Script Recording – Load Testing with LoadRunner Tutorial #4

VUGen Script Recording

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Vugen Script Recording Tutorial Summary

This tutorial provides details of Vugen script recording.

  • Protocol is the pre-requisite of script creation.
  • Protocol Advisor is used to find the protocol that the application is using.
  • Protocol Advisor is beneficial to performance testers by making the process of script creation faster and more focused. The tutorial covers how to use Protocol Advisor to find the protocol and jump to the scripting from there.
  • We also discussed transaction and its significance, functions used to create a transaction and how to capture response time of a request through them.
  • Transactions are created to capture request of each action going to the server during script recording.
  • A verification point in the form of text check is inserted before closing the transaction to confirm that the server is responding with the correct response. In case response is not as expected, the text check will fail, and that will fail the transaction also.
  • The sample application that comes along with Vugen is used for demoing – Protocol Advisor and script recording through Vugen.
  • For scripting modular approach is taken as it gives more control over the script.
  • During recording elements of the floating recording toolbar is discussed and used while recording.

After going through this tutorial, viewers will be able to have an exact idea what is required to start recording a script and how that can be achieved.

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