Software Testing Questions and Answers (Part 1)

Today I am going to answer some reader’s questions. Actually, I am thinking to start a weekly column on “Software Testing Questions and Answers”. Usually, I get dozens of emails daily asking me on some Software Testing queries.

Instead of answering them privately I will put them collectively in posts so that many similar questions of other readers will also get addressed. You can submit your questions in comment sections of posts.

Before submitting a question I will strongly recommend you to search here on this site if your queries are answered previously.

qa on Software testing

So I will kick it with some questions in this post.

Shivika asks:
“I have been given the assignment to test a UI based application page. They want me to break the functionality in any way. The first page is Sign up a page containing fields like username password, email, URL address field and some checkbox selection options.

I have tried all the ways in which I can test the page. Can you also please suggest that what can be possible ways in which we can test the page?”

I will cover some major negative Test Cases to break the Sign Up page:

#1) See the limit of the username field. I mean the data type of this field in DB and the field size. Try adding more characters to this field than the field size limit. See how the application responds to this.

#2) Repeat above case for number fields. Insert number beyond the field storage capacity. This is typically a boundary test.

#3) For username field try adding numbers and special characters in various combinations. (Characters like !@#$%^&*()_+}{“:?><,./;'[]). If not allowed specific message should be displayed to the user.

#4) Try above special character combination for all the input fields on your sign up page having some validations. Like Email address field, URL field validations, etc.

#5) Many applications crash for the input field containing ‘ (single quote) and ” (double quote) examples field like: “Vijay's web”. Try it in all the input fields one by one.

#6) Try adding only numbers to input fields having validation to enter only characters and vice versa.

#7) If URL validation is there then see different rules for URL validation and add URLs not fitting to the rules to observe the system behavior

For Example, URLs like's!@#$%^&*()_+}{“:?><,./;'[]web_page
Also add URLs containing HTTP:// and https:// while inserting into URL input box.

#8 ) If the signup page is of some steps like step 1 step 2 etc. then try changing parameter values directly into the browser address bar. Many times URLs are formatted with some parameters to maintain proper user steps. Try altering all those parameters directly without doing anything actually on the sign-up page.

#9) Do some monkey testing manually or automating (i.e. Insert whatever comes in mind or random typing over the keyboard) you will come up with some observations.

#10) See if any page is showing JavaScript error either at the browser left a bottom corner or enable the browser settings to display popup message to any JavaScript error.

These are all the negative test cases. I assume that you already tested the same sign-up page with all valid cases to check application is working fine as per requirements.

If the above cases are not breaking the application page then don't forget to praise the developer ;-)

If you have some killer test cases to break such applications that you learned from your experience, you can specify them in comments below.

Jayant asks:

“Normally freshers pass out have a state of their mind as “We are freshers”, recently pass outs from college and expect that the companies to recruit them should consider the knowledge base they have and further should impact them training. In true terms what is meant by fresher for an industry?”

Good question. When I was fresher I was thinking on similar lines. But think from an employer point of view. The employer will think like “Why should we hire candidates having little knowledge base and experience? and need training first before assigning any work?

Well, fortunately not all employers think like this and that's why freshers are getting the jobs and training on the board. Thanks to the booming IT industry. Demand will continue for freshers having a good educational background and appropriate problem-solving skill.

The tremendous growth in a number of engineering colleges resulted in a significant increase in the number of graduates passing out each year. And the gap is also increasing between the skill of graduates and the expectations of the companies.

Now I will focus on what industry look specifically in fresh graduates? Typically it will include:

  • Problem-solving and Analytical skill
  • Technical skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skill
  • Leadership skill
  • Extra activities like foreign languages, organization skills, etc.

So it will be always better if you try to achieve any experience or skill before trying for any graduate jobs. You are one step ahead than those freshers having no experience at all.

This work experience typically includes:
#1) Internship
Internship work is done in any company during or after graduation. It may be free or paid internship

#2) Sandwich courses
In some courses, industrial training is included in the curriculum itself. It is typical of 6 months to 1 year in most of the universities. You can include this project training in your resume.

#3) Special skill achievements through classes or companies
Training taken from some institute or companies can be included in your work experience.

#4) Projects
Projects accomplished for commercial or research purpose. These are the paid or certification projects accomplished for companies during the graduation years.

All above-mentioned work will definitely count as an experience as you get an actual idea of the company, teamwork, and company working culture. Find out your skill areas and what you can offer to the employer before hunting for jobs.

Companies always look for all-rounded candidates who can effectively utilize their skill into projects from universities, experience, and extra activities.

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  1. HI
    Himadri here,trying for s/w testing jobs in Bangalore.My queries 1)When,how,why deferred status is given 2)Why CAPA is used 3)What.when RCA.What is validation testing,who,when and under this testing wat r the other testing.PLZ reply to my mail

  2. hello sir,

    please recomend me some good institutions in Pune so that i can join and i dont have any knowledge about the software Testing.

  3. Thank you for sharing excellent information. Your site is so cool. I’m impressed by the details that you have on this blog. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject. Bookmarked this website page, will come back for more articles.

  4. Hi All,
    I saw this website first time &its very intresting I have an experince in testing . if you know anyone about the opening in testing plz reply me
    thanks in advance……….

  5. Hi All,

    All the conversations here are very useful. I have a question:

    I am a QA(Manual) since 9 months.My package is 1.5lk pa
    There is an oppurtunity in my brothers company which is mobile testing on different OS used. The module is a stock product used in different OS of mobiles like blackberry,iphone etc.
    They need a Tester (Developer side Tester).
    He says i get a chance to write code in Jsp,Servlets and paid 3lk pa.
    But my sceniors here say its not useful as QA track is different and higher than Tester.

    Someone kindly suggest me if waiting in QA track for automation is better or Should i move to my brothers company?

    The project i work is being automated by next month. So i may get a chance in moving to automation and am planning my certification in HP(QTP)

  6. Hello
    I have complited BCA in 2005 but bcz of some personal reasons i am not working. But Now i would like to do sw testing course
    Can I?
    Is there scope in this industry that i get job instantly?

  7. HELLO,






  8. HELLO,






  9. consider a product has planned to do testing in 10 days and it should be released on the 11th day immediately?Due to some reasons product has got delayed in reaching to testing by 7 days. Now we have left with only 3 days . Now tell me is it possible to test the application and release the product within 3 days. If so how will u perform testing.

  10. hi nithya..,
    offcourse testing has an effective scope in industry…as long as devlopment s der…testing also ll be der…so no need 2 hesitate…go ahead wit yo thoughts immediately….
    All the best fa yo Future….

  11. Hi
    This is Srinivas my question is that ,My academic aggregates are not up to the mark . I have completed my graduation in Bsc with an aggrgate of below 50% and I have completed my MCA (2010) throw distance from Sikkim Manipal University with aggregate of 80%. But I have good knowledge of web designing and web development ( at present I am taking some Test tools classes for automation. I am looking my self as a test Eng . Is it possible to get a job as test eng in cmmi level 4 companies.
    At current I am working in a company COA Network as (web Dev).Pls Guide me

  12. Hi,
    I was a developer in .Net for 2 yrs and switched to testing(6 months) out of my own interest. I would like to switch company for testing domain.My acads are very gud and workin in a big company. Kindly mail me your suggestions…Can i get a job easily.?

  13. my name is chetan . plz help me out
    .iam pursuing in software engineering, my percentage is below 60% .i want to give istqb or qtp exam …so that will boost my resume during placements …iam confused between two exams
    ….iam not intersted in manual testing ….so which exam will help me


  14. Hi,
    I m recently working on selenium IDE basics…
    I want to access excel data into a Javascript file …this JS file wil be then acccessed in selenium…How to access the excel data into JS file??Please provide detail info as i dnt kno JS..

  15. tell answer plzz abt this problem why good man gets scolds why bad man gets happy

  16. Dear frns i am hunting for a job in testing field.i have sound knowledge in manual testing.plz give the sites or any references to apply the same.

  17. hi.. hav completed mca. since i don want 2 go for development m planning to learn software testing course so can anybody suggest any gud institutions in bangalor

  18. hi..i hav completed mca. since i don want 2 go for development m planning to learn software testing course so can anybody suggest any gud institutions in bangalor

  19. hi.. i hav completed mca recently. planning to join testing course but b4 joining wanted to kno the scope and job requirements abt this testing course… can nebody reply for this…..

  20. hi.. i have done and done with testing course.
    plzz add articles on SQL queries also. as it is a part of testing. and manu companies ask question on database too.

  21. Hello Sir !!!
    I am working as a junior tester from last 2 months. As I am a new comer in this field, I need your guidance.
    I want to know that how can I improve my Testing-Skills.
    I also want to know about the books which will also give good knowledge of Testing.

    Plz tell me.


  22. hi…very nice article…
    I am not getting any call for testing profile for fresher…
    for experience I can work without pay….so anybody can help me??

  23. Dear Sir/mam,
    I have completed DST(Diploma in software Testing course),,,3months ago,,,but still i am searching the job. And i have secured first class throughout my academic record. Please guide how should i proceed now to get a job…

  24. Any help in manual, and Selenium please post the questions i wii send answers ok.. by..

  25. Kindly Help me out as soon as possible…
    Q) Prepare BVA & ECP 4r below scenario login windw.
    i)user id -allow alphanumeric 4 to 16 character long.
    ii)password -allow alphabets 4 to 8 character long.

  26. I am working as a junior tester from last 1 months. As I am a new comer in this field, I need your guidance.
    I want to know that how can I improve my Testing-Skills.
    I also want to know about the books which will also give good knowledge of Testing.

    and i also did not understand this i came from telugu medium i can not understand that plz help me i can i learn and how can understood

  27. Hi,
    I have a small doubt. Please clarify.
    I’m doing manual testing on a web app. In the same website there are two different pages for logins, each of it having different purpose.
    For example, and I logged in to both the pages in the same browser, but different tabs or windows.
    Now, if i log out at one of the sites, the user at the other site also getting logged out, even though the login names are different.
    Is this the behavior of any other sites in general? Is it acceptable?

  28. Hi,
    I’m doing manual testing on a web application.
    I’ve a small doubt in that. Please clarify.
    If there are 2 pages in the same website, each page having a login form, which serve different purposes.
    If both pages are opened in same browser and logged in.
    On Logout at one of the pages, the user at other page also getting logged out even though the usernames are different.

    Is it behaving correctly?

  29. Hi Pravina,

    Give me some real time examples so that i can answer your question, since if you talk about abc site you are talking about particular website which allow only one user to login at once example yahoo, gmail, facebook untile unless you logout, you can’t try multiple logins in one website on one web browser and more ever it will not allow.


  30. Please let me know, how by using a testing technique, we will prepare Test Case for a Field accepting decimal numeric value e.g. “XXXXXXXX.XX”

  31. Is there any possible way to inject Xss in an android application which is developed in Android SDK. Its a kind of resume creating application which is having a lot of input fields.
    This application does not connect to web nor having any log in page.Please help me out.

  32. Help unable to do this question

    Test an application that accepts Subject Name, Book Code, Book Name, and Price of all Books available in the library having following constraints.
    •         There are only 4 Subjects namely Maths, Chemistry, Physics and History.
    •         The Book Code consists of first 2 characters of the subject name, and 3 digit serial no.
    •         Book Name consists of alphabets and special characters only. (maximum 50 characters)
    When the user clicks on the submit button, it should display the no of copies of books available for issue for each subject.

  33. Hi Vijay

    This is the 1st time I am visiting your blog, its very impressive. It is really nice of you to provide this online help :)

    I need some serious suggestions from you. I recently got placed in a highly reputed MNC and am working in application support for 1.5 months (trainee) and I find it very frustrating, specially the different shifts and the monotonous work (plus the office politics):( When I was in college I enjoyed testing and learning about it. I feel that I should do a job which I enjoy. I wanted to go into testing but my company offered me support job. Can you please suggest me what I need to do to switch to testing. They say I cant switch before 1 year. And things will change a lot in 1 year –
    -I will have a support job tag( we seriously dont work on any technology, just the tools)
    -As I couldnt work on any technology, what will I do?? The interviewer after 1 year will simply kick me out.
    -I am 2011 passed out, so applying in other mnc will not work. And I like my current company. I want to work here only, as a tester.

    Do I need to do any course? I am IBM RFT certified, other than that I know unit testing (I have done unit test case on my college project). I am not sure as how testing in corporate works. Please enlighten me on that and procedure to switch as soon as possible.

    Thanks a lot..

  34. hi,
    whenever i go for the interview all the final HR asking why you select testing….. what is the important thing in testing give me some valid reason…

  35. A motivating discussion is worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you should write more on this subject, it may not be a taboo subject but usually people do not talk about such issues. To the next! Many thanks!!

  36. 1. What is testing?
    2. What is software application testing?
    3. What is software product testing?
    4. Testing types?
    5. Black box testing?
    6. White box testing?
    7. Gray box testing?
    8. Blaxk box testing techniquest/methods?
    9. what is build?
    10. When to start testing?
    11. When to stop testing?
    12. Smoke testing?
    13. Sanity testing?
    14. Re – testing?
    15. Regression testing?
    16. Manual testing?
    17. Automation testing?
    18. Why automation?
    19. User Acceptance testing?
    20. Bug? Defect? Error? CR?
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    23. Severity?
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    79. Fields in test case?
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    Questions on QC and AUTOMATION TESTING
    Actually i am having the interview with 1.5 years of experience with in one week.So please mail me

  37. Howdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m
    going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something
    unique. P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I
    had to ask!

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