VUGen Runtime Settings – Load Testing with LoadRunner Tutorial #5

VUGen Runtime Settings

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VuGen Runtime Settings Tutorial Summary

#1. Vugen runtime setting – allows Vugen with different settings which works on script execution.

#2. These helps testers in many ways:

  • To emulate real user.
  • Allow to get detailed information for the virtual user.
  • Retrieve Performance stats for the graph.
  • Automatic transaction
  • Error handling

#3. Run Logic – using this the performance tester can play around with the sequence of running actions.

#4. Run Logic also has the option to have Block for looping and Properties which allow running the actins sequentially or randomly.

#5. Using pacing, script can be allowed to wait between the iteration.

#6. Log stores record of user activities. The tester has good control when and what to store. The tester can instruct Vugen how much information to store and situation when logging starts.

#7. Think Time helps in adding wait time in the script for the user`s wait time between the action on application. It helps the tester to get real actions from a virtual user.

#8. Using Additional Attributes, the tester can add a parameter to the script and has the flexibility to change the value for that through run time settings. These parameters are same as declared parameter within the script.

#9. Using miscellaneous options, the tester can configure settings related to Error Handling, Multithreading and Automatic Transaction.

#10. Configuration related to bandwidth can be done through Speed Simulation. Bandwidth can be either maximum or with limitations.

#11. Browser selection can be done through Browser Emulation. There are few setting of the browser which can affect the Performance of an application.

#12. Vugen also provides flexibility to use Proxy setting. Through the Proxy setting, custom proxy server can be set.

#13. Preference deals with the checkpoint, Performance graph and advanced setting.

#14. Using Download filter, unwanted request coming from any server or with a url can be blocked.

#15. Content Check is helpful in finding know errors anywhere in the script while execution.

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