The Best Business Magazines to Follow in 2023 [TOP 12]

Review of the Top Business Magazines that are worth reading in 2023. Pick the best Business Publications of your choice to stay updated in this business world:

Business magazines cover a wide range of topics relevant to different industries, business management operations, and regions. This includes industry trends and news topics that may be of interest to professionals in these industries.

The people who read business magazines often do so to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the business world. Therefore, business magazines serve as essential business news and analysis outlets that help business people make important decisions regarding investments and other developments.

There are dozens of great business magazines that receive widespread circulation in the current year. We have compiled the best business magazines to follow in the following guide.

Business Magazines – Useful Publications

Best Business Magazines

Market Trends: According to research, the number of print consumer magazine publishers in the United States has remained approximately the same since 2010. The below image shows the global magazine publishing market size from 2022 to 2026.

Global Magazine Publishing Market

[image source]

Expert Advice: While many business magazines overlap with the type of content they cover, some may offer more in-depth analysis than others. You should subscribe to the business magazine that offers analyses that fit your needs.

FAQs on Business Publications

Q #1) Why do people read business magazines?

Answer: People read business magazines to learn about business trends in different industries. Most business magazines also feature analyses of these trends to help readers get a better grasp of what they mean and how they may impact future business decisions.

Q #2) Are business magazines free?

Answer: Most business magazines are available on a paid subscription basis. However, some magazines allow users to view a sample of their content online free of charge. Other business magazines may offer free issues to subscribers for a specific length of time.

Q #3) Do entrepreneurs and businesses have to pay to be featured in business magazines?

Answer: Some entrepreneurs and businesses pay business magazines to talk about them in a positive light. However, many magazines feature entrepreneurs and businesses for free if they have accomplished something noteworthy in the business world.

Q #4) What is the best business magazine to subscribe to?

Answer: Different business magazines specialize in different areas. Some excel at analysis, while others may contain informative interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs. This makes it difficult to pick one business-oriented magazine as being the “best”.

Certain business magazines also cater to specific sectors such as the technology industry. It is always best to check out a business magazine before signing up for a long-term subscription to ensure they offer the type of content you are seeking.

Q #5) Do business magazines contain advertisements?

Answer: Most business magazines contain paid advertisements and sponsored content. These advertisement costs can be relatively high. Forbes charges upwards of $70,0000 to run a single-page advertisement.

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List of the Best Business Magazines

Here is the list of some note-worthy Magazines for Business People:

  1. Forbes
  2. WIRED
  3. Inc.
  4. Fortune
  5. Bloomberg Businessweek
  6. The Economist
  7. Entrepreneur
  8. Harvard Business Review
  9. Consumer Reports
  10. Money
  11. Adweek
  12. Fast Company

Comparison Table of the Top Business Oriented Magazines

Tool NameBest ForPublication FrequencyPriceRatings
ForbesBusiness owners and CEOs seeking to learn about up-and-coming businesses.8 issues/year$49.99/yearStar_rating_5_of_5
WIREDPeople in the technology sector and those with an interest in technology.12 issues/year$29.99/yearStar_rating_5_of_5
Inc.Business owners running small to medium-sized businesses.6 issues/year$19.99/yearStar_rating_4_of_5
FortuneBusiness people seeking updates on mature businesses in various industries.6 issues/year$108/yearStar_rating_4_of_5
Bloomberg BusinessweekCEOs and business owners seeking in-depth analysis on companies, people, events and trends in the modern business landscape.50 issues/year$99/yearStar_rating_3_of_5

Detailed review:

#1) Forbes

Best for business owners and CEOs seeking to learn about individuals and businesses that are creating a significant impact in the business world.


Forbes was founded in 1917. This highly-respected business magazine contains business profiles that serve as case studies on individuals with in-depth business knowledge.

This business-oriented magazine also stands out for its formal tone, which contrasts with the “fun” tone that many other business publications have adopted in the 2020s. They use this formal tone because they focus on publishing high-quality informative content that would be of value to wealthy business owners, CEOs, and investors.

Forbes magazine’s most popular section is its editorial section. These editorials have earned a reputation for being highly opinionated and appealing to a certain subset of individuals in the business world. The magazine covers news and trends in different industries but is generally geared towards discussing happenings in the automobile and media industries.

The magazine is also known for publishing many lists such as its “Annual World’s Billionaires” and “30 Under 30” list. Each of these lists receives widespread attention globally, so readers should subscribe to this magazine if they want to learn about individuals or businesses that are creating a significant impact in the business world.

Forbes is also relatively cheaper than some of the other business magazines on our list. However, the six-week gap between issues may be off-putting for readers who are seeking more frequent updates on events in the business world.

Verdict: Forbes is an excellent business magazine because it offers high-quality information that would be valuable for CEOs, business owners, and investors.

Price: $49.99/year with eight releases per year

Website: Forbes


Best for people in the technology industry and those with an interest in technology-related topics.


WIRED magazine was founded in 1993 and is currently owned by Condé Nast. The publication stands out for its focus on digital technology and its societal impact. The target demographic is 30 to 50-year-old college-educated males with an interest in the technology industry.

The magazine’s first fifty pages typically contain one to two-page articles on tech-related business, ideas, and culture. The latter half contains three-page articles that delve into specific topics in greater detail.

WIRED’s layout is designed to have a cutting-edge feel. It employs a special ten-column grid that gives editors more freedom when designing each page. The magazine also contains sleek illustrations and photographs that convey a modern aesthetic and reflect their readers’ interest in technology.

WIRED stands out from website-based news publications thanks to its high-quality investigative journalism. They publish in-depth stories about influential individuals in the technology industry. Their writers typically possess a tech-centric background, so they are able to cover topics in this field with greater expertise than other business magazines.

WIRED is a great choice for anyone that wishes to learn about the latest events in the technology world and how they intersect with the business world. Their content is designed to be both engaging and technical enough to satisfy people inside and outside the technology industry.

Verdict: WIRED is a forward-thinking magazine with a focus on the technological side of the business world. Its content is perfect for learning about promising technological innovations and their impact on the financial world.

Price: $29.99/year with twelve releases per year

Website: WIRED

#3) Inc.

Best for business owners who run small to medium-sized businesses.


Inc. was founded in 1979 and releases six issues per year. The magazine company also posts articles and videos daily on its website.

Inc. specializes in publishing content related to small and medium-sized businesses. It covers topics on financing, marketing, branding, sales, technology, and operating businesses of such sizes. The magazine devotes a smaller percentage of content to case studies and profiles for large companies.

Inc. also covers topics related to startups. This includes issues and lessons that prospective startup owners should educate themselves on if they wish to succeed.

Inc’s reader base consists primarily of business owners who are seeking to understand current industry trends. The magazine’s articles typically aim to provide useful information for businesses of different sizes. However, much of the content is skewed towards businesses with annual revenues ranging to $10 million to $100 million.

Inc. is also one of the most affordable business magazines out there and offers six releases for a subscription fee of just $19.99 per year. Business owners should subscribe to this magazine if they want to stay in the loop regarding the latest business management practices and strategies.

Verdict: Inc. is an affordable business magazine that caters to business owners. Its content is designed to inspire its readers and help them maintain an interest in different types of business ventures.

Price: $19.99/year with six releases per year

Website: Inc.

#4) Fortune

Best for readers seeking updates on mature businesses in various industries.


Fortune was founded in 1929 following the Great Depression. The company’s founder Henry Robinson Luce was also responsible for founding Time magazine.

Fortune’s first release stated its founding mission as, “To reflect Industrial Life in ink and paper”. Its content reflects this statement. More than half the magazine’s content focuses on profiles of business people and businesses.

There is also a small section devoted to investing where the magazine’s experts analyze stock trends and recommend different stock choices to readers.

Fortune includes special sections for political and social issues. There is also a “Lifestyle” section that profiles different luxury items and art pieces for readers.

The magazine’s profiles are well-written and are comparable to Forbes in many respects. However, much of their content focuses on mature companies. This may leave readers who would like to learn more about up-and-coming companies that are changing the industry wanting more.

Fortune also comes with a hefty price tag of $108 per year. However, subscribers will gain access to the magazine’s six annual releases, monthly analytics reports, and weekly research issues. This makes Fortune a great business magazine for business people seeking to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings with mature companies.

Verdict: Fortune is an excellent business magazine that includes valuable stock market analysis. Its focus on mature companies makes it a smart choice for people interested in learning about the key players in different industries.

Price: $108 per year for six magazine releases plus weekly research and monthly analytics releases.

Website: Fortune

#5) Bloomberg Businessweek

Best for CEOs and business owners seeking in-depth analysis of companies, people, events, and trends in the modern business landscape.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Businessweek magazine was first published in 1929. It was acquired by Bloomberg LP in 2019 before changing its name to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Bloomberg Businessweek reads more like a newspaper than a magazine. It includes the latest news in the business world along with well-researched information and stats. All this information is presented in an easy-to-read manner that most people would be comfortable reading.

The magazine’s headline articles and topics are covered in around half a page. They are usually sorted into one of the following categories:

  • Companies & Industries
  • Global Economics
  • Technology
  • Politics & Policy
  • Markets & Finance

Bloomberg Businessweek also publishes excellent quality cover stories designed to get readers up to speed with the latest developments in different industries. The magazine contains gorgeous images and graphs to keep readers engaged with its content.

Bloomberg Businessweek is an excellent choice for CEOs and businesspeople who wish to familiarize themselves with the latest happenings in the business world in a short amount of time. This business magazine has a weekly publication frequency which ensures readers won’t have to wait long to get their next business knowledge fixed.

Verdict: Bloomberg Businessweek is a great choice for a wide range of business-oriented readers. It covers interesting developments in the business world and presents information using eye-catching images and graphs.

Price: $99/year with fifty releases per year

Website: Bloomberg Businessweek

#6) The Economist

Best for people seeking to learn about political events and their impact on business communities around the globe.


The Economist was founded in 1843 in the United Kingdom. It is one of the oldest business publications in the world and focuses on international business, technology, politics, and culture. The Economist is also famous for creating the “Big Mac Index” which examines the purchasing power differences between nations.

A quick glance at the weekly business magazine reveals that more than half of its content is related to politics, much of which is centered on countries other than the United States. Approximately one-third of the magazine’s content is related to business. However, the business section primarily discusses non-US businesses.

The Economist also devotes small sections to science, art, and technology. However, these selections are not as in-depth as their political sections.

The Economist should be viewed as a political magazine rather than a business one due to the number of political topics it covers. Many of the readers that have subscribed to this magazine are also subscribed to other more business-centric magazines.

Verdict: The Economist is a smart choice for readers who want to learn about political happenings and how they impact different industries. Its weekly publication frequency means readers will get to learn about business and political events as they happen.

Price: $350/year with 52 releases per year.

Website: The Economist

#7) Entrepreneur

Best for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur - business magazines

Entrepreneur magazine was first published in 1979. It covers the various aspects of being an entrepreneur, making it popular with young to middle-aged businesspeople.

Most of the magazine’s content is focused on the life of an entrepreneur and different business management practices. Other content is on technology, money, and news that still ties into entrepreneurship in some way.

Entrepreneur magazine has a more casual tone compared to publications such as Forbes and Fortune. This may be off-putting for certain readers, but the magazine still includes useful advice for entrepreneurs.

The magazine offers business profiles for many successful entrepreneurs who have made significant strides over the years. However, this content may feel alienating for readers who would like to learn about struggling businesses and the challenges they face.

Entrepreneurs’ goal is to encourage entrepreneurs to apply themselves and succeed, but their core messages may leave out key details or information that actual business owners may find helpful. The magazine may be of interest to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, but it would be a poor choice for traders or investors seeking to learn about markets or stock trend analysis.

Verdict: Entrepreneur caters to entrepreneurs who would like to learn valuable tips and strategies to help their businesses succeed. The magazine’s business profiles section is also great for learning about successful entrepreneurs who are making strides.

Price: $9.99/year with ten releases per year.

Website: Entrepreneur

#8) Harvard Business Review

Best for business owners and managers.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review was founded in 1922 and is published by Harvard Business Publishing. This general management magazine covers topics on management functions, geographic regions, and industries. HBR is published in thirteen languages and is popular with business people around the globe.

The magazine is often called the go-to magazine for “decision-makers” because many notable world leaders read this publication. It is a great fit for business owners and management employees seeking guidance on making important business decisions.

HBR strives to keep readers up to date with the latest business trends and leadership strategies. The articles are written by industry-leading professionals so readers are definitely getting a good bang for their buck.

Verdict: Harvard Business Review may be pricier than some of the other business magazines on our list, but it offers valuable content for managers. This magazine is great for people who want to take their business management skills to the next level.

Price: $120/year with six releases per year.

Website: Harvard Business Review

#9) Consumer Reports

Best for anyone seeking unbiased product and service reviews.

Consumer Reports - business magazines

Consumer Reports was founded in 1936 as Consumers Union Reports. It was originally intended to help consumers choose products based on their safety performance. Its modern iteration has continued its trend of reviewing consumer products and services based on lab-testing results.

Consumer Reports differs from the other business magazines on our list because it does not cover business events, political issues, or societal topics. The publication prides itself on its impartiality and has grown to become one of the most trusted review publications in North America.

Consumer Reports magazine does not include advertisements because it aims to assess each product or service fairly. The company also hires secret shoppers to test each of the products they review. For this reason, readers know the products they are being recommended are legitimate.

Verdict: Consumer Reports is a great choice for just about anyone who would like to read unbiased reviews for products and services.

Price: $30/year with twelve releases per year.

Website: Consumer Reports

#10) Money

Best for anyone seeking to improve their spending habits and learn about investing.


Money magazine was founded in 1972 with the aim of adding value for readers by teaching healthy financial practices. Its current digital iteration publishes business news, tools, and educational resources to help its reader base make informed investment decisions.

The vast majority of Money’s content focuses on financial issues. They tackle topics such as savings, retirement, budgeting, and taxes. They also devote some space for spending-related topics such as identifying unnecessary products that people on a budget should learn to avoid.

Readers can also learn about different investment methods by reading the strategy profiles described in the magazine. This includes topics such as estimating risks and performing stock buybacks.

Money magazine is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in taking control of their finances and wishes to learn about healthy investment practices. Money recently discontinued its printed magazine, but its digital edition is still available for free.

Verdict: Money is an excellent free business magazine that teaches you valuable money management and other financial skills.

Price: Free with twelve digital releases per year

Website: Money

#11) Adweek

Best for professional marketers and people with an interest in advertising.

Adweek - business magazines

Adweek magazine was founded in 1979 and is published weekly. It covers the advertising business with many topics delving into traditional advertising, new media, and modern culture.

Adweek discusses advertisements from different angles. They look at the creative side of advertisements as well as their more technical aspects. Some of the articles examine the relationship between advertising agencies and the clients who hire them. They also delve into global advertising and its impact on different industries.

Adweek may not cover all the business or stock market events that publications like Forbes and Fortune cover. However, they are an excellent choice for marketers and business owners who would like to improve their business’s marketing practices.

The magazine’s weekly publishing schedule also ensures readers learn about the latest advertising trends as they happen.

Verdict: Adweek creates advertisement-focused content for marketers. This business magazine offers information on the latest developments in the marketing world and their impact on different industries.

Price: $149/year with 52 releases per year

Website: Adweek

#12) Fast Company

Best for readers seeking to learn about advertising, technology, and innovations.

Fast Company - business magazines

Fast Company was founded by two Harvard Business Review editors in 1995. The magazine touts itself as a progressive media publication that covers business news, technology, and innovation.

Each issue discusses many different areas such as advertising, creativity, innovations, technology, and the environment. The magazine is known for its creative articles and illustrations. It presents fun and engaging content but does not offer the type of business analysis that investors and business owners may be seeking.

Verdict: Fast Company covers a wide range of topics across the business world. This magazine is perfect for casual readers who want to learn a bit of everything.

Price: $19.99/month with eight issues per year

Website: Fast Company


Each of the top business publications mentioned above excels in a particular area. For example, Fortune covers analyses on mature businesses while WIRED tackles business technology topics. Prospective readers should understand each publication’s specialty before subscribing to them.

Choosing the right business magazine can add to your breadth of business knowledge, so be sure to select a publication that reflects your interests and goals.

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