WinRunner Interview Questions with answers

Here is another post of WinRunner Interview preparation series. You can find here frequently asked WinRunner interview questions with answers. Most of the questions are based on Test Script Language (TSL), recording scripts in WinRunner and introduction to some important basic WinRunner most used commands.

1) What is the purpose of set_window command?
Set_Window command sets the focus to the specified window. We use this command to set the focus to the required window before executing tests on a particular window.

Syntax: set_window(<logical name>, time);
The logical name is the logical name of the window and time is the time the execution has to wait till it gets the given window into focus.

set_window (“Print”, 12);
button_press (“OK”);

The set_window statement indicates that the Print window is the active window.
The OK button is learned within the context of this window. If you program a test manually, you need to enter the set_window statement then the active window changes. When editing a script, take care not to delete necessary set_window statements.

2) Why don’t we normally load the GUI maps through a startup scripts?
a) If we are using a single GUI Map file for the entire AUT then the memory used by the GUI Map may be much high.
b) If there is any change in the object being learned then WinRunner will not be able to recognize the object, as it is not in the GUI Map file loaded in the memory. So we will have to learn the object again and update the GUI File and reload it.

3) How do you unload the GUI map?
We can use GUI_close to unload a specific GUI Map file or else we call use GUI_close_all command to unload all the GUI Map files loaded in the memory.

Syntax: GUI_close(<file_name>); or GUI_close_all;

You can also use GUI_unload and GUI_unload_all functions to unload loaded GUI map files.

4) What is the use of GUI map and what happens when GUI map file get loaded?
When we load a GUI Map file, the information about the windows and the objects with their logical names and physical description are loaded into memory. So when the WinRunner executes a script on a particular window, it can identify the objects using this information loaded in the memory.

5) How do you copy and move objects between different GUI map files?
We can copy and move objects between different GUI Map files using the GUI Map Editor. The steps to be followed are:

  1. Choose Tools > GUI Map Editor to open the GUI Map Editor.
  2. Choose View > GUI Files.
  3. Click Expand in the GUI Map Editor. The dialog box expands to display two GUI map files simultaneously.
  4. View a different GUI map file on each side of the dialog box by clicking the file names in the GUI File lists.
  5. In one file, select the objects you want to copy or move. Use the Shift key and/or Control key to select multiple objects. To select all objects in a GUI map file, choose Edit > Select All.
  6. Click Copy or Move.
  7. To restore the GUI Map Editor to its original size, click Collapse.

6) How do you configure GUI map?
a) When WinRunner learns the description of a GUI object, it does not learn all its properties. Instead, it learns the minimum number of properties to provide a unique identification of the object.
b) Many applications also contain custom GUI objects. A custom object is any object not belonging to one of the standard classes used by WinRunner. These objects are therefore assigned to the generic “object” class. When WinRunner records an operation on a custom object, it generates obj_mouse_ statements in the test script.
c) If a custom object is similar to a standard object, you can map it to one of the standard classes. You can also configure the properties WinRunner uses to identify a custom object during Context Sensitive testing. The mapping and the configuration you set are valid only for the current WinRunner session. To make the mapping and the configuration permanent, you must add configuration statements to your startup test script.

7) What is the purpose of GUI spy?
Using the GUI Spy, you can view the properties of any GUI object on your desktop. You use the Spy pointer to point to an object, and the GUI Spy displays the properties and their values in the GUI Spy dialog box. You can choose to view all the properties of an object or only the selected set of properties that WinRunner learns.

8 ) What is the purpose of different record methods 1) Record 2) Pass up 3) As Object 4) Ignore.
a) Record instructs WinRunner to record all operations performed on a GUI object. This is the default record method for all classes. (The only exception is the static class (static text), for which the default is Pass Up.)
b) Pass Up instructs WinRunner to record an operation performed on this class as an operation performed on the element containing the object. Usually, this element is a window, and the operation is recorded as win_mouse_click.
c) As Object instructs WinRunner to record all operations performed on a GUI object as though its class was “object” class.
d) Ignore instructs WinRunner to disregard all operations performed on the class.

9) What are the virtual objects and how do you learn them?
You can teach WinRunner to recognize any bitmap in a window as a GUI object by defining the bitmap as a virtual object.
You can create virtual push buttons, radio buttons, check buttons, lists, or tables, according to the bitmap’s behavior in your application. If none of these is suitable, you can map a virtual object to the general object class.

a) Applications may contain bitmaps that look and behave like GUI objects. WinRunner records operations on these bitmaps using win_mouse_click statements. By defining a bitmap as a virtual object, you can instruct WinRunner to treat it like a GUI object such as a push button, when you record and run tests.
b) Using the Virtual Object wizard, you can assign a bitmap to a standard object class, define the coordinates of that object, and assign it a logical name.

10) What is the use of Virtual Object Wizard and how it is used?
To define a virtual object using the Virtual Object wizard:

  1. Choose Tools > Virtual Object Wizard. The Virtual Object wizard opens. Click Next.
  2. In the Class list, select a class for the new virtual object. If rows that are displayed in the window. For a table class, select the number of visible rows and columns. Click Next.
  3. Click Mark Object. Use the crosshairs pointer to select the area of the virtual object. You can use the arrow keys to make precise adjustments to the area you define with the crosshairs. Press Enter or click the right mouse button to display the virtual object’s coordinates in the wizard. If the object marked is visible on the screen, you can click the Highlight button to view it. Click Next.
  4. Assign a logical name to the virtual object. This is the name that appears in the test script when you record on the virtual object. If the object contains text that WinRunner can read, the wizard suggests using this text for the logical name. Otherwise, WinRunner suggests virtual_object, virtual_push_button, virtual_list, etc.
  5. You can accept the wizard’s suggestion or type in a different name. WinRunner checks that there are no other objects in the GUI map with the same name before confirming your choice. Click Next.

11) What are the modes of script recording in WinRunner?
There are 2 modes of recording in WinRunner

  • Context Sensitive recording records the operations you perform on your application by identifying Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects.
  • Analog recording records keyboard input, mouse clicks, and the precise x- and y-coordinates traveled by the mouse pointer across the screen.

12) What is a checkpoint and what are different types of checkpoints?
Checkpoints allow you to compare the current behavior of the application being tested to its behavior in an earlier version.

You can add four types of checkpoints to your test scripts:

  1. GUI checkpoints verify information about GUI objects. For example, you can check that a button is enabled or see which item is selected in a list.
  2. Bitmap checkpoints take a snapshot of a window or area of your application and compare this to an image captured in an earlier version.
  3. Text checkpoints read the text in GUI objects and in bitmaps and enable you to verify their contents.
  4. Database checkpoints check the contents and the number of rows and columns of a result set, which is based on a query you create your database.

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You can ask your doubts in the comment section below if you are not clear with some answers.

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I am learning in software testing right now.can anyone tell me whether i need to know advanced in software testing or enough to know at the basic level in manual and automated testing to get a job..


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