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10 Best Practices and Strategies for Test Automation

This is the last article in the test automation series. This article summarizes the best practices and strategies of doing test automation.

Although our previous articles do mention best practices (and some of them may be repeated here), I strongly felt to list down the few, but most important best practices of automation here in one article for reference.

These strategies are taken from my own experience plus from the literature of testing gurus like Michael Bolton, James Bach and Cem Kaner. These practices should be followed in every automation project. Continue reading →

How to Have Seamless Script Execution Planning and Reporting for Success of an Automation Project

So far we have discussed many things related to test automation. We have discussed how to start the automation process in your organization, how to select the tool for automation, what are the types of frameworks we can develop and how we can create scripts in a maintainable manner.


Check Here the list of all tutorials in this automation testing series.

We will now discuss about the execution plan of scripts. Continue reading →

How to Develop Test Scripts Using Top 5 Most Popular Test Automation Frameworks (Examples)

When you begin to learn about test automation, you must come across the term “test automation framework”. Maybe some of you get uncomfortable with this term and begin to feel that it is something which is difficult to understand and even more difficult to implement.

This tutorial is written with the aim to help you understand test automation frameworks as simply as possible. Read all tutorials in this Automation Testing Tutorials’ series here.

Test automation framework (in very simple language) is “set of rules.” Rules help us to write scripts in such a manner that result in “lower maintenance”. Continue reading →

The A to Z Guide on Selecting the Best Automation Tool for Your Project

This is 4th tutorial in our Test Automation Tutorial series. Please check all articles posted in this series on this page: => The Ultimate Guide to Start Automation Testing on Your Project

Test automation tool selection is one of the most important steps before starting automation in any organization. It is important because the tool will greatly affect your whole automation effort. If the tool is good and gives you required features, the automation becomes easier and effective.

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10 Essential Steps to Introduce Test Automation in Your Organization

In many organizations, quality is the first preference. If you are found to be in such an organization and still there is no formal test automation is done, you could be the person to inaugurate it. It will assist your organization to build more quality products in less time and likewise be able to market it early.

=> In this third piece of the ‘Test automation tutorial series’, I will discuss about how to introduce test automation in your organization. It is significant to understand that which step is to perform first and why.

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Types of Automated Tests and Some Misconceptions About Test Automation

In this second part of test automation tutorials series, I will briefly describe the types of automated tests and then most importantly I will clear some misconceptions about test automation.

Types of Automated Tests:

There are three main types of automated tests. Continue reading →