How To Open BIN Files | .BIN File Opener Tools

This Tutorial Explains What is a .BIN File. You will learn How to Open BIN Files with and without using a Program, Convert BIN to ISO & Apps to Open .BIN File:

You must have seen the .BIN extension sometime and must have wondered what it is and why is it used. Here we have something for you about BIN files and how to open them.

In this tutorial, we will learn what are these files and then we will see some applications to open them.

How to Open BIN File

What Is A BIN File

.BIN files are the compressed binary files that are used for varied purposes by many computer applications. It is usually used with certain anti-virus programs and CD and DVD backup image files. Different applications on your system use the binary codes that the BIN files contain.

Open bin file

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You can use a text editor to open the .BIN files that are saved in the basic binary format. But for others, you can’t open them directly on your computer. You can convert it into an ISO file if required. Or you will either have to mount it on a virtual drive or burn it to a disk because you will not be able to convert them in any other way.

You can open some BIN files that are available in a basic two-fold position with a content manager. But above all, there are some .BIN files that are made by some specific PC applications and that must be opened with the same product that created it, or with a good programming application.

.BIN Files On Android

Android Package format, also known as APK is the format of the Android applications. But sometimes, due to an error, APK files are saved as BIN. In these cases, you can’t install or open the file without some additional steps i.e. using a third party application. It is a good thing that there are some easy to install and use applications to manage the BIN file.

How To Open BIN Files

There are three ways to open a BIN file without using a program. These are:

  1. Burning the file.
  2. Mounting the Image
  3. Converting BIN to ISO Format

#1) Burning A BIN File

Burning a BIN file

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For burning the BIN file to CD or DVD, you will need the CUE file. And if you don’t have a CUE file, you can easily create one. To create a CUE file, in a notepad type FILE “filename.bin” BINARY.

In the place of filename .bin, put the name of the BIN file you want to burn within the quotation marks. Then type TRACK 01 MODE1/2352 in the next line followed by INDEX 01 00:00:00.

Now save this notepad file in the same folder that has the .BIN file and name it with the same name as the BIN file but with .CUE extension.

Here is a video for creating a CUE File in Notepad

After you have created the CUE file, pick a program to burn the file. And since BIN is an outdated file, especially the multitrack BIN files, only older programs will support it like Nero, CDRWIN, Alcohol 120%, etc.

You might need to load the CUE file or the BIN file, depending on the program. After you have loaded the image file, there will be a display popup regarding how much disk space will it take. After the image is loaded correctly, insert a blank disk, and start the burning process. After the burn is complete, test it in the device you have burned it for.

Make sure everything loads as it should be and all the tracks are in the correct place.

#2) Mounting The Image

Mounting the image

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To mount the image, you will need to install a virtual drive software to emulate a physical optical drive in your system. It will facilitate the process of mounting the image file. A virtual drive software makes your computer think that a disk has been inserted and the image loads like as it was running from a disc.

There are a handful of virtual drive options but the most popular and the free one is WinCDEmu. However, you have to be careful while installing it because many times it tries to install some extra software or browser toolbars that you don’t need.

Also, mounting will only work if the image is designed to run on your system. If you have Windows 8 and OS X that comes with built-in virtual drive software but then you will have to convert it into an ISO file first.

The virtual drive software will put an icon on your desktop. All you need to do is to right-click on the icon, hover the cursor on one of the fake drives, and select mount image option. Now, browse the CUE file and load it to mount the image.

After the mounting is complete, your system will pretend like you have inserted a physical disk and the autoplay might open. When asked, what you want to do with the disc, use the image file just like you would have if it were on a CD or DVD that is inserted.

#3) Convert BIN To ISO Format

Converting a BIN File to ISO Format

Another way to open is to convert it to ISO and for that, you will need a conversion program. After you have converted BIN to ISO, you can mount or burn it with many more programs. So, pick a converter tool and open it. From the menu, select BIN to ISO and browse for the BIN file. Pick the name for your new ISO file and click convert.

Once the conversion is complete, you can use a virtual drive to mount it or use any disc burning program to burn it.

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Applications To Open A BIN File

Here are a few applications that you can use to open .BIN files.

#1) NTI Dragon Burn 4.5

NTI Dragon Burn 4.5

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Dragon Burn from NewTech Infosystems, Inc. that works only with Mac and Powerbook to quickly and easily produce audio, mixed-mode CDs and DVDs, data, etc. With it, you can simultaneously write multiple CDs or DVDs and it also supports new 4x DVD-R drives, both internal and external, completely.

And you can also write advanced CD including the recent 52x CD-R and 24x CD-RW drives.

Price: Free

Website: NTI Dragon Burn 4.5

#2) Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7 is more powerful and versatile and can take care of all of your creative and digital needs. You can capture video from multiple cameras and record your screen as well. With it, you can secure your media, burn and copy it easily with the leading tools in the industry along with encrypting your files to USB or a disk.

It also offers everything you need to create and edit your pictures.

Price: $109.99

Website: Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7

#3) DT Soft DAEMON Tools

DT Soft DAEMON Tools

DAEMON, or Disk And Execution Monitor, is used to emulate 4 DVD-ROM and CD-ROM virtually at the same time. With it, you can burn the images quickly because it doesn’t use a container format. The tool can mount many common formats. It can convert images from BIN, MDX, ISO, etc and burn them into a CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs.

It can also compress or separate disc images and convert them into several files that can be password protected.


  • Lite+ Full pack: $29.99
  • Ultra Lifetime: $39.99
  • Pro Lifetime: $29.99

Website: DT Soft DAEMON Tools

#4) Smart Projects IsoBuster

Smart Projects IsoBuster

Now, this one is a software for data recovery. It saves the files that are lost from a corrupt or trashed CD, DVD or a Blu Ray disc. When you insert a disc, flash drive, or a memory card, you can see all the partitions, sessions, and tracks on the media. You can also access data and hidden files from older sessions or hidden partitions. And it is completely independent of the limitations of Windows.


  • Personal License: $39.95
  • Professional License: $59.95

Website: Smart Projects IsoBuster

#5) PowerISO


PowerISO supports Windows OS with Intel Pentium 166MHz, 64MB RAM, and 128 MB Hard Disk Drive. There is so much you can do with PowerISO including converting, burning, creating, deleting, extracting, viewing, erasing, and ripping files from rewritable discs. Also, it can convert BIN, DMG, and any CD/DVD image data to ISO format. It can also convert ISO to CUE or BIN files.

Price: $29.95

Website: PowerISO

Opening And Installing BIN File On Android

If you are trying to open a BIN file on your Android phone, you will have to change the file extension to the right one on your system and then use the App Installer to introduce the file.

Find the app installer and from the settings, enable the download from unknown sources. Connect your phone with your system and enable it in disk mode. From the start button on your system select computer option. You can view its contents in your smartphone through a removable storage device. Find the BIN file and change its name to APK.

Then, disconnect your phone from the computer. Launch the app installer, open that APK file and install it on your phone.

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BIN files are old but they are still used, scarcely but used. It is used for CD images and some anti-virus programs. It can be anything, an image or sound data for a game or a ROM for an emulator. BIN file needs a CUE file to go with it. You can burn it on a CD or a DVD to open it or mount the image of a vertical drive.

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Or, you can convert it into an ISO format for easy burning or mounting to open it. Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7 is one of the best options for opening a .BIN file. Power ISO is also a good option that you can use for opening BIN.