How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps: Quick Simple Steps

Here you will learn the easy steps about how to Drop a Pin in Google Maps for Android / iOS devices and desktops:

Google Maps is no doubt a huge discovery. It is one of the most popular mobile applications in the world and is offered by Google, whose name itself says a lot about the products associated with it.

It is a platform that lets you find the routes to your desired locations. You just need an internet connection and enter the location where you want to reach.

Google Maps will automatically trace where you are, will tell you the approximate time needed to reach your location, will inform you about delays in reaching your goal because of heavy traffic congestion in your route, and also lets you save the frequently visited locations so that you can just select your destination and Google Maps starts telling you the route.

Drop a Pin in Google Maps

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps

The imagery used on Google Maps is updated regularly to give you the best results. Apart from finding a route to your desired location, it also allows you to have a 3-dimensional satellite view of a location.

You can also ‘Contribute’ to Google Maps, by adding a place to the map, editing the map, writing a review about a location (for example, how is the route to the location, etc.), and adding photos for a location.

Google Maps Facts:

  • Developed by Lars and Jens Rasmussen as a C++ program.
  • Acquired by Google Inc., in October 2004.
  • Launched on 8th February 2005 as Google Maps.
  • Owned by Google.
  • 154.4 Million monthly users.
  • Used by 5 million Live websites.
  • Available for free for limited use (They give you free usage worth $200 of credits). After that, you will have to pay $5 for 1000 requests.
  • Uses 5 MB per hour data.
  • Android Rating- 4.3/5 stars (14 Million Ratings)
  • iOS Rating- 4.7/5 stars (4.2 Million Ratings)


These include:

  • You can search for nearby Gas Stations, Restaurants, Hotels, Grocery shops, Hospitals, ATMs, and more.
  • You can save (or pin) a location.
  • You can download a map for offline use.
  • Lets you search for multiple routes to a location from anywhere in the world.
  • You can share your location with anyone so that they can track where you are.
  • Extremely useful for a number of commercial purposes.
  • Integration with many platforms.

Google Maps has one great benefit. It lets you find remote locations on the map and drop a pin so that you can easily find directions to that location anytime, from anywhere, just by selecting the previously pinned location.

Even if the exact area or address can not be found, you can zoom in on the map and to find the exact location and pin it for later use.

Pin dropping for a location is also useful for those who frequently need to search for a route to a specific location. They can just select the desired location from the pinned locations on Google Maps and start getting directions.

Apart from this, you can also send the pin location to your contacts, through an email, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It also asks you to download a route for offline use.

How to Pin a Location in Google Maps

Android Devices

You can pin any number of locations on Google Maps so that you can just select the desired pinned location from the ‘Go’ list and get the fastest route to that location, based on the traffic conditions. With the map of the fastest route to the desired location, you also get an idea about how much time it would take to reach the location.

You can also make a list of your favorite locations or any custom folders with locations of your choice. If you want to go to any of these locations from the list, you just need to click on the one from the list and start getting directions.

In order to drop a pin, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Maps application on your Android device.

open application

  • Type the address that you want to pin in the ‘Search here’ box.


  • Zoom in until you find the exact location for pin dropping.
  • Long press on the location until you see ‘Dropped pin’ written on the bottom of the page.

dropped pin

  • Now you can click on ‘Directions’ or ‘Start’, to get the route to this location, or click on ‘Save’ and get the location saved to any of your custom folders, or ‘Share’ the location with any of your contacts.
  • Once you have dropped the pin, you can save the location by clicking on the ‘Save’ option, and get it saved in any of the default folders or a new folder. You can also add notes about this location while saving.
  • Now this location is pinned and saved and can be used anytime.

Add a Name/Label to a pin

When you have dropped the pin, you get the option to ‘Label’ the pin. It lets you save the pin drop location with a label of your choice. For example, you can drop a pin and name the location ‘Home’, or ‘Office’, etc.

The option ‘Label’ can be seen at the bottom right corner when you drop a pin. You can select the option to label and name the location with any name.

iOS Devices

Google Maps works exactly the same way in iOS devices as it works in Android devices. You can see that in the images below:


Suppose you want to drop a pin on a location near the Statue of Liberty, you search for it in the search bar, zoom in on the location and drop a pin on Google Maps by long pressing on the exact location.

drop a pin on a location

As you can see in the image, the pin dropping of the desired location is done. You can click on Directions, to get directions for your desired location.

If you wish to save the pin drop location for later use, click on the ‘Save’ option and get the location saved on any of your location lists.

save to list

On Desktop

The Home Page of Google Maps looks more or less the same on a desktop, as it looks on a mobile device, as you can see in the image below:

google maps desktop

It lets you search for nearby grocery shops, restaurants, hospitals, and much more, with easy steps.

When you wish to drop a pin on a location on your desktop, find the exact location on the map by zooming in the map. You can zoom in/out of the map using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ signs.

zoom exact location

When you have zoomed in and found the exact location, left-click on the exact point of the location where you wish to drop a pin. Then you see a box appear at the bottom of the page. The box will contain information about the location (as shown in the picture below).


Now click on the box and you will see several options will appear on the left-hand side of the page.

From here you can find directions to the pin, save it, find nearby locations, send location to your phone, copy link to the address, share the location through Twitter and Facebook, report some problem at the place, add a missing place on the location, add your business on the location and add a label to the pin-drop location, to save it with your desired name.


You have dropped a pin on the exact location you wanted. Now, to Save the location, click on the ‘Save’ option, then choose the folder you want to save the location in (or create a new list to save the new pin drop location).

save the location

If you wish to send the location to your phone, click on the ‘Send to your Phone’ option and you see a box will appear, asking you to choose from different options on how to send you the location.

The options will include your mobile device’s name, your email ID, and your phone number (if you want the location being sent to you on your phone number as text). You can choose the desired option from here and get the location sent to your phone.

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How to Send a Pin Location

Google Maps is an extremely easy-to-use application. With the help of this highly beneficial platform, you can drop a pin on a location and then share it with your friends within seconds, with simple steps.

This feature can be of great use when you have organized an event at a place and you need your friends to reach the exact location, without having to face any trouble, or when a delivery agent has to deliver a parcel, but the given address can not be traced, so the customer can just share the location with the help of a dropped pin on Google Maps.

In order to send the dropped pin location to a contact, follow these steps:

When you drop a pin on any location on Google Maps, you will see the option to ‘share’ at the bottom of your screen, on the right-hand side of the saving option.

You can now share the pin with your contacts, through an email, through WhatsApp, through copy-pasting the location, and many more other options.

You can also drop a pin and share the route for the pin drop location with your friends. The route can be shared as a map on Google Maps itself, or in the form of written directions.

To share the route of a pin drop location, follow these steps:

  • Once you have dropped the pin, click on the ‘Directions’ option, right at the bottom of the page.


  • Now when you search for the route for this pin from any location, you can get the option of sharing the directions, if you click on the 3 dots located at the upper-right corner of your page.

share the direction

  • From here, you can share directions to any of your contacts through email, WhatsApp, and more.

share to contacts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do I pin my location on my iPhone?

Answer: You can easily pin your location on Google Maps if you are using an iPhone.

Open Google Maps on your device, type your address in the ‘Search Here’ box, zoom in on the map to find the exact location to drop a pin. Once you get the location, long press on the exact point till you see ‘Dropped pin’ written in the bottom left corner of your mobile.

Click on ‘Label’ to save the location by the name you want, then click on ‘Save’ and get the location saved in any of the folders for saving locations. This Google Maps pin location can be accessed any time whenever you open Google Maps and click on ‘Saved’ locations.

Q #2) How do I share my pin location?

Answer: If you are using an Android or an iOS mobile device and you want to share your pin location, follow these steps:

  • The moment you drop a pin on a location by pressing the exact location on the map for some seconds, you can see the option to ‘Share’ your location located in the bottom-right corner of your mobile page.
  • Once you click on the share, you will see several options to share your pin drop location.

Q #3) How do I send my location to someone?

Answer: If you want to send your exact location to someone, you can drop a pin on Google Maps and then share your location through various modes.

If you are wondering how to drop a pin in Google Maps, follow these steps:

Open Google Maps -> Type your current location in the ‘Search here’ box -> Zoom in the map till to find the exact location to pin -> press and hold your finger at the exact point until you see ‘Dropped pin’ written at the bottom -> Click on ‘Share’ to send you a location to someone.

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Q #4) How do I send my location via SMS?

Answer: Google Maps lets you send your exact location via SMS. Just open the Google Maps application on your device, find your exact location, drop a pin by pressing the exact location for some seconds until you see ‘Dropped pin’ written at the bottom. Now you will also see the option to share your location. From here, you can send your location via SMS.

Q #5) How do I label a pin on Google Maps?

Answer: Once you have dropped a pin on Google Maps, you will see the option to ‘Label’ the address, at the bottom-right corner of the page. From here, you can label the address with any name you want.


A detailed study about Google Maps clearly states how useful it is for a common man, as well as a business enterprise.

Our day-to-day task of finding a location is almost sorted out with the help of this immensely useful platform.

You can easily drop a pin on a location in Google Maps and share it with anyone you want. This way, the other person can get the route to the exact location you are at. Or, you can pin a location, so that you can easily find its route from anywhere, anytime in the future. Plus, you can save the pinned location with the name you want.

Another big plus point is that this application can be used with the help of a desktop as well as a mobile device. It is a product of Google, which ultimately makes it an authentic application to opt for.