you can participate to discuss movies, and talk about the quality of subtitle files present on the site. The site has a quick search section if you want to quickly find any of the latest subtitle files released without having to type in your request in the normal search bar.

Perhaps the best part about this site is that it allows you to view the subtitle file before downloading it. You also get to edit it if you are a registered member of the site. With this, the site gives the power of correcting and updating the files in its database to many of its users.


  • View and Edit Subtitle files
  • Easy one-tap download
  • Subtitles available in multiple languages.
  • Forum for discussion

Verdict: Addic7ed provides its users with the rare ability to view and edit subtitle files to keep them fresh and updated. Adding to that, a simple search feature and an easy downloading system make this site worth checking out.

Price: Free

Website: Addic7ed

#7) Subtitle Seeker

Best for Downloading Subtitles in an SRT or Zip format.

Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker is graced with an interface that looks barren. However, if you just look beyond that, you will find a large gallery of subtitle files for both old and new content. A home page is a place where you will quickly find the latest released subtitles for the latest released movies or TV shows.

You can try looking for a subtitle of your desire by typing in the name of the movie or TV show you like. There are no filters here, that make the search process less convenient, and the actual downloading process is fairly simple.

You are faced with two options while downloading a subtitle file i.e. you can either choose to download files in SRT format or go for the Zip format.


  • Large Database of Movie and TV series subtitles.
  • Subtitle files contain all the info on the download page.
  • Choose between a Zip file or a SRT file.
  • Share link on social media.

Verdict: Subtitle Seeker is a great website to find English subtitles to your favorite movie and TV series. It is not as abundant in title options as the previous entries on this list. However, it is ideal if you are looking for subtitle files for the latest movie and TV series releases.

Price: Free

Website: Subtitle Seeker

#8) Downsub

Best for Downloading Subtitles from Online Streaming Content.

downsub - Movie Subtitles

Downsub is a different beast from all the other sites on this list in many ways. Whereas the other sites on this list provide you with an opportunity to download subtitles to your desired movie or TV series, Downsub works to extract subtitle files from content already streaming online.

You can download subtitles from content streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Brightcove, etc. in multiple formats. All you have to do is copy and paste the link of the content URL, whose subtitle files you want to extract, on the site’s text box.

After doing so, simply press the download button and choose the format in which you want the subtitle file to get downloaded.


  • Subtitle extractor
  • Download Subtitles in SRT, TXT, VTT formats.
  • Simple Copy Paste Mechanic

Verdict: Downsub is for those who want to extract subtitle files from the content already streaming on online content platforms. You can very easily download subtitles for a slew of supported sites, which includes the very prominent YouTube, Facebook, and many other popular content platforms.

Price: Free

Website: Downsub

#9) TVSubs.net

Best for TV Show Subtitles.

TVSubs.net - Movie Subtitles

If subtitles for TV shows are all you need then this site is for you. You will find subtitle files for all known TV shows here. Their subtitle library is quite remarkable. The site also has a great-looking interface, which is clean as well as sleek.

The home page greets you with recommendations for the most downloaded subtitle files on the site. Of course, you can simply move on to the search bar for the subtitle file you seek. You can also preset the language filter to get subtitle files only in the language you understand.

Moreover, if you are into creating subtitle files yourself, then you can register here to submit subtitle files of your own and play your part in keeping the site running.


  • Sleek and Clean UI
  • Language Filter
  • Large Database for TV show subtitle files.
  • Contribute subtitle files

Verdict: TVSubs is quite abundant in its offering of TV show subtitle files from old and new classics, in any language you desire. You can use the site to download subtitle file or submit your own created ones without a hassle.

Price: Free

Website: TVSubs.net

#10) Moviesubtitles.org

Best for Movie Subtitles only.

Moviesubtitles.org - Movie Subtitles

Now here is a website that is brimming with movie subtitle files for both old as well as new. You will hardly find a title this website does not have a subtitle for. It has a very simple user interface, which is easy to navigate.

You can easily find what you are looking for, by simply typing in the film’s name in the site’s intuitive search bar. The site has a huge library of subtitle files, available in multiple popular languages.


  • Subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Simple UI
  • Titles Categorized Alphabetically.

Verdict: If current facts are to be believed, then Moviesubtitles.org is home to subtitle files for over 20000 movies. We highly recommend this site, if you are looking for a subtitle file for any movie you may want to watch.

Price: Free

Website: Movie Subtitles.org

Other Subtitle Sites

#11) TV Subtitles.net

Best for Subtitles Download for TV series.

TV Subtitles feel like a replica of TVSubs.net, and that is a good thing. It has the same sleek and modern-looking interface to make the navigation smoother.

It is also brimming with subtitle files for both old and new TV shows, in multiple languages. You can easily download the subtitle you want with just one click.

Price: free

Website: TV Subtitles.net

#12) DIVX Subtitles

Best for Creating Subtitles

Not all titles available online have subtitles made for them. In such cases, you are left with two options. You can either submit a request for that particular subtitle file on a site or create one yourself.

DIVX subtitles is a phenomenal desktop application that allows you to create your own SRT files. We highly recommend this tool to those who like to engage in the creation of subtitle files rather than just downloading them.

Price: Free

Website: DIVX Subtitles

#13) iSubtitles.org

Best for Subtitles Download for International Movies.

Subtitles become more relevant when it is used to understand a movie whose language you cannot understand. On iSubtitles.org, you get subtitle files in English to a plethora of international titles pertaining to France, South Korea, and India, etc.

The site’s interface has a very basic look, and you can easily download the subtitle that you want by simply clicking on the download button.

Price: Free

Website: iSubtitles.org


Subtitles possess the incredible ability to introduce you to a whirlwind of unique and exciting pieces of cinema from all around the world. Film buffs from around the world can now relish in the entertainment of content from a culture, which is ultimately alien to them.

Some can argue that subtitles have made the world feel even smaller. Thanks to them, all artists can now earn fans for their art from all around the world and become instant global icons in the process.

All of the above sites harbor a colossal library of subtitle files that you can download to enjoy a film or TV show, no matter what language it is in.

As for our recommendation, if you are looking for a site that has a very smooth interface and harbors an exhaustive list of subtitles for movies & TV shows alike, and then look no further than YIFY Subtitles or OpenSubtitles.

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