10 BEST FREE GPU Benchmark Software For PC In 2021

Here we review and compare the top GPU Benchmark Software with features that test the performance of the Graphics Processing Units:

PC benchmark software is used to test the performance of computers. The computer benchmark test allows you to test and compare the results of your computer processor, memory, and graphics card.

In this blog post, we will review benchmark software used for testing Graphics Processing Units (GPU). You can read about the price, main features, and description of the best GPU benchmark apps available online for free.

GPU Benchmark Software Review

GPU Benchmark Software for PC

Fact Check: GPU market size was about $19.75 billion in 2019. The market size of graphics cards is expected to reach $200.85 billion by 2027–a CAGR of 33.6 percent.

The following graph shows the graphic card market share of PC GPUs by the vendor as of Q1 2021:

GPU market size

[image source]

Pro-Tip: Look at the supported graphics card and processor before downloading a free GPU benchmark tool. You should also check whether your operating system is supported before downloading a benchmarking app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the benchmark software?

Answer: A benchmark app is used for testing computer performance. They are mainly used to compare the performance of computer systems across different hardware. GPU benchmark app specifically tests the performance of the graphics card.

Q #2) How do I check if my GPU is bad?

Answer: If your computer crashes during a GPU benchmark test, your graphics card may be faulty. Remember that low benchmark scores don’t necessarily indicate a faulty GPU. Poor GPU test scores are caused due to old drivers, overheating, or power supply issues.

Q #3) Why is my GPU not detected?

Answer: A GPU may not be detected by a benchmarking app if you have an old model graphics card. Another reason for the app not detecting your GPU is that the drivers are outdated.

Q #4) What is real-time GPU benchmarking?

Answer: Real-time benchmarking software measures graphics card performance, during the actual gameplay. Also known as real-world benchmarking, it involves measuring the frames per second (fps) of a game during gameplay.

Q #5) How we can use a GPU benchmark app?

Answer: Download a GPU benchmark app and run the software. You should compare the benchmark score of your card with the average score for the same card. A significantly lower score shows an issue with the graphics card.

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List Of The Best GPU Benchmark Software

Here is the list of popular and best benchmarking software:

  1. Heaven UNIGINE
  2. Novabench
  3. PassMark
  4. 3DMark
  5. Geekbench
  6. MSI AfterBurner
  7. Basemark
  8. Cinebench
  9. HWMonitor
  10. OverClock Checking Tool

Comparison Table Of Top Benchmarking Software

Tool NameBest ForPlatformPriceRatings
Heaven UNIGINE Overclocking and benchmarking graphic card performance.Windows, Linux, and macOSFreeStar_rating_5_of_5
Novabench Testing and optimizing system performance. Windows, Mac, and Linux devices·Basic: Free
·Advanced: $19
PassMark Benchmarking and diagnosing system performance. Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devicesFreeStar_rating_5_of_5
3DMark Comprehensive testing of computer performance. Windows and Mac devices.·Basic: Free
·Advanced: $29.99
·Professional: $1495 per year
Geekbench Measuring gaming and image processing performance and comparing results. Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android devicesFreeStar_rating_4_of_5
MSI AfterBurner Overclocking and monitoring in-game GPU performance on Windows devices.WindowsFreeStar_rating_4_of_5

Let us review the benchmark software:

#1) Heaven UNIGINE

Best for overclocking and benchmarking graphic card performance.

Heaven UNIGINE Website

Heaven UNIGINE is an extreme benchmarking tool to test the capabilities of your computer system to the fullest. The application allows you to test graphics cards, a cooling system, and a power supply. You can also rig your graphic card using stock or custom mode.


  • Extended stress test
  • Benchmark reporting
  • Command-line automation
  • Stress test

Verdict: Heaven UNIGINE provides an interactive benchmarking experience in a detailed environment. A limitation of the GPU benchmark tool is that it does not support the latest DirectX 12 cards.

Price: Free

Website: Heaven UNIGINE

#2) Novabench

Best for testing and optimizing system performance.

Novabench Website

Novabench benchmark tool lets you test computer performance within minutes. The app provides detailed information about graphic performance. You can also compare the results online to know about any performance issues.


  • Check disk read and write and memory transfer speed.
  • Compare performance.
  • Troubleshoot and repair system.

Verdict: Setting up and running the benchmark tool is easy. To get the most accurate benchmark results, close apps and don’t use the computer during testing. You must buy the Pro version if you want detailed performance monitoring and reporting features.


  • Basic: Free
  • Advanced: $19

Website: Novabench

#3) PassMark

Best for benchmarking and diagnosing system performance.


PassMark allows you to test the detailed performance of your computer. You can check and monitor 2D and 3D graphics performance. The free benchmarking tool also allows you to test processor, memory, and storage performance.


  • Compare GPU, memory, and storage performance
  • Customize tests
  • Stress test

Verdict: PassMark is an easy-to-use and quick benchmarking tool to test GPU performance. The application can be used for benchmarking and comparing both desktop and mobile systems.

Price: Free

Website: PassMark

#4) 3DMark

Best for comprehensive testing of computer performance.

3DMark Website

3DMark is a top-rated professional graphic card benchmarking tool. You can use the software for both personal and professional use. It supports advanced benchmarking tests to test the full graphic processing capability of your computer systems.


  • Time Spy
  • Night Raid
  • Fire Strike
  • Ray tracing (Paid version)
  • GPU Stress tests (Paid version)

Verdict: 3DMark is probably the most popular PC benchmarking tool. The application is used by most professional computer magazines for testing and comparing CPU and graphic cards performance.


  • Basic: Free
  • Advanced: $29.99
  • Professional: $124.58 per month

3DMark Pricing

Website: 3DMark

#5) Geekbench

Best for measuring gaming and image processing performance and comparing results.


Geekbench benchmark GPU software supports evaluating computer performance on mobile and desktop computers. It can measure the performance of single and multiple core processors.


  • Supports Windows 10+, Ubuntu 16.04+, macOS 10.13.5+, iOS 12+, and Android 7+
  • GPU benchmarking
  • Game and image-processing test
  • Share results online

Verdict: Geekbench is a free graphics benchmark tool that runs multiple operating systems. You can evaluate performance easily using a single mouse click.

Price: Free

Website: Geekbench

#6) MSI AfterBurner

Best for overclocking and monitoring in-game GPU performance on Windows devices.

MSI AfterBurner

MSI AfterBurner is a free benchmark test application you can use to evaluate system performance. You can use it to overclock your graphic card. You can also run a stress test to check the performance of the overclocked graphics card.


  • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
  • Compatible with AMD Radeon HD 2000 and Nvidia Geforce 6 or newer.
  • Overclock and test graphic card performance.

Verdict: MSI AfterBurner is one of the most popular graphic card overclocking tools. The app can also monitor the performance of your graphic card in-game. You also need to install an additional MSI Kombuster stress test tool to check your overclocked graphic card performance.

Price: Free

Website: MSI AfterBurner

#7) Basemark GPU

Best for evaluating and comparing the performance of graphic cards on desktop and mobile devices.

Basemark GPU

Basemark is a great graphic benchmark app for carrying out custom system testing. The app allows efficient objective benchmarks for different system configurations. It runs through a series of game-like scenes to test the capabilities of the graphic cards.


  • Compare performance with other configurations.
  • Custom options for detailed testing.
  • Supports Windows 10, macOS, Ubuntu 18.04, Android 7+, and iOS 14+

Verdict: Basemark is a free benchmark test application for testing and comparing system performance. The online comparison service is a unique feature of the app that lets you compare scores with other systems with similar configurations.

Price: Free

Website: Basemark

#8) Cinebench

Best for benchmarking and comparing CPU and GPU devices on Windows and macOS devices.


Cinebench is one of the best GPU benchmark test software for Windows and Mac devices. The app can carry out a series of tests to test the capabilities of your computer system. Unlike most other benchmark apps, Cinebench provides real-world benchmarking including common tasks performed by users.


  • Three tests to check GPU performance.
  • Render and compare visuals.
  • Complex and large testing.

Verdict: Cinebench has been in the graphical benchmarking market for decades. The free GPU benchmark app is great for evaluating your computer processor and graphic cards capabilities.

Price: Free

Website: Cinebench

#9) HWMonitor

Best for monitoring computer’s video card, processor and hard drive temperature, fan speed, and voltages on Windows.


HWMonitor allows you to test the performance of core computer components. You can check the temperature of your GPU, processor, and hardware devices. It can read sensors of most Windows chipsets and hard drives.


  • Monitor GPU temperature.
  • Support ITE IT87series sensor chips and DDR5 memory chips.
  • Read CPUs on-die thermal sensors.
  • GDDR6 temperature monitoring on NVIDIA chips.
  • Support AMD 5700, 5600G, 5300 G, 6900 XT, and 6700 XT GPUs.

Verdict: HWMonitor


  • Basic: Free
  • Personal: Starts at $2.08 per month
  • Pro: $12.5 per month
  • Enterprise: $41.67 per month

HWMonitor Pricing

Website: HWMonitor

#10) OverClock Checking Tool

Best for checking the stability of graphics cards and monitor system performance on Windows devices.

OverClock Checking Tool

OverClock is a good benchmark test to troubleshoot hardware issues. The software features a stress test that allows you to know whether a game performance issue is due to a graphics card or a game bug. You can also monitor computer performance through an easy-to-read and appealing graphical dashboard.


  • Graphical reports
  • Stress test
  • CPU core test
  • Real-time computer monitoring
  • Suggest ideal overclock values for stable performance

Verdict: OverClock is a useful tool to monitor and troubleshoot computer performance issues. The test is useful if you want to know whether overclocking the processor or graphics card has made it unstable.

Price: Free

Website: OverClock

Other Noteworthy GPU Benchmark Software

#11) GFXBench

Best for video card benchmark on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

GFXBench is a good benchmark app that is simple and easy to use. The benchmark software carries out a variety of tests. It also monitors the video fidelity and battery performance of mobile devices.

Price: Free

Website: GFXBench

#12) FurMark

Best for benchmarking OpenGL graphic cards on Windows.

FurMark is a simple to use GPU benchmark app that can benchmark OpenGL compliant cards. The benchmark app lets you adjust resolution, anti-aliasing, and other settings. It also allows you to carry on a burn-in test where the graphic card is tested for an extended time to identify any problems.

Price: Free

Website: FurMark

#13) UserBenchmark

Best for benchmarking performance of computer processor, GPU, memory card, and storage devices in Windows.

UserBenchmark is a lightweight benchmarking tool that can test the performance of the main components of your computer. The app can test the effective 3D speed to check performance for recent games.

Price: Free

Website: UserBenchmark

#14) Speccy

Best for evaluation of major computer components on Windows devices.

Speccy is a lightweight tool that you can use to find out information about your computer components. The app provides detailed information of the computer processor, motherboard, memory, storage, graphic card, operating system, and more.


  • Basic: Free
  • Professional: $19.95
  • Speccy+CCleaner: $44.95

Website: Speccy

#15) CPU-Z

Best for real-time evaluation of computer processor, memory, and other parts on Windows and Android devices.

CPU-Z allows Real-time evaluation of computer processors and memory. The app can also report memory size, type, timings, and module specifications. You can generate reports through a graphical or command-line interface for more control over application parameters.

Price: Free

Website: CPU-Z


Heaven Unigine, 3DMark, and Cinebench are the best devices for benchmarking and comparing CPU and benchmark performance on Windows and Mac devices. Passmark, Geekbench, and Basemark GPU are the best benchmarking software for testing your graphic cards on Linux and mobile devices.

If you simply want to test the stability and performance of an overclocked graphic card, use OverClock Checking tool.

Research Process:

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  • Total tools researched: 30
  • Top tools shortlisted: 15
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