12 Best PC Benchmark Software in 2023 [Top Selective]

Here we will review the top PC Benchmark Software and compare their features to find the best PC benchmarking software:

PC Benchmark Software is an application that can measure the desktop’s productivity and helps with diagnosing issues related to hardware components.

You may run a PC benchmark software to just compare your hardware with the others. It also tests that the new equipment is proceeding as promoted and whether a piece of hardware upholds a specific measure of workload.

A PC benchmarking software will eventually help you get the speed, performance, and efficiency of the CPU chipset. Also, it will monitor the hardware parts like GPU cycle, RAM, processor, etc.

All you need is to ensure that all the different segments are working as they should be, and this is where you need the best benchmarking application.

Popular PC Benchmark Software Review


Benchmarking the network helps you to check the accessible data transfer capacity. This will let you ensure that you’re getting the web speeds your ISP has guaranteed. It’s generally basic to benchmark PC equipment like a CPU, memory (RAM), or a video card.

When you are owning an absolute gaming computer, you will look for viable parts, like a PC Part Picker. Before buying any product, you might search various sites for a cost-effective product that would have an overall check on your computer.

Market Trends: According to UL.com, benchmarking should be done for all the devices that are under test and under the same conditions. The same study says that if the benchmark is run on a consistently performing system in a well-controlled environment, then the score will be in the range of 3%.

The below image shows the recommended and the expert process for benchmarking the PC:

expert process for benchmarking

Expert Advice: While performing the PC Benchmarking, no background processes should be running. This will give you a reliable as well as a great benchmark score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is PC Benchmark?

Answer: A benchmark is a test used to look at the execution of various things, either against one another or against an acknowledged norm. In the PC world, benchmarks are regularly used to analyze the rates or exhibitions of equipment parts, software programs, and even internet connections.

Q #2) What is the best PC benchmarking software?

Answer: The PC benchmarking tools permit you to survey whether your system runs ineffectively or has better than average execution. Indeed, a decent application can enlighten you regarding the position just as the performance level of your system.

The vast majority of the benchmark software permits designing the equipment changes through it with no issue. Through such an application, you can undoubtedly change the equipment to have a major effect from various perspectives.

In this guide, we have enlisted are the absolute best benchmarking programming for PCs. You can utilize these system performance testing devices to find out about your system just as to change system execution.

Q #3) Is it safe to use the free PC benchmark software?

Answer: It is indeed safe to use the free version. A 100% free best PC benchmark software is CPU-Z.

Q #4) How to benchmark my PC?

Answer: Use the best PC benchmark software like the devices above to benchmark your PC. They show on-screen guidelines. Close any open programs, select the kind of test you need to perform, and don’t do anything on your PC until the tests are over so you will not slant the results.

Q #5) How would I check my PC benchmarks?

Answer: Click on the Overall Score, which benchmarks your CPU, GPU, memory data transfer capacity, and file system execution. To start benchmarking, click OK at the lower part of the windows. After the benchmark is finished, you’ll see the charts that compare the outcomes and reference PCs.

Q #6) What is a decent benchmark score for a PC?

Answer: For general PC use for basic tasks, we suggest a PCMark 10 fundamentals score of 4100 or higher.

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List of the Best PC Benchmark Software

Here are some impressive PC benchmarking software:

  1. PassMark PerformanceTest
  2. Novabench
  3. 3DMark
  4. HWMonitor
  5. UserBenchmark
  6. CPU-Z
  7. SiSoftware
  8. Geekbench
  9. PCMark 10
  10. Cinebench
  11. Speccy
  12. Fraps

Comparison Table of PC Benchmarking Software

Tool NameAbout ToolPlatformPriceFree Trial
PassMarkPC Benchmark SoftwareWindows 10, Windows 7, and Windows XP$29No
NovabenchFree Computer Benchmark SoftwareWindows$19 for the Pro version, and $49 for commercial useNo
3D MarkGaming BenchmarkWindows, Android, Apple iOS$30Yes
HW MonitorHardware Monitoring SolutionWindows PCs onlyThere is a paid version for $40.57Yes
User Benchmark A solution to speed test your PCWindows, Apple iOS.FreeYes

Detailed review:

#1) PassMark PerformanceTest

Best for testing the ability of the video card for carrying out 2D graphics operations.


PassMark PerformanceTest is a software program that empowers clients to benchmark their desktop CPU, 2D and 3D designs, hard disk, RAM, and more. It’s viable with Windows 10 and older, including Windows 7 and Windows XP.

PassMark PerformanceTest’s functionality of the 3D rotating motherboard model gives you an outline of your system segments. You can tap into every segment for additional insights regarding it.


  • PassMark PerformanceTest provides the facility of comparing the PC with millions of computers worldwide.
  • PerformanceTest gives the overall ratings after running the test.
  • The product has 32 standard benchmarks. It accompanies eight further windows through which you can set up custom benchmarks.

Verdict: PassMark PerformanceTest gives world figures to every benchmark, which makes for a fascinating comparison with your component score. In contrast to other tools, PassMark just runs benchmark tests for desktops.

Price: The price for purchasing the software is $29 for a single user. For any upgrades, the cost is $17.40. And for any extended support (provided you have an existing license) the cost is $13.50. Volume licenses price starts at $29 and site license price starts at $1740.

Website: PassMark PerformanceTest

#2) Novabench

Best for testing the computer’s processor, memory, hard drive, and video card performance.


Novabench is free for non-commercial use. It supports Windows systems to test the system’s processor, RAM, plate, and video card execution. The program is offered as an 80 Megabyte file you need to install on the objective system.

You get alternatives to run all tests on the double, or just explicit tests by choosing them from the tests menu at the top. The benchmark run time is short. It requires about a moment to run all tests.


  • Displays general information about the tested system apart from scores.
  • It saves all the results that can be accessed later from the Saved benchmark link.
  • It can compare the computer’s performance with the other computer’s performance score by Novabench.
  • It can perform CPU tests, GPU tests, RAM tests, and Desk tests.

Verdict: Novabench is a simple-to-utilize benchmark software for Windows. It is adequate for some use cases, yet not for others.

Price: The price is $19 for personal use (Pro version) and $49 for commercial use.

Website: Novabench

#3) 3DMark

Best for gaming PC benchmark suite that is handy for every gamer.


3DMark has got the entirety that you might require to benchmark your PC or mobile devices. It takes the benchmarks specifically designed as per your hardware, whether you are using your phone or computer. It compares the results with other systems having the same pair as CPU and GPU.


  • Wide scope of gaming benchmarks.
  • Stress testing for overclockers.
  • It can provide information on how your PC looks at other gaming rigs.

Verdict: These benchmarks will be valuable for anybody investigating overclocking their tool. In addition to this, 3DMark enables you to stretch test the steadiness of your overclocks.

Price: 3DMark offers a free demo. It is available for $30, but the current discounted rate is $4.50.

Website: 3DMark

#4) HWMonitor

Best for a free hardware monitoring solution.


HWMonitor brands itself as a hardware monitoring arrangement instead of a benchmarking application. It is the most utilized tool among gamers. The product includes a basic interface that plainly shows your PC’s voltage, power utilization, temperature, clock velocities, and fan speeds.


  • Straightforward and lightweight.
  • Ongoing updates of features.
  • It records the CPU and GPU temperature.

Verdict: HWMonitor can assist you with diagnosing the issue by recording your CPU and GPU temperatures under various settings and differing levels of load.

Price: HWMonitor is available for free. Also, there is an upgraded paid version for $40.57.

Website: HWMonitor

#5) UserBenchmark

Best for an all-in-one benchmarking tool.


UserBenchmark offers a free across-the-board suite that can be utilized to benchmark your CPU, GPU, SSD, HDD, RAM, and even USB to help you pick the best equipment for your requirements. UserBenchmark can find the strongest components in your PC.


  • UserBenchmark’s RAM tests are with single/multi-core bandwidth & latency.
  • It provides the reports and makes them available on userbenchmark.com.
  • It provides the facility of comparing your components with the current market leaders.

Verdict: There are many conversions including this product. It is a lightweight tool to benchmark GPU. It is best to measure GPUs’ capacity to deliver frames and evaluate beyond your CPU and GPU.

Price: UserBenchmark is available for free.

Website: UserBenchmark

#6) CPU-Z

Best for monitoring PC performances.


CPU-Z is an extraordinary option for people who need to overlock their GPU. The application doesn’t come packaged with overclocking highlights, but it can assist you with making a report with your system’s hardware details.

You can use this capability with an overclocking utility like HWMonitor. It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or even older (either 32-bit or 64-bit) platforms.


  • Extensive hardware specifications.
  • Save reports offline to use later.
  • Run CPU benchmarks and stress tests.

Verdict: CPU-Z is considered as secured and safe benchmarking software and is often utilized by numerous techtubers. Simply ensure you download from the official website or just top sites to avoid any risks.

Price: It is a 100% free tool.

Website: CPU-Z

#7) SiSoftware

Best for providing a comprehensive overview of your system’s specifications with its hardware module.


SiSoft Sandra Lite isn’t the easiest benchmarking tool, yet it packs a great deal in. Besides its benchmarking alternatives, this product likewise gives a complete outline of your system’s particulars with its hardware module. The product will give a score to the segment and show you the alternate hardware benchmark score charts for the sake of examination.


  • Have a streamlined and intuitive UI.
  • Components are broken into the category.
  • It uses a graphic processor, RAM, CPU, virtual machines, CPU, etc.

Verdict: Sandra Lite can likewise give more broad evaluations to PCs or desktops rather than just selected parts. The best thing about Sandra Lite is its diverse scope of benchmarks for clients to look over.

Price: The price of the personal version is $49.99.

Website: SiSoftware

#8) Geekbench

A best PC benchmark tool for Windows.


Geekbench can be used for almost all the platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. It addresses the benchmark test to the new challenges faced when using the latest applications, such as machine learning, AI, etc.

It focuses on the memory of existing workloads to specifically account for the performance of the CPU. The multi-threading model helps in monitoring the performances of multi-threaded applications.


  • Cross-platform examinations.
  • Offers performance tests (AR).
  • Commercial use requires a separate license.

Verdict: Geekbench Pro is an expert evaluation solution that offers you to use the product efficiently. This cross-platform tool is easy to use and will measure the system’s performance with a click of a button.

Price: The price for Geekbench is $9.99 (for Windows, macOS, or Linux). There is a provision to buy a license for $14.99 to run the software on any of the platforms.

Website URL: Geekbench

#9) PCMark 10

Best as the most realistic benchmarking tool.


PCMark 10 highlights a thorough arrangement of tests that cover the wide assortment of tasks acted in the modern workplace. With a scope of performance tests, especially run choices, Battery Life profiles, and new storage benchmarks, PCMark 10 is the finished PC benchmark for the modern office.


  • PCMark 10 has capabilities for testing and comparing the latest SSDs with dedicated storage benchmarks.
  • It provides accurate and impartial results that will be more suitable for vendor-neutral procurement.
  • PCMark10 has an industry-standard PC performance benchmark for Windows 10.
  • It helps with battery life tests along with various common scenarios.

Verdict: PCMark 10 estimates total system performance for present-day office needs. It is fast & efficient and easy to use. It has multi-level reporting capabilities.

Price: The basic edition is free. The Professional edition single-seat license costs $1495 per year for one system.

Website: PCMark 10

#10) Cinebench

Best as a CPU-centric benchmarking software.


When you are searching for a thorough performance assessment for your CPU and GPU, Cinebench has you covered. The free tool is accessible to most platforms and uses picture-delivering errands to review your rig’s abilities.

Cinebench grades CPU and OpenGL execution utilizing 4D picture rendering tests. It is especially valuable for high-end systems that scale past the domain of average benchmarking programming. The reports it produces are pragmatic and dependent on true execution, committed to individuals associated with the content creation market.


  • Cinebench has functionalities for evaluating the hardware capabilities of computers.
  • It has features that make the tool suitable to be used by system administrators, journalists, hardware manufacturers, computer owners, etc.
  • Good for high-end PCs.
  • CPU-driven tests.

Verdict: The most amazing aspect of Cinebench’s extensive 4D delivering assessment is that it utilizes all your CPU’s accessible cores, focusing on it to the actual furthest reaches of its equipment. The product is extremely helpful when you are attempting to construct a high-end PC and need suggestions on which segments to utilize.

Price: Cinebench is available for free.

Website: Cinebench

#11) Speccy

Best for scanning Windows PC devices.


Speccy is a free download that scans Microsoft Windows PC devices to give individuals information about the hardware. The Piriform LTD group created and distributed Speccy alongside Defraggler, Recuva, and CCleaner.

The high-level system information utility programming gives succinct specialized outlines and intensive assessments about the CPU, graphics cards, motherboard, RAM, etc. These utilities empower the Speccy people group to make educated buying and upgrading plans.


  • Offers detailed analyses on the hard drives.
  • Notes the actual temperatures.
  • Has intuitive UI.
  • Comes with detailed specifications.

Verdict: Speccy gives you detailed information on the hardware present on your PC. It provides premium support, automatic updates, and advanced PC insights.

Price: Speccy is available for free. However, the pro version for business has different rates.

Website URL: Speccy

#12) Fraps

Best for real-time video capturing and benchmarking.


Fraps is a Windows application that can be utilized with games. It utilizes DirectX or OpenGL graphics for its working. Fraps perform numerous tasks and can best be portrayed as the best benchmarking tool.


  • Fraps provide the features for performing the custom benchmarks.
  • It will let you save the statistics out to disk.
  • Allows making both audio and video clips.
  • It can measure the Frames Per Seconds (FPS) of the apps
  • It has features for capturing screens and real-time videos.

Verdict: FRAPS is lightweight and low on the system assets. It runs quietly in the background and is the thing that individuals expect out of any product. It has an easy-to-use UI and interface.

Price: For the entire set of video capturing tools, it charges $37.

Website: FRAPS


A lot of PC benchmarking tools are available in the market. We have shortlisted the trustworthy platforms that can be used by IT professionals as well as casual users. The tools should have capabilities to truly reveal the performance of the components. PassMark, Novabench, 3D Mark, HW Monitor, and User Benchmark are our top recommended benchmark software.

When you require to accurately record your hardware performance and measure the temperature and its efficiency, you can easily refer to PassMark software for an outstanding comparison of your PC score.

In case you require saving all the result links for accessing later, Novabench is the one you are looking for. We hope you will find this article helpful in finding the right PC benchmark software.

Research Process:

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  • Top tools shortlisted for review: 12
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