Short Automation Testing Interview questions

Basics of WinRunner: 

Difference between WinRunner and Test Director?
“WinRunner handles automation test scripts
TestDirector manages test scripts, defects and test plan”

What is TSL? What 4GL is it similar too?
“Test Script Language, TSL C++”

Intermediate Que

What databases can Test Director reside on?
Oracle, Access, Sybase, MsSQL

Name a couple of standard web function found in the function generator? And explain their purpose.

Advance que

Explain data parameterization in WinRunner.
Data is written multiple times, while WinRunner has a repeated loop to process the data.


Explain the project tree in Test Director.
Used to coordinate and manage test cases.

Expert Que

Have you completed the CPS exam? Which one?
TestSuite 6.0, LoadRunner, etc.

Write a short compiled module which selects random numbers; and what function is used to call your customized compiled module? Load or Reload function

What’s the purpose of the wrun.ini file?
Configuration set up for WinRunner

Hope you will enjoy this series of testing interview questions. For more interview questions please visit the posts on software testing interview questions.

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#1 sankalp

please raise the standards of the questions…………..

#2 aishwarya

The term “fit for use” refers to whose view of quility ?
(a) Supplier’s
(b) Auditor’s
(c) Producer’s
(d) Customer’s

#3 sekar

should be from Supplier’s ” fit for use”

#4 krishna sharma

The term “fit for use” refers to whose view of quility ?

“it is a customer’s view of quality”
Producer’s view is ” meeting the customers requirements”

#5 ahmer hussain

It is tester who can say fit for use since not an exect so we can say auditor who can check the product and than give report.

what is an automation testing?

#6 Beena

Nice questions n answers….

#7 appa

raise questions standards and quantity

#8 jayanthi

what is synchronisation point ?when we use it

#9 GMK

A synchronization point tells Winrunner to pause the test run in order to wait for a specified response in the application.
Synchronization is used in following cases:
-When data has to be retrieved from the database
-When a progress bar has to reach 100%
-To wait till some message appears.

#10 pragati

what is diference between CSTE and CQAE?

#11 Suneet

Fit to use is Totally from User’s point of you.It means how easily can user handle the product

#12 supinder chowdhary

which testing wil be performed first as the new build comes ?…………

#13 Mayasen

Hi Supinder, #12

Once the unit tested (code) application is delivered to testing team, the initial test must be Integration test.

In practical we’ve to start with functionality, flow, and basic necessary test such as broken links, blocks, crashes, navigation, etc.

#14 chandra reddy

hi plzzz help what is testing process in real time in MNCs if any one no plz help me

#15 Pushpraj Singh

Hi guys,
I need Interview Questions for tester who is showing 1 year experience. Please help.

#16 sethu

can anyone give example on context sensitive mode and analog mode?

#17 prasahnth p

kindly send details of examination automation software

to supply university of Bangalore

prashanth p


#18 santhosh

pls….i want some qustions……help me…..+919629167742

#19 santhosh


#20 bilal

what is qtp. from where we can download it for free

#21 corpcampus

We are organizing a test automation workshop in Mumbai. It is a course of 3 weekend ( 6 days/48 hrs on campus and 15 days off campus) and would be conducted by a very reputed and experienced person with 12+ year of industry experience. Batch is starting from 14th April 2012. First class on 14th April 2012 is a demo class free for all.

In addition to the course as an introductory offer following services are also provided for free….
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#22 Manikannan

Can anyone tell me what are the types of types ?

#23 Manikannan

Can anyone tell me what are the types of testing?


i am non IT background . I done BSC . could it be possible to get the job in Automation testing if i do the automation testing course & do the certification of ISTQB

#25 shwet@ singh

could u snd me interview question n answer on qc n qtp..

#26 Kareena

You have very good questions rather than answers!!!!

#27 Uma

fit for purpose / use refers to Customer’s view of quality..

#28 yash

Yes u can get automation testing job easily….no need to have proper degree . BSC is enough.

#29 Partap

Where top download latest version of QTP for Free ?

anybody could help ?

#30 yash

No can help u…better help yourself

#31 anu

I need maximum interview question for selenium automation which will cover the 2 years experience please help me any one?

#32 santhosh

is it possible to edit the run time value ??/and how?????

#33 Hrudesh

“fit for use” refers to customer’s view of quality

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