MongoDB Create Database Tutorial

A Complete Guide to Create and Insert Database in MongoDB:

Our previous tutorial in this Free MongoDB training series explained to us all about the Installation of MongoDB on Windows.

In this tutorial, we will see how to Create & Insert Database in MongoDB.

The most basic step in MongoDB is to make a Mongo Database and a Mongo Collection in it. Remember, that Database bears all collections while collections store documents in them.

MongoDB Create Database Tutorial

Furthermore, mongo documents would be having specific Field Names & Field Values as well.

Figure 1: Field Names & Field Values in MongoDB.

Field Names and Field Values in MongoDB

The Field Names are “staff_id” & “Staff_member_name” while the Field Values are “01” & “Jhon“. Just like this, multiple mongo documents together make up a mongo collection.

MongoDB – Create Database

Creation of a database is so easy. All you have to do is to put “use” before the name of the database and press Enter.

Figure 2: Mongo list collections with the command “Show dbs”.

Create Database

Description: In MongoDB, the command “use” is used to create a database. If there is no database in the MongoDB already, then one will be made.

Upon successful execution, you will get the result as shown below.

Figure 3

successful execution of new db

Switching into the database is itself a successful execution of the “use” Command.

Create Collection Using insert ()

As we have created a database. Now, let’s create a mongo collection in it. For this purpose, a user must insert certain records which make up a mongo document in collection i.e. via Field Names & Field Values.

If there is no collection in the database, then one would be made. The command given below would be used to generate a collection.

Figure 4

Create Collection Using insert ()

The following output would come upon successful execution.

Figure 5: In Shell

MongoDB results - In Shell

Figure 6: In Robo 3T

Execution Result - In Robo 3T

The following output would come upon successful execution.

Figure 7

Output in Robo 3T

Description: As you see, using the insert command, we have successfully generated a collection in the database.

How Mongo Documents Have Been Made?

As we know, MongoDB has insert () command to make a collection by inserting documents into it.

Let’s see how it is done!!

Step 1: Launch MongoDB by writing commands “mongod” and “mongo” on command prompt. You can check the previous tutorial on Installation of MongoDB on Windows for detailed information on this.

Step 2: Write insert () command, which is in our case is:

             { -+
                       "staff_id": 01,
                       "staff_member_name": "Jhon"

Press Enter.


  • The first component of the command is Insertion of the statement, through which a user can insert documents into the collection.
  • The second part of the command is adding Field Names & Field Values, which is the actual stuff in documents.

If the execution is done successfully, then the given output would be displayed.

Figure 8

insertion done successfully

The output given above displays that the insertion has been done successfully.


In this tutorial, we learned how to create a database and insert mongo collections and documents in it. We also had a look at the step by step guide for database creation and insertion of mongo collection.

Stay tuned to check out our upcoming tutorial on Using arrays for an insert statement on MongoDB!!

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