How To Be a Good Team Mentor, Coach and a True Team-Defender in an Agile Testing World? – The Inspiration

How To Be a Good Team Mentor

You must be impressed with the ‘Idea’ AD and this time it is back with the ‘Walk when you talk’ idea.

Abhishek Bacchan, appears as a doctor in ‘Walk when you talk’ AD, and this is definitely out of an ordinary AD, but then, I wouldn’t expect anything else from the “Idea” AD; I love to see the AD and it’s one of my favorite AD since it’s placed in line with my emotion and I hope with some of your emotion as well.

Is it just an AD in changing the health and mindset of people or an AD to increase mobile connection sales?

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SDET Interview Questions And Answers (Complete Guide)

SDET Interview Questions And Answers

Read this complete guide to Software Development Engineers in Test Interviews to learn the format and how to answer the SDET Interview Questions asked in the various rounds:

In this tutorial, we will learn about some commonly asked interview questions for the SDET roles. We will also see, in general, the common pattern of the interviews and share some tips to excel in the interviews.

Even though we will be using Java language for the coding problems for this tutorial, most of the SDET tutorials are language agnostic and interviewers are generally flexible about the language that the candidate chooses to use.

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Top 8 Skills To Become The Best QA Analyst

QA Analyst Career Guide

Are you wondering about the Top Skills required to become a successful QA Analyst? We have compiled the Top Skills and Mindset Required to Become the Best QA Analyst in this article:

In my journey of being a QA Analyst, I have met so many students who ask questions like how to get into testing and how can I become the best at it. My answer is always “personality is everything- testing chooses its people”. You may be an Einstein, but this is not the Game of Thrones (brains) but of Avengers (personalities).

In all the wars that the Avengers have won, what stood out for me was their personalities over smartness or their individual powers. So, in this article, I would like to take you through my formula for being the best QA Analyst using Avenger’s personality description.

I believe most people around the world can relate to avengers, considering their popularity. So hence my choice, but I will not limit my comparison to their personalities only. I will also use some of their powers.

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Career Shift from a Tester to Business Analyst – A Step by Step Guide

Career Shift

A Step-by-Step Guide for a Tester to become a Business Analyst:

A testing professional is required to thoroughly test the software developed to ensure that the software meets the end requirements of the customer.

A Business Analyst is also responsible for verifying whether the software built and delivered meets the end customer requirements. This aspect of both roles makes it easier for a tester to switch to a business analyst role.

If BA and testers switch roles, then each of them can unleash their skill sets which can benefit the project itself. When it comes to testing the software system, both tester, and BA work as two sides of the same coin.

=> Take A Look At The Business Analyst Beginners Guide Here.

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QA’s Roles Vs Goals: How to Balance Both to Achieve Your Goals

QA Roles vs Goals

This article is dedicated to my passionate QA Fraternity!!!

Gone are the days when the QAs used to have a lot of time waiting for the builds to come and later they would start testing, raise bugs accordingly and then again wait for the developers to fix them.

They would spend a major portion of their time practicing English for writing test cases, reviewing and finalizing them to be used for testing.

Times have changed now and so have the roles. You may be lucky if you are surviving on just doing manual testing that too with big IT giants like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Accenture etc.

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Cognitive Bias in Software Testing: Why Do Testers Miss Bugs?

Cognitive Bias in Software Testing

Cognitive Bias in Software Testing: Are you Influenced by it?

The testing world is moving at a much quicker pace with technological advancements in order to ensure “quality at the speed of light”.

“Continuous Integration, Digital transformation, life-cycle automation, shifting quality to the left to minimize costs” etc. are some of the magical words that are swinging around. While we speak about these, the underlying question –“Why and how the defect was missed” still continues to be heard and remains unanswered as well.

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