How Can a Website Be Tested?

Points to be considered while testing a Website:

Websites are essentially client/server applications – with web servers and ‘browser’ clients.

Consideration should be given to the interactions between HTML pages, TCP/IP communications, Internet connections, firewalls, applications that run in web pages (such as applets, javascript, plug-in applications) and applications that run on the server side (such as CGI scripts, database interfaces, logging applications, dynamic page generators, asp, etc.).

Additionally, there are a wide variety of servers and browsers with various versions of each. They include small but sometimes significant differences between them in terms of variations in connection speeds, rapidly changing technologies, and multiple standards & protocols. The end result of which testing for websites can become a major ongoing effort.

Other considerations include

Few other considerations to be included while testing a website are given below.

  • What is the expected load on the server (e.g., number of hits per unit time)?
  • What kind of performance is required under each load condition (such as web server response time, database query response times)?
  • What kind of tools will be required for performance testing (such as web load testing tools, other tools already in house that can be adapted, web robot downloading tools, etc.)?
  • Who is the target audience? What kind of browsers will they be using? What kind of connection speeds will they be using? Are they intra- organizations (thus likely with high connection speeds and similar browsers) or Internet-wide (thus with a wide variety of connection speeds and browser types)?
  • What kind of performance is expected from the client side (e.g., how fast should pages appear, how fast should animations, applets, etc. load and run)?
  • Will the downtime for server and content maintenance/upgrades be allowed? If so, then how much?
  • What kind of security (firewalls, encryption, passwords, etc.) will be required and what is it expected to do? How can it be tested?
  • How reliable is the site’s Internet connections required to be? And how does that affect the backup system or redundant connection requirements and testing?
  • What process will be required to manage updates to the web site’s content?
  • What are the requirements for maintaining, tracking, and controlling page content, graphics, links, etc.?
  • Which HTML specification will be adhered to? How strictly? What variations will be allowed for targeted browsers?
  • Will there be any standard requirements for page appearance and/or graphics throughout a site or parts of a site??
  • How will internal and external links be validated and updated? And how often? will it happen?
  • Can testing be done on the production system, or will a separate test system be required?
  • How are browser caching, variations in browser option settings, dial-up connection variability, and real-world internet ‘traffic congestion’ problems to be accounted for testing?
  • How extensive or customized are the server logging and reporting requirements; are they considered as an integral part of the system and do they require testing?
  • How are CGI programs, applets, javascript, ActiveX components, etc. to be maintained, tracked, controlled, and tested?
  • Pages should be 3-5 screens max unless the content is highly focused on a single topic. If larger, provide internal links within the page.
  • The page layouts and design elements should be consistent throughout a site so that it’s clear to the user that they are still within a site.
  • Pages should be as browser-independent as possible, or pages should be provided or generated based on the browser-type.
  • All pages should have links external to the page; there should be no dead-end pages.
  • The page owner, revision date, and a link to a contact person or organization should be included on each page.

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#1 pradeep mathew

how we can test how many users can access the particular web site at a time . how we will create that much instances??

#2 Vijay

Pradeep, Manually creating all those simultaneous instances is practically not possible. Here Automation performance tools come into picture.
In automation tools you can specify how many user instances you want to create. These instances work as a virtual human user. Various load testing tool can be used to simulate this task e.g

#3 Ravi kumar

@ vijay

What is perl scripting?

#4 Trupti

very informative information
can pls post very detailed information with live example about web site testing
specially on how to test www and ur experience on testing search engine too
thanking you

#5 Priti

this site is wonderful, would u please write in detail about API testing and white box testing?

#6 Sridhar

I am doing my final year M.C.A and i have chosen WebServer Performance Testing tool as my project.
I am unable to know where to start from, so can you pls help me out by guiding me and tell me how to proceed.
Thank you

#7 waseem Ahamad

good Try

#8 Amarjit

Up to which extent, programming knowledge is required for a good tester.

#9 Dheeraj Sharma

What are different methodologies, strategies used for web testing.What is the difference between in it.Please give the detailed explanation about it.

#10 Sanjay

can pls post very detailed information with live example about web site testing
specially on how to test www and ur experience on testing search engine too
with Regards

#11 george

Hi vijay and all,

Please provide some known issues in web testing.

#12 jhenz

Hello All,

I just would like to share you this article. It’s about web testing in general, but more specifically on the difference of two browser giants: Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.

Hope somebody could give feedbacks on this.

Thanks! :D

#13 Chandana

Hi ,

Very informative. I am eagerly waiting for your updates on “Testing a search engine site”. Thank you.

#14 shilpa

very important infomation
reaally thanks a lot it help me much
matrimonial websites is web application or client/server application plz tell me i m confused.

#15 Sriram

Hi Shilpa
I think all web sites or web applications are Client/server application. For any more queries u can contact me on

#16 sai

Can anyone tell me how
1.Risk management
3.Configuration Management
4.Quality Management
are Related to testing

#17 rajatha

hi all,
plz anyone tell me how to test Anti-virus software.
i have been asked this question many times in interview.

hoping for reply from u,

#18 madhu

can a web application be tested manually? and
which type of testing cannot be done manually?

#19 rajatha

hi madhu,
i think except performance(Load,volume,stress,scalability)testing, rest we can do manually.

plz anybody correct me if am wrong.

#20 rajatha

hi tiger,
plz tell me is sql imp.. for testers? if so how?

thanks in advance.

plz tell me how to retrieve fourth highest salary from employee table.

#21 rajatha

plz anyone tell me the approach to test Anti-virus software

#22 gsreddy

hi friends i have small doubt please rectify this what things will be tested when testing the web application like url,images,link and how these will be tested

#23 Madhura

I want some more on “Security Testing” for Website…..

Plz anyone help me………

#24 shubhangi

plz anyone tell me how to test Anti-virus software.

#25 Rahul

Hi Vijay/Tiger2k,

I have one very obvious question since I am not finding good answer for this question.Please help in in getting correct answer for this question.
The best answer what i could think is as follows
“If i would join this organisation it would be altogether different LEARNING experience for me since this is a Product Compant and I am going to learn different process, different system that would definately nurture me careerwise”
I am neither pointing to salery nor blaming to current organisation.I am just what’s this company is having.
Please help me in getting this answer correctly…

#26 Devi Nair

What are the contents of a release notes?

#27 Meghmala

Hi all,
Can anyboby tell me how I can test performance of web application? PLease give me contact details. I am online on Google id from 9.30am to 6.30 pm . You can ping me on .Also tell me who can solved my testing doubts quickly?

#28 Meghmala

Hi vijay,
I want your email id/contact details.


How to Test a website?Can u give me the answer with an example of Website Project?

#30 ranga Reddy

Can u give some examples web application test cases and also can u provide me some qtp scripts on any webapplication?

#31 Narasimhaa

What are different methodologies, strategies used for web testing.

#32 nitin

kudos to you !!!

hey is there any particular book on website & web application testing, tell the name.
as there are No. of testing tools for each kind of testing. hence tell which are d best for specific testing. If there any site from where i can find info abt. latest testing tool then specify it…

thanx alot.

#33 Vaishali

Hey hi while reading as you mentioned earlier , could you please share your experience and some guidelines for search engine?

“I am working on the search engine website. Testing a search engine site is a little bit different than a regular website. In my next posts I will explain how to test WWW in detail.”

#34 seeethapathi

Hi frnz,

i need some doc regarding GUI Testing for web/window applications. Kindly send me if u can.

What are the things we have to test in GUI Testing.
Plz help me out.

#35 kanna

how to test an application using the loadrunner & how to write test cases.plz any one can send me repply.
thank u

#36 kanna

how to test an application using the loadrunner & how to write test cases.plz any one can send me reply to the following
e-mail :
thank u

#37 kanna

I am the new in loadrunner plz can any one tell me about how to test the application using the loadrunner . plz tell me .thank u in adv.

#38 vsmith

AppLoader is a complete load and functional testing software from NRG Global. It simulates hundreds or thousands of end users interacting with applications in real-life scenarios . Apploader is protocol independent and supports a wide variety of web and enterprise class applications. Sign up for a free consultation for more info.

#39 Shubha

hw to test the appln using loadrunner tool is infact very simpler job..b4 doing performance testing(PT) u should me much familiar with the tool…
u go with PT when appln s functionally stable. in PT u test the load ie, no of users expected by customer, will it support or not, behaviour of the appln wen too much load applied..u also study the transaction(txn) response time, txn rate, through put, hits per second, resource utilization…
In PT u dont write test cases, u just generate de script with respect to customers expectation lik no of loads u specify n sm more setting to be done

PT goes in dis way
1. Requirement & feasibility study
2. Identify the scenario
3. Test plan
4. Build the environment
4. Create Script
5. Design Performance scenario
6. Execute n monitor
7. Analyse the result
8. If requirement is met prepare test report ..u done with PT of ur appln
9 If requirement not met then perform tunning from 5th step ..repeate it untill u meet the requirement
10. If still not supporting then throw the appln on developer face n tell it should be rebuild ..plz do proper coding ;-)

#40 ravi


#41 ravi


#42 ravi


#43 Narendran

very informative message

I’m looking some different database testing and cross browser testing not in a detailed,so i request you pls post detailed Cross browser testing material.

#44 ashish

I recently gave an interview for website testing where they asked me these questions.

1) What would you do if you get a server error? The error is only on your system and all the other systems are working fine. Also all the backend services are up and running.

2) what would you do if the server error is on all the systems?

3) what would you do if you get the server error on clicking on a specific link?

Could someone please provide me answers for these questions?
My mail ID is

#45 shalu

hi, shubha, nice one,
please give a complete details on load runner, how to do strees, volume testing and how to analyze the graphs, can u please share you contact details with me???

#46 Nagireddy

hi this nagireddy how to write agile testing with examples

i m waiting for response

#47 hiral

I am trying to learn about website testing. I am new testing world. I would really need a help to see some example so that I can understand where to start and what to include how to do. I have able to write test case. I tried looking for any example but could not find. If you can please share some knowledge. That would be more than anything. Thank you in advance.
My email id is

#48 Minna

I am new into application testing. Can anyone tell how can I get some dummy projects to practice? You can also mail me

#49 usha trivedi

Hello friend,

can anyone tell me what is a process of testing the software

#50 usha trivedi

Hello friends,

I am usha trivedi and new in software testing.
can anyone tell me what is a process of testing the software manually and based on which testing technique preparation of test case is done.

Usha Trivedi

#51 shraddha gupta

hi ,i am shraddha gupta

i am new into software please
can anyone tell me what is a process of testing the software manually

#52 aishwarya

Im completely new for testing wanna know how to write test cases for user and admin login

#53 naveen

what type does a performance management application belong to?I mean to say does it belong to web testing or web application?

#54 Rajesh

my project domain is Testing… then how to test client server application using QTP and Load Runner

#55 Nilesh

One of the interviwer ask me ” What are the key points that you will consider while testing web based testing and not while testing client server application

can any one answer plz…

#56 syed

i am a fresher for testing..

can any one say me what wil be the test case for web application for example in a home page


if any freshers enter to testing area and join with QA team ,what are things they should know?

#58 Babeeta shinde

Can anyone tell me best negative test cases for web based application filed level testing

#59 roma

Hi Vijay,
Please help me with website testing and web application testing with an example.

Thanks in advance.

#60 amil

Join testing class

#61 Saravanan

very Nice informative information can pls post very detailed information.

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