Introduction to HP LoadRunner – Load Testing with LoadRunner Tutorial #1

Introduction to HP LoadRunner

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Performance Testing with LoadRunner Tutorial Summary

This is the first Performance testing introduction tutorial. By explaining Manual Performance Testing, we explained why it is difficult to do that. Discussed more on need of Automated Performance Testing.

The basic flow of Automated Performance Testing is explained below. This process is followed by almost all tools.

We are using HP LoadRunner load testing tool as it is widely used most powerful tool. For better understanding, we’ve explained how LoadRunner works with practical examples.

Following basic terminologies that are used in Performance testing are discussed in detail:

  • Business Process
  • Action, Scenario
  • Transaction
  • Virtual User (Vuser)
  • Rendezvous point
  • Check point.

It is important to know these as we will be using these most commonly.

Major components of LoadRunner

  • Vugen
  • Controller
  • Load Generator
  • Analysis

For performance testing, we are going to use these components.

Finally, we discussed the process that we need to follow for successful performance testing. This includes end to end performance testing.

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