Test Result Analysis and Reports – Load Testing with LoadRunner

Test Result Analysis and Reports in LoadRunner

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LoadRunner Results Analysis Tutorial Summary

#1. Analysis is the utility to analyses the LoadRunner results.
#2. LoadRunner results are saved in .lrr file and can be viewed using Analysis.
#3. Analysis gathers the result information from scenario results (lrr file) and stores the information in form of .lra file.
#4. LoadRunner result has “Log” folder which contains Vuser logs and saves snapshots on error.
#5. Analysis generates Analysis Summary for the test which gives good idea about the test.
#6. Analysis generates graphs from the data collected during the test execution.
#7. Few of the graphs which are important for analysis of the results are Running Vusers, Hit per second, Throughput, Transaction Summary, Average Transaction Response Time, Error per second, etc.
#8. Analysis provides the raw data from which graphs are created.
#9. The granularity of graph should be such that it has maximized readability along with accurately represent important events.
#10. Analysis also provides facility to compare the results for the test.
#11. Analysis has good reporting mechanism which is helpful in sharing the test results.
#12. In Analysis, customized templates can be created to generate the same report for other test results.
#13. LoadRunner provides many formats to save the report.

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