Software Testing Questions and Answers Part 2

This article is the part of the Software Testing Question and Answers series.

Here I will answer some reader’s questions asked to me in comments or using the contact form. If you have queries on Software Testing, Quality Assurance or career in testing then you can ask me these questions in the comment section below.

It's not possible to address each and every question in detail as I observed the questions are on vast topics, for which detail answers will itself require a new article. I will answer such questions in brief here and will also write detail articles separately if required.

Software Testing Questions and Answers

So let's get some questions answered

Naresh A. asks:

“My past experience was related to “Test Engineer”. Recently I am appointed as Test Lead in a product based company. Currently, there is no Pre-established testing process.  As a TL am meant to define a standard process for the entire testing flow and I will maintain certain documents for each product.

Can you help me out in establishing a process for testing, and make me know the entire responsibilities of TL and what documents I am supposed to prepare and maintain?”

As a Team Leader, you are responsible for project planning, scheduling, communicating your project status to your manager and most important task of assigning and monitoring the project work. Your main responsibility is to build a Team to achieve your project goals. You need to focus on handling the challenges in your project so that your team and project will grow and perform well.

As far as the standard testing process is considered, it depends on you – What procedure you want to establish? Yes, some people might blame me for this point but I prefer to establish my own processes that work for me.

I don't stick to those old process definitions that are written and managed in some '90s and most of which might not applicable nowadays.

The Test Lead is responsible for ensuring project plan changes are incorporated into the Test Plan. You might write a Test Plan and Test strategy (In some cases it might be written by a senior test team member or even by project Test Manager) Ensure the work is going according to this Test Plan. Identify the risks and try to mitigate them.

At the end of the project, the Testing Life Cycle ensures that all test objectives are accomplished and acceptance criteria are met.

More TL responsibilities include Test Case Review, Requirements Validation, Monitoring the execution of Manual and Automated test cases, Prepare test summary report and Communicate test status to seniors and prepare corresponding documents.

To know more on SQA processes read this article “SQA Processes- How to Test complete Application“. Hope from this answer you will get a good idea of testing processes and TL responsibilities.

Pavan Ankus asks:

“I am appearing for the QA positions in the US. I would kindly request you to mail me the suitable challenging situations in Manual Testing and also since I don’t have domain knowledge in Insurance, finance and other financial domain experience I am finding hard to explain to the interviewer as an experienced person.

In this regard, I need your suitable answer as to how to face the interviewer?”

In every testing interview, you will get this question: “Tell me any challenging situation you faced in your previous projects or Tell me any bug that you feel proud to find it?”

I think answers to these questions depend on your testing career. I know every one of you might have faced many challenging situations where exceptional thinking is required to solve such problems.

I will suggest to pick any such situation from your career and explain it in a better way. At least it should sound challenging ;-) This will help you to face further questions from interviewer depending on your answer.

The broad challenges in Manual Testing are: How to ensure complete test coverage? Testing without an automation tool is itself a big challenge.

You can also explain non-technical challenges in Manual Testing like managing the testing work in critical time (Link to testing under a time limit) i.e. completing testing before the deadline and even the worst case if the deadline itself is not feasible.

Explaining a challenging bug you found in your career can be also a good answer to this question. For example, the bug that was difficult to find or reprove or having a big impact on customer revenue, etc.

Pavan, you mentioned that you don't have knowledge in banking and finance domain then how you expect from yourself to give an answer to that? If you don't have experience in banking and finance domain then do not put this as a skill in your resume just for the sake of matching your profile with employer requirements.

If you really want to get into testing of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) domain then first study this Domain. Know the basic concepts in BFSI domain. See the resources I have listed on BFSI domain on our Resource page. Keep in mind you can answer in detail about any question if you have worked on that.

Mitch asks:

“What is the best way to go about getting a pay rise? Are reporting and graphing bugs found compared to another team member a good idea?

Comparing the bug count with other team or team member is a very bad idea to ask for a pay rise. If you are working for the organization for a long time then your employer knows your value and importance in the organization. There is no need to show how your bug count graph is higher than your counterparts.

So what is the best way to ask for a good salary raise?
At the time of your performance appraisal, you should be able to convince to your reviewer that how you worked hard for your organization, how you succeeded in managing difficult tasks and how you enhanced your skills to better match your current work profile. If you succeed in this negotiation then you will definitely get a good pay rise.

Other factors considered while giving you pay rise:
Your relevant skills, Complexity of application you are working on, problem-solving skill, total and relevant experience, education and certifications.
Ask your questions in below comment section.

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437 thoughts on “Software Testing Questions and Answers Part 2”

  1. Hi,

    Iam Planning to do ISTQB exam.Can anyone pls tell me where to get the the study material and examination pattern,centers etc.


  2. Hi friends,
    I am doing manual testing for one website. can u tell the functionality test procedure and how to develop the functional test report.. can u send any one model report and tell the procedure….

    Ur friend sundar

  3. Hi friends,
    I am doing manual testing for one website. can u tell the functionality test procedure and how to develop the functional test report.. can u send any one model report and tell the procedure….
    my email id :
    Ur friend sundar

  4. Hi,

    Currently working in IT Firm as vendor. In that firm my Designation is Integration and Quality Analysis. I am doing Final QA.

    It’s a E-Learning Firm. I want to move my “CAREER” in “Software Testing”.

    If possible, please give me proper advice.

    Waiting for your reply.

  5. Hi,
    Good Morning,
    I have complated course on s/w testing in manual and also have knowledge in QTP and win runner. Due to some financial crisis to manage I am working in a BPO company. I know we cant make a good career in BPO as I have done my BCA. So very musch worried about my career.
    Could you please suggest me how can I get a job in testing so that I can make my career light.

  6. hi friends,
    please suggest me that what is the test cases ….
    suppose i m sending a message to server from mobile and after that we get an acknowledgement from the server.

    with regards

  7. hi
    As i have completed one year as a QA eng. in my company
    but still they havent allocated me a testing project just i m doing R & D and self study of testing and they expect from me more even i know process very well but they remark me as weakest process knowladge so how can i improve my self please suggest me

  8. i am last year BCA student from chaudhary charan shing University,meerut and its a deemed university will i get job in testing industry after doing course in testing?And tell me IS bca is enough to began career in testing n to get a job in testing .i live in delhi .

  9. sir,
    i have just paassed out mca from bits mesra ranchi,(may 2009)
    and most of my friends are doing testing certification course , i am very interested to work on oracle.
    but now i have also taken admission in testing course
    sir actually i want to know that after mca what are the benifits in software testing for future reference . reply me as soon as possible…. because most of the testing employes are from bca (not in computer field)
    they cm in same level then what ll be the use of MCA in testing …. and what are growth in this field..
    niraj kumar (9990639167)delhi

  10. Hello sir, I m a BSc. graduate. Want to know about software testing. Can I make it as my career ?

  11. hi…,

    What are the Testing Methodologies?
    Actually i got different answers from the different people.
    Can you please tell me the exact answer.

  12. @ seetharam,

    BVT is same as Sanity not smoke.

    Sanity will be done by Testers.

    after getting build from Developers tester will have a Sanity test, to accept the build.

    in sanity test: mainly he concentrate on major functionalitys are working fine or not.

  13. Hey Chandan,
    No doubt for your qualification as such mentioned software testing as a career is a best option for you. But you should have to know basic knowledge of (oops,databases,o/s(unix/linux)).

  14. Hi Rahul,

    I read your block on Software Testing site. Can you please guide me how to learn QTP? What will be interview question criteria for 5 years software testing professional.

    Please reply me ASAP.

    Pradeep Malik
    Cont:- 9999029921

  15. Hello,

    i want some details about s/w testing oppurtunities.I have one year exp in s/w industry.Now i want to make s/w testing as my career.can i keep my previous exp while trying for testing jobs.How are the oppurtunities in S/w testing right now i am not working any where.Please help me out in this regard.

  16. Globalization:

    ensures the application can function in any culture/locale. The goal of globalization testing is to detect potential problems in application design that could inhibit globalization. It makes sure that the code can handle all international support without breaking functionality that would cause either data loss or display problems.

    service that are acceptable for a particular culture or locale that makes users to accept the adaptable software. For example MS OFFICE is used in many languages as a packagable software, as i use the software in english and others may use in Japanese or Hindi etc.

    Localization testing checks how well the build has been translated into a particular target language. This test is based on the results of globalized testing where the functional support for that particular locale has already been verified. If the product is not globalized enough to support a given language, you probably will not try to localize it into that language in the first place!

  17. I need to know answer of this question – what is Four categories of test cases?
    Can you please let me know asap?

    Thanks in advance.

  18. kavitha,
    its smoke testing not snoke testing.after build check whether our system/application ready for testing.bcoz some ,if we open some pages might be some fatal out displayed/source stopper.

  19. Hi sravani,

    we usually discuss with developers, Project managers about the project like what domain, project flow, how its suppose to behave etc.Once we get an idea we will start writing test cases by exploring our knowledge.

  20. #384 and #385,
    Hi Sravani,

    Madhura is correct.
    Generally, when we do not have any requirements, we just explore the given application and try to understand it.
    At the same time, we do raise our queries to the existing team members who are already working on the application (like Dev team, Manager, Business Analusts etc).

    Based on the answers we get, we try to document our understandings and from there we can prepare the test cases.

    This is what is called Adhoc testing or Exploratory testing.

    Hope this helps.


  21. could you please send me the installation document of bugzilla to my email address

  22. recently i have joined in a very small software company total strength of company is 8 i.e,7 developers only 1 tester myself iam a fresher i have tried many times failed to completly install bugzilla .please do guide me how to design the test cases by reviewing requirnments .

    please guide me how to design ui,negtive,functional test case from given below requirnments

    In home page there is a link to the different pages
    I. When business operator (assuming that he is an owner of hotel) clicks on hotels menu, he will enter in to the new page displayed like below and he can access below options:

    1. When business operator clicks on home menu, it goes to the home page.

    2. If business operator moves cursor on Insert menu, it shows sub menu like below
    a) If the business operator clicks on payments sub menu, it will show the page for add new payments, view and delete payments.

    b) If the business operator clicks on prices sub menu, new page will be displayed, there he can create and modify the prices.

    c) If the business operator clicks on rules sub menu, new page will be displayed there he can create and modify the rules.

    3. If the business operator clicks on Reservation menu, new page will be displayed, there he can create booking for client and modify bookings.

    iam waiting for the replay test cases for above requirnments

    please send me some sample requirenments and test cases to my email iam fresher and a starter please do guide me

    Best Regards
    Ravi Aruva

  23. Hi!!

    I’m Ajay,from Gandhinagar,i’m in software testing(Manual) profile last 1 Year & 3 Months.But still i have done my 2 projects,one is ERP system (web based) and second one website like Web TV.And currently i’m working in School ERP which is also web based Appl.So my question is how can i test ERP system from security testing,Functional Testing ,Process Flow?

  24. We are looking for fresh engineering graduates with the following eligibility to work out of our Bangalore facility:

    Ø Engineers – B.E/B.Tech with 70% and above

    Ø Graduation year of pass out – 2009

    Ø XII Std – 75%

    Ø X Std – 75%

    If you have any of your acquaintances who satisfy the above criteria, you may please ask them to apply through the following link:

    Shortlisted candidates will be called for a technical written test to be held in Bangalore, shortly.

    Please note that:

    Ø candidates not meeting any one of the above criteria will not be considered

    Ø applications directly sent to the recruitment / HR team at Bangalore / Chennai will not be considered

    Ø applications registered thro’ the above link will only be considered

    Ø the above link will be open only till EOD of 15 Dec 09 and applications received beyond 15 Dec 09 will not be considered.

  25. Dear Hiring Manager,

    I am, Meenakshisundharam.M, seeking a suitable position in Software Testing as Project Manager. I am an IT consultant with more than 10+ years of experience in Automated/manual Software Testing and I also have knowledge in using SDLC, TLC, Aglie, QTP, WinRunner, Silk test and LoadRunner.

    Relevant Experience : 10+ Yrs
    Reason for Leaving : Career growth
    Earliest Joining Date : Immediate
    Current Location : Chennai
    Education : M.C.A., M.C.P., HPCP., Pursuing PMI-PMP
    ePayment : Proof of Concept for PayPal
    Contact number : 09840957716
    Total Managed Team Size : 50
    Total Onsite exp. : 3 months – US
    Valid US visa : B1 (10 yrs multiple entry)

    I have attached my resume for your kind perusal and I request you to consider me for a suitable position in your esteemed organization.


  26. I want to ask some information. I am a fresher tester (manual- 5 months) i want to know any easiest bugtracking tool to use for testing which can be easily installed and operated

  27. Hi Friends.. Please dont ever join in STC third eye.. They are not paying salaries. Dont ever join in STC Technologies even for course they are taking huge amount telling that they will place you.. Dont believe them..

  28. Thats true Smitha.. STC Third Eye is a fake company where they are not providing salaries. Even if you get offer letter with some other companies from STCthird eye dont join. Because they are not paying salaries.

  29. Hi,

    I completed my in 2007.. Now i have 2 years exp as desktop support engineer.. Im not satisfied what im doing now..So i like to change my job now,can anyone suggest me what job can i try for.. bcoz basically im a engineering graduate and i have to stick to it,so plz guide me a proper way,, w

    warm regards,

  30. hi to all.

    I want to start my career in software testing. I have completed my PG in CS in 2009. I know the manual testing so is it necessary to join any course for software testing to get the job though I have the knowledge of manual testing.please help me.

  31. Hi Mangesh,

    No need to join any software testing institute, If you are confident that you have knowledge of Manual testing.
    For Freshers, usually company dont expect much.
    Just surf in google and learn all the methodologies and testing concepts.
    If you do or study ISTQB certification materials its an added advantage

  32. can i know the advantage and disadvantage of
    ->selenium and appperfect(for functional testing)
    Need to test wed based applications whose code is written in java
    and can i know which one is best

  33. Hi,i’ve 0 yr exp in qual. is B.E.(IT)/2005.i want 2 work in s/w testing.sal 10,000/- is ok. if any 1 have any opening plz send me mail to my id….

    Thank u

  34. hi,i completed B.E. in IT in d yr 2005.For some family problem i did data entry work for 3 i left the i’ve no job.i did the software testing course before 6 months.i want a job in manual testing .some one plz help me.i’m staying at bangalore.i’m willing to work within less sal around 10K.-15 K.some1 hv any opening plz help mail id is— .

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