Want to Contribute to SoftwareTestingHelp?

We at STH would absolutely love to see your ideas, experience, tips and suggestions on software testing and related topics. Your expertise would be immensely useful for the young minds getting into this field!

This is the place where we always want to share interesting things on Software testing.

So if you’ve ever wanted to contribute, here are some ways of making that happen:

You can share your guest post on any topic related to software testing. It can be any tip, skill or method you learned in your career, in-depth how-to tutorial, video tutorial, mind maps, or even info-graphics. You just need to make sure that the content is useful for our audience.

Here are just few topics to name – ANY manual testing topic, ANY automation testing topic, Agile testing, Mobile and application testing, Unix, Linux, Database testing, tools, testing techniques, certification guide, career help, tips etc.

Sharing content can be in the form of text or video tutorials/courses, mind maps and info-graphics.

If you are quite serious about the stuff you are sharing we can even compensate for your time and skills. Also remember, sharing on this huge platform is like connecting with thousands of testers and businesses which may lead you to a good career or part time opportunity!

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