The Perfect Instagram Story Sizes & Dimensions [2023 Guide]

Get to know about The Perfect Instagram Story Sizes & Dimensions. Follow these tips, dos, and don’ts, and explore some of the most creative Instagram stories:

Instagram is growing every day. It keeps adding new features and altering algorithms. Regular updates make it hard to stay ahead of its best practices.

Instagram Stories are evolving and becoming more popular. People and brands are using the Stories with equal intensity and purpose.

There’s a lot more to posting Instagram Stories than just selecting an image and adding hashtags. The Instagram story size should meet Instagram’s criteria, and so should its dimension.

This article will tell you what the ideal Instagram story dimensions and sizes are and why adhering to them is essential.

What Should Be Your Instagram Stories Size

The Perfect Instagram Story Sizes & Dimensions

The IG story size should be 1080 x 1920 pixels, the minimum width should be 500 pixels, and its aspect ratio should be 9:16. The same guidelines remain for video size as well. Your image should be under 30MB in size and in either PNG or JPG format. The Instagram videos should be under 4GB in size and either in MP4 or MOV format.

IG story size

If you don’t adhere to these specifications, Instagram will crop or zoom in to the image. It might result in a loss of quality and information. This will defy the purpose for which you are uploading the story.

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The Safe Zone for Instagram Story Size

By the safe zone, we mean the area in your IG story where the content isn’t obstructed or cropped. You will see blue lines if your story moves out of the safe zone, especially if it’s stickers or GIFs.

Take, for example, the image below:

safe zone

Below is a random image from the phone gallery and we have added a sticker to it. At the top of the story, you, as a user, see the profile name and icon of the account, and you get an option to close the story. The blue line at the top is the safe zone of the story. So, if you move the sticker beyond that line, the sticker will be cropped, as you can see below.

sticker cropped

The blue line in the middle of the previous image shows that the sticker is centered. You can use this line to find the perfect placement for that sticker on the photo. Moving the sticker around allows you to see the vertical and horizontal grids for the middle of the picture.

vertical and horizontal grids

Similar grids can be seen on moving the sticker to the bottom of the image. However, if it is moved beyond the grid at the bottom, the sticker will not be visible to the viewer.

similar grids

These gridlines will help you stay in the safe zone of Instagram story size so that you don’t miss out on the crucial part of your IG story.

Why Instagram Stories Dimensions are Important

The story dimensions of Instagram make sure that the story you have uploaded comes with as much quality as possible. They are created keeping in mind the screen resolutions of various devices and operating systems across which Instagram is used.

Adhering to the dimensions makes sure that:

  • You don’t lose critical information.
  • Your brand looks professional and reliable.
  • Your content retains its quality.
  • There is no redundant pixelation.

Tips for IG Story Dimensions

Here are a few tips to get the maximum result from your Instagram stories.

#1) Use High-Quality Content

Use High-Quality Content for instagram story

[image source]

When you upload an image on Instagram, it compresses the picture. So, if you upload low-quality content, its quality will only degrade further in the process. The best option is to pick an image of at least 72 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) for uploading on Instagram.

#2) Pick the Right Shape, Size, and Aspect Ratio

The Perfect Instagram Story Sizes

[image source]

Whether you are uploading a horizontal or vertical image to your Instagram story, you need to adhere to the dimensions. If you fail to meet the requirements, Instagram will format your content automatically. This might result in cropped, zoomed-out, or zoomed-in images, typically resulting in a loss of quality. So, stay with the aspect ratio of 9:16.

#3) Mind the File Size and Formats


[image source]

As we have already mentioned above, Instagram only accepts images up to 30 MB and videos up to 4 GB in size. So Instagram will reject anything that goes beyond that size. Also, for images, stick with JPG and PNG file format, while for videos, it is MP4 and MOV.

#4) Go Verticle

perfect instagram story size

[image source]

While Instagram posts have a more flexible orientation, the stories are rigid with their dimensions. The vertical format works best for IG stories. Go with Instagram posts for horizontal images.

#5) Use Apps for Editing or Readymade Templates

Use Apps for Editing

Apps like Canva, PicMonkey, and Easil allow you to edit images and offer IG story templates that you can use. There are many more such apps like Adobe Spark, Lumen5, etc. These apps come with both free and paid plans. So, you can pick the one you like and find it easy to use.

Fixing Your Instagram Story Quality

Fixing Your Instagram Story Quality

[image source]

We have often received queries about fixing the nature of Instagram quality. Our readers have mentioned repeatedly that, for some reason, they cannot get the kind of quality they want in their stories. It turns grainy, hazy, or blurry.

This could be either because Instagram has compressed your image or video or its aspect ratio or dimension is not up to the mark.

Always double-check the quality, dimensions, and aspect ratio to make sure they adhere to the Instagram requirements. Ensure that the file is neither too large nor too small, and has at least 72 PPI.

What if Your Story is Still Blurry

If everything is up to the mark and yet your Instagram story looks grainy or blurry, here are some things you can try:

#1) Ask Someone to Check

Sometimes, your story might appear blurry or grainy to you because of your internet connection or operating system issues. Ask someone else to check your story on their device to see if it looks the same to them. On the other hand, there might not be an issue with your story.

#2) Check Your Data Saver

This feature prevents videos from advanced loading for reducing data usage. If you have an excellent internet connection, but your stories are still blurry, it might be because you have turned on the data saver.

#3) Compare Your Phone and Instagram Cameras

If the issue is with the video or image taken from your Instagram camera, try taking them with your phone’s camera and see if the problem exists. And check vice versa. Changing the camera might make all the difference to IG’s compression settings.

Dos and Don’ts for Perfect Instagram Stories

Dos and don'ts

Keep in mind that a few things can help you get excellent results from your Instagram stories. Here’s what we have gathered from our studies so far.


Here’s what you should do for the perfect Instagram stories:

  1. Adhere to the Instagram story size requirements.
  2. Find balance in your content.
  3. Offer variety.
  4. Use short-form text copy and only when strictly relevant.
  5. Post on a schedule.
  6. Use relevant tags and mentions.


Refrain from doing these few things:

  1. Upload low-quality videos or images.
  2. Solely focus on sales and self-promotion.
  3. Overpopulate your stories with text.
  4. Post too many stories in a short time.
  5. Use irrelevant and unnecessary tags and mentions.
  6. Post at a random time.

You will always get the best outcome from your Instagram stories with these tips in mind.

Some Insanely creative Insta Stories from Brands You Love

Here are some of the most creative Instagram stories we have ever encountered:

#1) Mega Creator by Icons8

Best for Customizable ready-made Instagram story templates.

Mega Creator by Icons8

Mega Creator is quite an intuitive online graphic design software. It offers an easy-to-use online graphic design editing interface alongside a massive library of icons, photos, illustrations, background, and AI-generated faces for customization. The best aspect of this software is the plethora of ready-made Instagram story templates you get to play with.

Simply choose the template you like, proceed to customize it further with the user-friendly editing interface, and export it for upload on your Instagram profile. All designs you create are stored safely and will remain accessible to you via your Mega Creator account. Not only Instagram, Mega Creator is ideal for creating graphics for posts on all major social media platforms out there.


  • Ready-Made template gallery
  • User-friendly Editing Interface
  • Smart Photo Upscaler
  • AI-Generated Faces
  • Background remover

Price: $89

#2) New York Public Library


This was utter genius. The New York Public Library started posting entire novels on their Instagrams. Viewers can pause the screen by keeping their fingers pressed on the screen and move on after they are finished. We were hooked and eagerly waited for their stories.

#3) Prada


If you have seen the ‘In the mood for Prada’ stories, you will know what we are talking about. The brand has used just enough mystique and information to keep the users hooked on its stories. The lack of information makes viewers want to learn more about it.

#4) Noom


Noom inspires people to make healthier lifestyle choices. It has kept its users pinned to its story by posting mouthwatering healthy recipes in insta stories. You can pause the screen by holding it and letting it go when you are done reading through it.

#5) Samsung


Samsung releases its Logo-Play for every occasion. It’s insanely creative and exciting to watch how the logo moves and creates something related to a particular occasion. If you have not watched it yet, you should. You will love it.

#6) Hulu


Hulu is a leading entertainment platform. It offers a sneak peek into its programs with catchy one-liners that make viewers want to know more. The enticing captions are attention-grabbing while offering little insight into what the show is about.

These are some of the many amazing stories we have come across from different brands. See if you have seen any of these or have found something even more creative.

Instagram Reels – All You Need to Know

Like Instagram Stories, you need to know the specifics of Instagram Reels to create a perfect and effective reel. Here are some vital specifications about Instagram Reels that you must keep in mind:

Size, Duration, and Aspect Ratio

The Instagram Reel size should be 1,080 pixels x 1,920 pixels with a 9:16 aspect ratio, the same as Instagram Stories. Your reels can be of up to 1 minute in length. The edges of some phones, like the iPhone XS and other medium-sized smartphones, are cut off at approximately 35 pixels. So, plan your videos accordingly by keeping this in mind.

Feed View


[image source]

You can show your reels to your viewers on your Instagram feeds. It’s a good option where you can show the entire reel to your followers. The aspect ratio of the feed view is 4:5 with 1,080×1,350 pixels size.

Profile View

The Instagram profile shows a 1:1 square from the reels, the center of your video, and is specifically pulled from your selected cover. When adding an Instagram reel, select or design your cover or thumbnails, keeping in mind how it will look on your profile. Keep it 1,080 pixels x 1,080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Text – Safe Area

instagram-reels-text-safe-area - instagram story size

[image source]

Instagram adds brand and interface text across the top of your reels. The bottom is covered with your account information, the sound you have used, and the caption. There’s also an option for liking, commenting, and sharing your video.

Don’t put texts or essential elements in these sections of your reels. The center area with a 4:5 aspect ratio will be the best option for text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What size should an Instagram story be?

Answer: Your Instagram story should be 1080px by 1920px size with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Q #2) Why is my Instagram story cropped?

Answer: If you upload a photo or video bigger than the prerequisite dimensions, Instagram will crop your story to make it fit the size.

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Q #3) How do I fix cropping on Instagram?

Answer: Resize your story image to 1080px by 1920px and re-upload it again to your story. You will see that it is no longer cropped.

Q #4) How can I resize a picture on Instagram without cropping it?

Answer: You can use an image resizer to resize a picture without cropping it. However, resizing can result in lower image quality. So, check carefully before uploading it to your Instagram story.

Q #5) How do you unzoom an Instagram story?

Answer: Pinch your screen inside to zoom out of an Instagram story and pinch out to zoom in.


There’s no perfect formula for perfect Instagram stories. You can experiment with different ideas and styles. However, one thing you should pay attention to is Instagram story dimensions and sizes for your post’s best possible visual quality.

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Keep your posts as per the guidelines of Instagram, or use pre-made templates for better results.