How to Implement Efficient Test Automation in the Agile World


Automation in Agile is very critical.

Think about the many features that are added and delivered to every Sprint.  There has to be a way to make sure that the newly added feature is not impacting the existing functionality.

Due to the low Sprint duration, it is practically impossible to execute the entire suit every time the product is incremented at the Sprint ends.  Having an automated test suit would definitely play a bigger role here.

However, introducing and maturing into automation would definitely take some time. Doing an initial investment in planning and designing the automation activity would definitely pay off in the long run.

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Getting Started with FitNesse – a Collaboration Tool for Testers and Developers

Getting Started with FitNesse

Now the world is moving to Agile. Early and continuous feedback is imperial for any scrum team. Because the world is changing, the mindset of testers also needs to be changed.

Instead of “finding bugs, breaking software, measuring requirement”, testers are now thinking of “delivering the quality, right at first time, test without the UI or test even before the UI is available”.

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Automated Regression Testing: Challenges, Process And Steps

Automated Regression Testing

This tutorial explains the Challenges of Automated Regression Testing. We will also learn about the Process and Steps to Automate Regression Testing:

We will explore how to automate the regression test cases starting from identifying them, selecting a tool to do the automation, doing cost, time & effort analysis, writing scripts and finally delivering it to the manual test team so that they can execute the test cases from anywhere anytime.

If you are wondering why only the regression test suite, its just that the regression test suite is the prime candidate for automation as it is a set of test cases which are repetitive and time taking. Thus, automating them would indeed save you lots of resources and it would be less time-consuming too.

You will get quick reports on the regression test cases and you can use these steps to automate any other test suites too.

=> Click Here For The Complete Regression Testing Series

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5 Steps to Transition from Manual to Automation Testing

Transition From Manual To Automation Testing

From designing a strategy to picking the right solutions, here are 5 steps to help you transition from manual to automation testing successfully:

Automated tests can minimize regression bugs and overcome lots of manual testing challenges, enabling teams to deliver more qualified applications. That’s why many teams are making the jump from manual to automated testing. However, transitioning is not an easy task that can happen overnight.

From designing a strategy, and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skillsets, to picking the right testing tools, this blog explains everything your team needs to prepare for a successful transition from manual testing to test automation.

Let us begin!!

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Browser Automation Testing For Start-ups And Small-sized Teams

Browser Automation Testing for Start-ups and Small-sized Teams

Can start-ups and small-sized teams start browser automation testing or any other test automation? Read this tutorial to find out:

Test automation takes away the manual effort in testing activities, helping testers achieve more test coverage with less stress. However, getting started with browser automation might not come out easy at all, especially for small teams and start-ups. The question is – can those teams start testing regardless of their limited resources, knowledge, and experience?

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Katalon Recorder: A Trusted Alternative to Selenium IDE

Katalon Recorder - a Trusted Alternative to Selenium IDE_Quick time-to-value and Easy Test Management

Read this hands-on Katalon Recorder review to understand important features like Quick Time-to-Value and Easy Test Management and then opt for Katalon Recorder over Selenium IDE for an increase in productivity:

The software has shifted from process enablers to strategic differentiators. Along with this shift there is an ever-increasing demand for software to be released faster. But the software is complex. Therefore, the speed of development is positively associated with the risks of software defects. Software defects affect shareholder values, which translate into undesirable business risks.

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