Deployment in MongoDB: Step-By-Step Tutorial

A Step By Step Guide on Deployment in MongoDB:

We learned how to Create Backup in MongoDB in our previous tutorial in this Explicit range of MongoDB Training tutorials.

In this tutorial, we will get to know all about Deployment in MongoDB in detail.

As you know MongoDB is providing a free trial to test the feature of its cloud. Hence you can test the sample deployment of your application or the new application easily.

Deployment in MongoDB

When you visit the MongoDB official site and hit the button “try free”, you will view the following form in which you have to fulfill your information for a free account.

Figure 1

try MongoDB for free

After creating an account, it will immediately get logged-in the application where you will see a popup welcoming you. From the following image, you can observe that there is a button called “build my first cluster”. You just have to click this button to proceed further.

Figure 2

build my first cluster

Then it will ask you about three questions and we will go to “developing a new application”.

Figure 3

developing a new application

Right after this it will show the success message and start creating a cluster. To finish all the process you just have to click on “get started”.

Figure 4

get started

You will observe in the bottom of the website that there is a footer in which “create cluster” button is located. You just have to click this to proceed for the cluster creation process.

Figure 5

create cluster

After clicking the above button, it will show you a popup as you can see in the following image. In which it is clearly stated that your cluster is successfully created. Now we have to create a user and refine on IP and at last connect the cluster with the application. Now click on “create your first database user”.

Figure 6

create your first database user

It will lead you to the overview page and you have to click on the security tab, where you will observe there is no user available and you have to create one by clicking on “add new user”.

Figure 7

Add new MongoDB user

After clicking the button a new popup will appear in which you have to fulfill the information of the user which you want to create for the cluster.

Figure 8

Select User Privilege

After creating your desired user for the cluster. Now it’s time to validate your IP address to proceed further. When you click on connect in the overview page of the cluster, it will lead you to the popup where you have to validate your IP address.

Figure 9

validate your IP address

Now we have to select the method of connection to access the cluster. We will use the connection string connectivity method to access the cluster.

Figure 10

select the method of connection

At last, you have to select the connection string according to the driver that you are using for your MongoDB application. After this, when you execute your application it will directly be connected with the cluster and you have successfully performed the deployment.


MongoDB is providing a free trial package to test the features on the cloud. By following the above step by step procedure anyone can create a cluster on the cloud and deploy the application.

We hope you enjoyed the entire range of tutorials in this MongoDB Training Series. These tutorials will indeed be a perfect guide for Beginners who are new to MongoDB.

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