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How to Select Correct Test Cases for Automation Testing (and Ultimately Achieve a Positive Automation ROI)

Now is the era of test automation. Most of the testing projects are trying to translate their manual test cases to automated one to improve productivity and coverage.

One of the key steps to commence automation testing is – selecting the appropriate test cases and determining the ROI (Return of Investment).

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In this article, I have tried to cite down few important points based on my experience to help you select the correct candidate of Continue reading →

37 Most Common LoadRunner Interview Questions and Best Answers

In the past tutorials we have seen the basics of Performance testing and LoadRunner video tutorials. This article is going to focus on the most important commonly asked LoadRunner interview questions and answers that will help you be successful in performance tester’s interview using LoadRunner.


LoadRunner is one of the best licensed Performance testing tools in the market. It is best suited for most upcoming technologies because of the wide range of supported protocols.

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Learn HP LoadRunner Load Testing Tool in 8 Days – Free LoadRunner Training Tutorials

Many of you already know that we have started the ‘Performance testing with LoadRunner’ training series. In this series we already covered two tutorials on performance testing introduction and the exact testing process.

In this 3rd tutorial we are going to provide you with the list of all LoadRunner tutorials so that you can quickly get started at using and learning this most in-demand load testing tool.

Below is the list of all in-depth HD video tutorials with practical examples which are designed mainly for beginners but experienced Continue reading →

How to Performance Test an Application – LoadRunner Training Tutorial Part 2

This is the 2nd tutorial in our Performance testing with LoadRunner training series. With this, we are learning the exact performance test process so that we can easily get hold of the Load Testing with HP LoadRunner tutorials.

Check out the first tutorials in this series here: Performance Testing Introduction.

Performance Testing Goals:

It is conducted to accomplish the following goals:

Introduction to Performance Testing – LoadRunner Training Tutorial Part 1

Today, we are starting ‘Performance testing with LoadRunner’ tutorial series. This is the first tutorial in three-part HP LoadRunner training series.

In first two tutorials we will introduce you to performance testing and in last tutorial we will share ‘Load Testing with LoadRunner video tutorials‘.

See Also => List of all LoadRunner Video Tutorials.

Why Performance testing?

Performance testing has proved itself to be crucial for the success of a business. Not only does a poor performing site face financial Continue reading →

How Does Test Planning Differ for Manual and Automation Projects?

We all agree that Automation projects are different in nature from Manual testing ones. Although, autonomous automation projects don’t really exist (or should not exist ideally), both manual and automation projects are dealt differently when being planned.

A mis-planned project inevitably gets mis-executed; this not only affects the current project and casts a shadow on the individual’s capabilities, but can also lead to the loss of confidence in the team for the client/management- affecting further business.  I would rather say that we testers be safe than sorry.

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