Resume Objective Examples [Experience Level & Industry Based]

Find ready-to-use Resume Objective Examples to help you write the perfect resume objective based on your experience level and industry:

When you’re applying for different jobs, it can be quite challenging to adapt or modify your resume to suit every application. Writing a resume objective is one way to easily customize your resume to every position you apply to.

It is the first thing that recruiters read, and a resume objective that effectively showcases you as the ideal candidate will convince them to read further.

  • But what is a resume objective?
  • Do you need a resume objective or a resume summary?
  • How do you write a resume objective?

In this tutorial, you will find the answers to these questions, and more!

Resume Objective Examples

Whether you are a fresh college graduate, or still a student, or even a seasoned professional changing your career at 40, you will find inspiration from our numerous resume summary samples that work for resumes across a range of industries.

What Is A Resume Objective

Sometimes called a career objective, it is a brief statement of your professional goals and the reason you are the best candidate for a particular job. It is usually only 1-2 sentences long and positioned at the top of your resume.

When Should You Use

Deciding whether you need a resume objective or a summary can be confusing. A resume summary is a statement of your skills, qualifications, and experience with a specific job role. A resume objective, on the other hand, is a statement of your goals, and shows why you are applying for a specific position – but which is best for you?

A Resume Summary is usually for experienced professionals and helps to showcase their candidacy for a position by summarizing their extensive experience and strengths in the field.

A Resume Objective is for people who lack relevant work experience, i.e. students who are applying for internships, or recent college graduates looking for their first job, or professionals making a career change who may have transferable skills but not the required experience.

Table - Resume Objective Vs Summary

Although a resume objective is ideal for anyone without relevant experience the difference between a resume objective and summary is not well defined – so don’t overthink it!

In this tutorial, we’re focusing on objectives, but you’ll find some of the samples include a summary of sorts of the applicant’s professional/academic background.

The goal should be to signal to a recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the position and increase your chances of being considered for your dream job.

How To Write

Although the resume objective comes right at the top of your resume, it’s best to write it after you’ve written the rest of your resume. It’ll be much easier to pick the most important of your skills and qualifications to highlight in the objective once you’ve written out your whole resume.

A good objective should tell a potential employer:

  • Who you are: Your most relevant skills, knowledge, abilities, qualifications, and professional goals.
  • What you can do for the company/organization: What position you hope to fill, and how you are the best candidate to help them achieve their goals.

See how the resume objective example below does this:

[Who you are] Creative and a disciplined recent graduate with a degree in Graphic Design and 2+ years of practical experience working with Adobe Photoshop and Flash, creating graphics for ads & websites. Looking to hone my artistic abilities, [What you can do for the company] while optimizing XYZ Company’s website to achieve maximum views, and grow its subscriber base.

Useful Tips

If you’ve written a resume objective following the steps above, you’re almost good to go. Just use the tips below to refine your objective:

  1. Customize your objective to suit each application by mentioning the specific position you are applying for and the name of the company.
  2. Mention only those skills and abilities that you can use to help the company achieve its goals. Keep in mind that it’s not about you as much as it is about what you can do for the company or organization.
  3. Avoid personal pronouns.
  4. Use action words to make your objective more dynamic.
  5. Keep it concise and simple. It should be no longer than 2-3 sentences, or 40-50 words, and avoid unnecessarily complicated vocabulary.
  6. Use relevant keywords, which you can find in the job description itself. This will not only help to tailor your resume to show how good a fit you are for the position, but also improve the likelihood of your resume being selected by a company’s Applicant Tracking System.

Resume Objective Examples

Ideally, a resume objective is for candidates with little to no relevant experience, but as we said before, don’t worry about this too much. Look at the examples below for some inspiration to write your own.

We’ve got objective samples by experience level and for different industries. Just be sure to tweak it to suit your particular professional context.

By Level Of Experience

No matter what level of education and experience you have, there are 3 pieces of information that every resume objective must include:

  • The name of the organization that you are applying to.
  • The position you hope to fill.
  • What value you might bring to the organization, i.e. how you hope to contribute towards their goals.

Read on to find out what additional information to add to your resume depending on what stage of your career you’re at.

#1) Candidates Without Experience/Education

Maybe you’ve never worked full-time. Perhaps you don’t have a college degree. That doesn’t mean you can’t write an attention-grabbing objective.

Here’s what to include in your objective when you have no experience/education:

  1. Start with your strongest personality trait.
  2. Mention the skills that make you ideally suited to the job you’re applying for.


Assertive and hard-working professional seeking an opportunity to offer impeccable customer service in the retail industry. Looking to use my strong communication and leadership skills in the role of Client Service Executive to help XYZ company improve customer satisfaction rates.

#2) College Graduates

If you’ve recently graduated, and have little to no experience for the position you’re applying to, here’s what you can focus on:

  1. Lead with your qualification, showing that your education has prepared you for the role you’re applying for.
  2. Include any relevant experience, for example, university competitions or projects, internships, volunteering stints, etc.


Recent graduate of Computer Science, with six months of experience as an intern at an IT company. Seeking an opportunity at XYZ Company as a Junior Tester, to use my coding and debugging skills towards reducing deployment time and leading to increased client satisfaction.

#3) College Students

If you’re applying for an internship or part-time job, follow these steps to write an effective objective:

  1. Start with your academic background.
  2. Describe your most relevant skills and experience, if any, including college competitions or projects.


Final year sociology student at City University (GPA 4.0) hoping to join XYZ Company’s team as a part-time Research Assistant, and leverage my data entry experience and analytical skills gained through university research projects, to help XYZ Company compile study results in a timely and professional manner.

#4) High School Students

Only graduated high school? Not a problem. You can still write a great resume objective that will get you noticed and help you get that initial interview.

Think about all the activities and events you participated in a high school, and make a list of any achievements. What qualities did you demonstrate when you participated in those activities and events? What do your accomplishments reveal about the traits you possess?

  • Lead with your strongest personal attribute.
  • Highlight skills, that may prove how well suited you are for the specific position.


Committed team player, with strong leadership and communication skills, gained as captain of the high school debate team. Looking to apply my talents at XYZ Company as a receptionist, by welcoming clients and ensuring they have a smooth and pleasant experience from the very first point of contact.

#5) Career Changers

Here’s how you can leverage your previous experience to write an effective resume objective when you are transitioning to a new industry:

  1. Lead with your current job title.
  2. Emphasize the skills and/or experience that demonstrate your suitability for the position you’re applying to fill.


Experienced (8+ years) Graphic Artist skilled in design and illustration, and specialized in children’s book art, seeking to transition from publishing to education, by joining XYZ School as an A-Level Art Teacher. Hoping to use my skills as an artist and my understanding of children to help students explore their creative abilities.

By Industry

Recruiters will toss aside a resume that appears generic to them, so it’s a good idea to tailor your resume objective to each specific job application. Take a look at these industry-specific objective examples for ideas to write yourself a standout resume objective:

#1) Jobs In Administration

Administrative Assistant

Recent graduate with a degree in English, and certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master, hoping to join XYZ Company as an Administrative Assistant, and apply my strong communication, time management, and multitasking skills, learned through two years’ experience as a freelance virtual assistant, to help the Human Resource Department achieve its recruitment goals.

Office Manager

Dedicated professional seeking to leverage my exceptional organizational and budgeting skills as Office Manager at a fast-growing startup like XYZ Company, to help increase productivity and profits through the efficient allocation and use of the equipment and office space amongst all employees so they might function optimally.

#2) Jobs In Business & Management

Business Analyst

Highly-motivated student of Economics and Statistics, looking to fill the Business Analyst Internship position at XYZ Company, and apply my knowledge of business trends, along with my skills in data analysis and interpretation towards delivering data-driven recommendations and reports to all stakeholders.

Project Manager

Resourceful and adaptable professional, with 6+ years’ programming experience, and a strong background in SharePoint design, development, and implementation, hoping to crossover from software development to Project Management with XYZ company, and use my knowledge and skills to optimize overall project scope and resource for on-time on-budget delivery.

#3) Jobs In Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager

Innovative software engineer with a background in web app development, looking to transition to the role of Digital Marketing Manager, and apply strong programming skills, along with experience in aligning customer requirements to business objectives and help XYZ Company develop engaging digital marketing strategies that increase web app visibility and downloads.

SEO Specialist

Enthusiastic graduate of Marketing, with experience in creating and executing successful SEO campaigns, gained during a yearlong internship with an online retailer, seeking to join XYZ Company as an SEO specialist, and help achieve marketing goals, through the development of optimization strategies that increase the company’s search engine results rankings.

#4) Jobs in Hospitality

Food Service

Dedicated team player (captain of the cheer squad), with strong communication skills and a friendly attitude. Hoping to apply my skillset at XYZ Café as a Server over the summer holiday season, to offer customers a delightful experience, and help increase food sales overall.

Restaurant Manager

Seasoned Waitress with 8+ years in hospitality, having worked as a bartender, busser, and line cook in various establishments. Skilled in customer service, with proven success in increasing wine sales, and the ability to thrive in high-stress environments. Looking to leverage my knowledge and experience as a Restaurant Manager at XYZ Restaurant.

#5) Jobs In Education


A recent graduate of Child Psychology, with theoretical knowledge of learning disorders, and volunteer experience helping children who have dyslexia and dyscalculia achieve success in school. Seeking to apply my excellent communication and conflict resolution skills at XYZ School as a Counselor, and help at-risk students achieve their fullest potential.


Head of Humanities, with 10+ years, experience managing large classrooms as a History teacher, as well as supervising a team of subject teachers as department Head. Hoping to leverage my passion for education as Headmistress at XYZ High School, to help foster a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students.

#6) Jobs In Finance


Diligent graduate with a Master’s in Accounting & Finance, and superior mathematical skills. Consistently top grades in relevant courses, including Management Accounting, Taxation and Auditing, Financial Modeling, and Corporate Finance. Looking to join XYZ Company as Junior Accountant and contribute my experience and skills towards achieving financial targets.

Financial Analyst

Certified Accountant with 5+ years experience in accounting processes as well as revenue forecasting and budgeting, proficient in Microsoft Excel, and skilled in analytical thinking, seeking to fill the position of Financial Analyst at XYZ Company and leverage my knowledge and skills towards optimizing financial planning and developing cost-saving operations.

#7) Jobs In Information Technology

Data Scientist

Graduate of Mathematics and Statistics, with a passion for numbers, and a specialization in statistical analysis. Proficient in packages such as R, Python, and SQL. Eager to join XYZ Company as Junior Data Scientist and use my data skills to extrapolate and share insights towards achieving business goals.

IT Specialist

Experienced network administrator with in-depth knowledge of server technologies including upgrading, repairing, and maintaining computer networks, and specialized in troubleshooting. Looking to take on the role of IT Specialist at XYZ Company, and contribute to the smooth functioning of the team by overseeing efficient and timely IT support.

#8) Jobs In Healthcare


Compassionate Registered Nurse (RN) with 8+ years experience caring for the elderly in hospitals, nursing facilities, and home settings, looking to expand my skillset, and transition from geriatric care to emergency services. Eager to join XYZ Hospitals, and apply the skills I gained caring for vulnerable patients to help those who come to the hospital emergency room.


Licensed Phlebotomist, with a certification in Basic Life Support, and practical experience in collecting and storing blood samples, gained through volunteering at a local free clinic. Looking to join XYZ Clinic as Phlebotomist, and use my knowledge of venipuncture to offer patients as pleasant a hospital experience as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do you write an objective for a resume?

Answer: First consider how your professional background fits the job description, i.e. what skills, knowledge, or abilities do you have that make you a good fit for the position and the company.

Then use this format to write your objective:

  1. Lead with your strongest attribute or your most relevant qualification.
  2. In the second sentence, mention your top 2-3 skills, knowledge areas, or abilities.
  3. In the last sentence, talk about what value you will bring to the company that you are applying to.

Q #2) Do I need a resume objective or a resume summary?

Answer: If you have work experience relevant to the position you are seeking, use a resume summary.

Use a resume objective if you lack relevant work experience, and particularly in the following situations:

  • You are a student or recent graduate applying for an internship or your first job.
  • You are changing careers and lack relevant experience, but have certain transferable skills suited to the role you are applying for.

Q #3) What is a good objective for an entry-level resume?

Answer: If you have little to no experience, here’s how you can write a good resume objective:

  1. Start with your strongest personal traits.
  2. State your educational qualification.
  3. Mention the role and company you are applying to.
  4. Describe how you can contribute to the company’s goals.

Look at some of our sample examples for more ideas on writing the perfect objective for your resume.

Q #4) Do I need a resume objective if I have no experience?

Answer: If you have no experience, then a resume objective is perfect for you. It allows you to convince potential employers that you have certain skills, knowledge, or abilities that make you the ideal candidate for a particular position, even though you lack experience for the role.

Q #5) Where do you put the objective on a resume?

Answer: A resume objective sits at the very top of the resume, as its purpose is to grab the attention of the recruiter or potential employer, and showcase your suitability for the role they have advertised.


Recruiters spend an average of 6-7 seconds perusing each resume, so a strong resume objective will help you get your foot in the door and land that preliminary interview.

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Now you’ve got all the information and inspiration you need to write your resume objective. Just remember to include these key points:

  • Your strongest personality trait.
  • Your educational qualifications (if you have a graduate degree).
  • 2 or 3 of your top, most relevant, skills.
  • The value that you can add to the organization.

And don’t forget, you have all our resume objective samples to help you write your perfect resume objective.