Press Release – iCEDQ Soft New Version Release of ETL Testing & Data Migration Testing Platform

iCEDQ Soft recently announced the new version release of its ETL Testing, Data Warehouse Testing & Data Migration Testing platform. The new version contains iReport module for custom & improved reporting functionality.

In today’s world, data is one of the most important assets that can be exploited as new revenue source. A major portion of an organizations value lies in the database fields and algorithms used to merge the data to reveal new patterns and insights. The decisions made by an organization are based on the data generated by their business intelligence or data warehouse system.

iCEDQ Soft New Version Release of ETL Testing & Data Migration Testing Platform


Organization spends huge amount of money on the products and resources for creating the data warehouses or business intelligence systems. However organizations don’t have any product available in their portfolio for data warehouse, which will be used for testing and monitoring the data. This is the exact gap which iCEDQ is filling with their ETL Testing & Data Migration Testing platform.

Many organizations have gained efficiency by automating their data warehouse testing with iCEDQ. It has also helped management teams gain feedback and transparency in the health of their data and processes.

iReport module which is the part of the latest release, provides users with a list of canned report templates which can be modified to generate custom reports out of iCEDQ. The platform has also enhanced various already available features in the product.

iCEDQ Soft provides trial version of the software as well as demo of the software. User can register for the same at


iCEDQ has helped us to successfully test data migration, without which we wouldn’t have any way to test the environment. – BI Architect (Retail)