11 Best Sticker Paper For Printer [2023 Best Sellers]

Here we will review, compare and guide you to select the good quality, long-lasting Sticker Paper For Printer from the sticker printer paper list:

In this age of ever-growing technological advancements and social media spreading like wildfire worldwide, the trend of DIYs is all the rage right now. This can just as well apply to printing stickers/labels and printing them of your choice.

Printing stickers/labels on your own come with its own perks. First, you can print according to your needs, even to the exact number; a luxury you cannot expect businesses to provide you with. Second, you can customize the process as much as you like. Third, it is cost-effective. And last, there is the added satisfaction of accomplishing something on your own.

As simple as it may seem from a distance, to do all this though, you need to pair a printer with the best sticker paper for printer available in the market.

Sticker Paper For Printer Review

Sticker Paper for Printer

Buy Sticker Paper: Important Tips

There are a plethora of sticker paper varieties to choose from in the market, but for a beginner, it becomes too difficult to make an informed choice in the absence of proper guidance. Therefore, to make good quality, long-lasting stickers and to do it efficiently, it is important to buy the right kind of sticker paper.

Following are a few tips that will come in handy during the purchase:

#1) Compatibility: The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is its compatibility with the printer you will use it with. For example, we cannot use sticker paper suitable for inkjet printers in laser printers. There is also the size of the paper sheets that need to be factored in. Not every sheet size will fit well in any and every printer.

#2) Usage: There is usage-specific sticker paper available in the market. That is why it is important to note the requirement and what purpose we will use it for while buying it. For example, there are thinner sheets you can purchase for putting up labels on packages for small businesses, but not for putting up on books or mugs.

#3) Cutting: You should also focus on how it cuts because, of course, you would want fresh, cleanly cut, and sharp-edged stickers. Self-taught experts mention that it is fairly easy to cut stickers with the silhouette cameo that cuts around stickers with the utmost precision. This saves the time and energy that will go into cutting the printed stickers manually with scissors.

#4) Tear Resistance: If you do not want stickers that tear in a single blow, you need to go for Vinyl Sticker paper for the Printer. This comes with a plastic coat over the paper’s material, due to which it becomes difficult to tear the sticker.

There are other paper-based stickers that can be bought depending on the usage.

#5) Stickiness: The self-adhesive quality varies through price range and its manufacturer. This can be tested out by checking how well the stickers stick on surfaces it is intended to be put on and how easily tears off if peeled.

#6) Water Resistance: Again, depending on the usage, waterproof stickers can be important and Vinyl-based sticker paper for the printer provides that quality to the consumer.

This can be tested out by literally putting the sticker underwater or splashing some on it to see what effect the water has on the sticker. Some have the kind of resistance to water that makes it stick to the surface even after becoming soaking wet and drying afterward.

The below pie- chart depicts the substantial share of the writing and printing industry in the global market (in tonnes):

substantial share of writing and printing industry

[image source]

Fact Check: According to a report published on marketsandmarkets.com, the global self-adhesive labels market size is expected to grow from USD 46.5 billion in 2020 to USD 59.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 4.9% from 2020 to 2025.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Can a regular printer print on sticker paper?

Answer: One does not need a dedicated sticker printer for printing stickers because a regular inkjet printer will work just fine, given that some planning is done so that ink or sticker paper does not end up getting wasted.

More specifically, ink is absorbed by Vinyl sticker paper within five minutes, which makes it compatible with all inkjet printers.

Q #2) Inkjet printers or Laser Printers, which is better for printing on sticker paper?

Answer: Now, this is a little tricky. While laser printers are comparatively more expensive than inkjet printers, the former, with a full can of ink, can print up to 5,000 sheets at once. The latter, though cheaper, needs faster refills and also prints slower.

But the majority of sticker printer paper available in the market work with inkjet printers. So, inkjet printers are better and a more convenient choice.

NOTE: Sticker printer paper for inkjet printer melts if mistakenly put inside a laser printer, so be cautious!

Q #3) What to do if the ink is rubbing off on the sticker paper while printing?

Answer: This happens when adequate heat or pressure is not applied to the paper during printing. To troubleshoot this problem, one should set the printer setting to the correct media type/weight or change the setting to Label or Heavy paper if the printer consists of those options.

These settings actually slow down the printing process so that more heat and/or pressure is applied to the sticker printer paper.

Q #4) What to do if the sticker paper keeps getting jammed into the printer?

Answer: This usually happens if the printer is unclean on the inside. After a while of constant use/use over a period, excess ink or toner gets collected in the printer. There are other factors involved too, such as dust and grime, which hinder the smooth functioning of the printer.

One should use an alcohol-based cleaner for cleaning the printer regularly, or give it a quick wipe when replacing the toner or ink in cartridges.

Q #5) Can waterproof stickers/labels be printed using inkjet printers?

Answer: Unfortunately, inkjet printers cannot be used for this purpose as they use water-based ink, which smudges the color as soon as the sticker/label comes in contact with water.

Laser printers, however, produce waterproof results as they use a toner (dry powder) instead of ink to bond it in place by the application of heat and pressure.

Q #6) What is the difference between glossy and matte sticker paper?

Answer: Glossy sticker printer paper has a shiny finish like that of studio-printed photographs. It makes the colors in the sticker look more vibrant as well. Whereas, matte sticker paper has the normal appearance of regular printing paper.

It really is just a question of individual needs and preferences. Some people believe that glossy sticker printer paper is more suitable for advertising purposes as it catches the eye, while matte sticker printer paper is used for needs that do not require making the sticker noticeable.

Glossy paper usually costs more than matte sticker printer paper.

Q #7) Are all white sticker paper the same?

Answer: No. The quality of the paper differs depending on the shade of white it is. For example, some papers are off-white or cream-colored. It can be a warm or a cold white. Usually, one cannot identify the exact shade while shopping for sticker printer paper online.

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List Of The Top Sticker Paper For Printer

Here you will find the list of the most popular sticker printer paper:

  1. TownStix Printable White Sticker paper
  2. Sticker paper
  3. ZICOTO Premium Printable Vinyl
  4. Limia’s Care Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer
  5. Neato Clear Sticker paper- Vinyl Full Sheet Label
  6. Avery Printable Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printers
  7. iLable 8.5” x 11” Full Sheet
  8. WeLiu Printable Sticker paper for your Inkjet Printer
  9. JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl
  10. Koala Printable Glossy Sticker
  11. Dotac Printable Clear Sticker paper

Comparison Of Best Sticker Printer Paper

Name of the sticker paper for printerPrinter CompatibilityResistancePaper MaterialPricing
TownStix Printable White Sticker paperCompatible with inkjet and laser printersNo resistance to tear or waterNormal typing paper$5.99 for 30 sheets
ZICOTO Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker paperCompatible with inkjet printersWater-resistant but no resistance to tearThick matte$17.94 for 30 sheets
JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker paperCompatible with inkjet printersWater-resistant but no resistance to tearGlossy$20.87 for 30 sheets
Dotac Printable Clear Sticker paperCompatible with laser and inkjet printersWater and tear- resistant Frosty Transparent$22.39 for 30 sheets

Review of the best sticker paper:

#1) TownStix Printable White Sticker paper

Best for the matte surface which takes care of smudge-free printing.

TownStix Printable White Sticker paper

Available in six different dimensions: 2″ x 4″ | 30 sheets/ 2″ x 4″ | 150 sheets, 4″ x 5″ | 30 Sheets/ 4″ x 5″ | 150 Sheets and, 8.5″ x 11″ | 30 sheets/ 8.5″ x 11″ | 150 sheets, TownStix Printable is easy to write on as its surface is like normal writing paper.

It is a simple product with a variety of uses, and its matte white surface is provided with an adhesive on the back. It sticks well on boxes, plastic, paper, or any other flat surface.

Features: It is compatible with laser and inkjet printers. The peel and paste feature exists with a permanent adhesive on the back.

Price: $5.99 for 30 sheets and $21.90 for 150 sheets.

#2) Sticker paper

Best for no slits on backing for use with electronic cutting machines.

Black and White Matte

Blank White Matte Sticker printer paper by Online Label Stores comes with quantity variation starting at as low as a 10-sheet pack to as high as a 10000 -sheet pack with dimensions of 8.5” x 11”. It is shipped carefully in a plastic clamshell case that doubles as a container.

It is commonly used to create DIY sticker sheets, custom-cut stickers, paper stickers, shipping labels, etc. It sticks well over metal, plastic, glass, tin, cardboard, etc.

In addition, every purchase comes with an activation code for the design software named Maestro Label Designer.

Features: Printable adhesive paper, smudge-proof, compatible with both laser and inkjet printers, works with more than four different cutting machines.

Price: $18.20 for a 100 sheet pack.

#3) ZICOTO Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker paper

Best for Waterproof Decal paper that dries quickly and holds ink well.

#3) ZICOTO Premium

Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker printer paper for inkjet and laser Printers by ZICOTO in the dimensions of 8.5” x 11”, provides for multipurpose use both indoors and outdoors. It is, however, advised that, particularly for outdoor usage, a layer of UV-resistant sealer to boost waterproofness and durability should be provided.

It can create a vinyl decal for cards, bumper stickers, vinyl stickers for laptops, unique wall murals, coffee tumblers, water bottles, notebooks, etc. Furthermore, it is super easy to use and produces quick results.

With this, you can create your own filing system or label products. This product works best when one sheet of sticker paper is inserted at a time to avoid jamming the printer.

Features: Compatible with an inkjet printer, has a high life span, efficient and precise color performance, the ink dries within 5 minutes.

Price: 15 sheets for $8.97 and 25 sheets for $10.97.

#4) Limia’s Care Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printers

Best for scratch and tear-resistant paper.

#4) Limia’s Care Printable

This premium quality vinyl printable sticker printer paper produces self-adhesive, water-resistant stickers. Waterproof adhesive allows it to be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

The printer paper is of glossy material which provides for a shiny, vibrant looking, and bright-colored sticker. The paper material is smudge-proof and easy to use in a home printer. It sticks on flat surfaces, plastic, glass, metal, and wood.

Works amazingly well for activities like DIY projects, home labeling, phone labels, bumper stickers, etc. but is not suitable for t-shirts.

Features: Compatible with inkjet printers, smudge-proof, works with craft cutters, and removable adhesive.

Price: 15 sheets- $13.75 and 50 sheets- $29.95

#5) Neato Clear Sticker paper- Vinyl Full Sheet Label

Best for being permanently adhesive and tear-resistant.

#5) Neato Clear Vinyl Full Sheet Label

Neato Labels’ Clear Vinyl Sticker paper is made of crystal clear, transparent glossy material. Each package comes with 10 blank printable sticker paper sheets with standard letter size dimensions of 8.5” x 11”.

They also possess weather-resistant qualities and might become exposed to the elements, but saturation or submersion is not recommended. Each purchase includes design and labels software programs.

The stickers produced are optimum for school, parties, scrapbooking, work, etc. Printing with UV ink is recommended and setting the drying duration to approximately 24 hours for best results.

Features: Compatible with laser and inkjet printers, Waterproof, Laminated Finishing, suitable for any craft-cutting machine.

Price: Pack of 10 sheets for $13.94

#6) Avery Printable Sticker paper Inkjet Printers

Best for ultrahold permanent adhesive.

#6) Avery Printable Sticker paper Inkjet Printers

Avery printable sticker printer paper provides the consumer with the space to customize the sticker on their own- shape and size, both. It is a clear, glossy paper, with great adhesive quality that provides added durability. It is also available in Krafty brown and white colors.

It goes well with glass, plastic, metal, and paper. But we can use it for all kinds of activities like scrapbooking, DIY projects, crafts, personalized gifts, and more. Avery print also provides customizable label templates with the purchase.

Features: Compatible with laser and inkjet printers, compatible with most electric die-cutting machines.

Price: Pack of 7 sheets for $9.99

#7) iLable 8.5” x 11” Full Sheet

Best for easy to peel off without any tears or rips.

#7) iLable 8.5” x 11” Full Sheet Sticker paper

iLable full sheet sticker printer paper comes in the standard letter size, with great adhesive quality to increase durability and life span. It is made using high-quality raw materials which pass through the iLable quality check.

Free templates for stickers/ labels are provided with every purchase. Stickers will hold smooth surfaces like tables, paper, envelopes, cardboard, plastic, glass, tin, or metal permanently.

Usage recommended for FBA, bar-code stickers, name tag stickers, address labels, gift notes, and more. This sticker paper does not recommend high-resolution printing such as photo or template printing.

Features: Compatible with laser and inkjet printers, high-quality adhesive for permanent sticker-surface bonding, compatible with most electronic cutting machines.

Price: Pack of 50 sheets for $7.65

#8) WeLiu Printable Sticker paper for Your Inkjet Printer

Best for quick-drying.Ink is absorbed by the paper within five minutes.

#8) WeLiu Printable Sticker paper for Your Inkjet Printer

WeLiu Translucent sticker printer paper with high-quality adhesive and instant drying qualities comes in standard letter size. It is tear-resistant and waterproof; it can survive small scratches and is nearly impossible to tear.

This is suitable for printing for even high-resolution photos. Upon printing, it provides water resistance and anti-smear.

The visual of the sticker is semi-transparent and foggy.

Features: Glossy printing, compatible with inkjet printers, holds ink well, does not fall off easily.

Price: Pack of 20 sheets for $9.64.

#9) JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl

Best for water-resistance, quick-dry feature.

JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker paper

JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl paper for Printer comes in the standard letter size with glossy, waterproof sheets. The water-resistance quality makes it eligible for use both indoors and outdoors.

The sheets are easy to cut by machines as well as manually. The peel and paste feature make the usage super smooth and consumer-friendly. They are suitable for wall stickers, photo stickers, vinyl lettering, etc.

Features: Compatible with an inkjet printer, glossy finish, absorbs ink well, highly durable.

Price: Pack of 20 sheets for $13.97

#10) Koala Printable Glossy Sticker

Best for strong adhesive; long life.

Koala Printable Glossy Sticker

Koala printable glossy sticker printer paper is suitable for inkjet printers and dye-ink. It has a strong adhesive back, which makes it easier to stick to smooth surfaces permanently. It is suitable for office, home, or business use.

Not only that but we can even use it for creating DIY labels, holiday decorations, wedding favors, photo printing, packaging identification, and much more.

Features: Compatible with an inkjet printer, non-waterproof, strong adhesive.

Price: Pack of 120 sheets for $18.99.

#11) Dotac Printable Clear Sticker paper

Best for tear-resistant and it dries quickly.

#11) Dotac Printable Clear Sticker paper

Dotac Printable Clear Sticker paper comes in the standard letter size with self-adhesive label crafts. This frosty clear sticker paper and its water-resistant quality make it eligible for use indoors as well as outdoors.

It can create long-lasting product labels, vinyl lettering, wall quotes, custom decals, file folder labels, etc. We can even use it on a wider scale for craft making and commercial purposes.

Features: Compatible with laser and inkjet printers, consumer-friendly, can be cut easily.

Price: Pack of 20 sheets for $14.99


At the first look, sticker printing can seem like a highly professional or experience-based activity, but with the right set of information and appropriate tools, it can be performed smoothly as a DIYer in the comfort of your home.

Once prepared, you can even get as creative as you like and have unlimited fun with it! You can experiment with color combinations one by one and perform a comparison of which one looks the best, try out small quantities of different sticker paper to see which provides the best results, and much more.

It is important to keep the usage and its duration in mind while purchasing the sticker paper because they can have dedicated uses, and it is only cost-effective to make an appropriate purchase as mentioned along with other pro-tips to buy sticker printer paper in the article.

Sticker paper with a glossy finish can be a definite choice when one needs to print stickers for advertising, or for children’s school projects, activities that require stickers to be brightly colored and quickly noticeable. On the other hand, paper with a matte finish is more useful for purposes like labeling.

Our Research

  • We have carefully researched 30 different sticker printer paper varieties to shortlist the aforementioned 11 products.
  • The total time taken to go over all the features and reviews was approximately 20-24 hours.
  • We read through 10 different expert opinions to compile that knowledge in a single space.
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