VUGen Recording Options part I – Load Testing with LoadRunner Tutorial #2

VUGen Recording Options part I

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Vugen Recording Options – Part I Tutorial Summary

This tutorial covers the Vugen Recording Options. Apart from this, it also covers:

  • Script Section
  • New Virtual User dialog
  • Start Recording dialog

In Script Section, we discussed three sections of the script (vuser_init, Action, vuser_end) and running sequence.

On New Virtual User Dialog, we try to touch base with all the fields and their importance so that while selecting the protocol for scripting, user should know its significance. This is the first step for script creation. VuGen provides option to create Single Protocol and Multiple Protocol script.

On Start Recording Dialog, we discussed the fields with their valid input data. This is second step for script creation. From this dialog type of application, browser, URL, working directory, and “Record into Action” options are selected.

In Recording Option, we covered the following topics in detail:

  1. Scripts
  2. Protocol
  3. Recording
  4. Port Mapping
  5. Advanced Settings
  6. Correlation
  7. Code Generation

Script – This provides option to select the scripting language along with few settings related to the script. For Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol, the scripting language is C.

Protocol – This displays the protocol that we selected on New Virtual User Dialog box.

In the part-1, we have seen script sections and different dialogs.  For Recording options, we have seen how to select scripting language and confirm the protocol that is going to be used while scripting.

We will see the remaining Recording options in part II.

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