Sample bug report

This is the guest post from Vijay D (Coincidence with my name).

Below sample bug/defect report will give you an exact idea of how to report a bug in bug tracking tool.

Here is the example scenario that caused a bug:

Lets assume in your application under test you want to create a new user with user information, for that you need to login into the application and navigate to USERS menu > New User, then enter all the details in the ‘User form’ like, First Name, Last Name, Age, Address, Phone etc. Once you enter all these information, you need to click on ‘SAVE’ button in order to save the user. Now you can see a success message saying, “New User has been created successfully”.

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Types of Risks in Software Projects

types of risks in software projects


Are you developing any Test plan or test strategy for your project? Have you addressed all risks properly in your test plan or test strategy?

As testing is the last part of the project, it’s always under pressure and time constraint. To save time and money you should be able to prioritize your testing work. How will prioritize testing work? For this, you should be able to judge more important and less important testing work. How will you decide which work is more or less important? Here comes need of risk-based testing.

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How Domain knowledge is Important for testers?

Jayant Deo asks:
“Looking at the current scenario from the industry it is seen that the testers are expected to have both technical testing skills as well either need to be from the domain background or have gathered domain knowledge mainly for BFSI is commonly seen.
I would like to know why and when is this domain knowledge imparted to the tester during the testing cycle?”

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What Are The Quality Attributes?

To start with, let us briefly understand what is Quality? Quality can be defined in a different manner. The quality definition may differ from person to person. But finally, there should be some standards. So Quality can be defined as

  • Degree of excellence – Oxford dictionary
  • Fitness for purpose – Edward Deming
  • Best for the customer’s use and selling price – Feigenbaum
  • The totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs – ISO

How a Product developer will define quality – The product which meets the customer requirements.
How Customer will define Quality – Required functionality is provided with user friendly manner.

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Types of Software Testing: Different Testing Types with Details

Types of Software Testing

What are the different Types of Software Testing?

We, as testers are aware of the various types of Software Testing such as Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Agile Testing and their sub-types etc.

Each of us would have come across several types of testing in our testing journey. We might have heard some and we might have worked on some, but not everyone has knowledge about all the testing types.

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Choosing Software Testing as your Career

If you are willing to choose software testing as your career then this is a must read!
Nowadays I get many emails asking me about software testing jobs. Should I select software testing as my career? How to switch to software testing from other job experience? Which institute should I join for a testing course? And much more …

I will give a common answer to all these questions whether you should choose software testing as your career or not? Let me first explain in brief about software testing. Software testing and quality control are the processes by means of which application quality is improved. Software testing is done in each phase of product life cycle i.e from requirement specifications, design, coding, to the user acceptance.

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Difference between Desktop, Client Server Testing and Web Testing

In this post, I am gonna give an answer to reader’s question.
There was one question asked by Srividya:

Q.What is the difference between client-server and Web Testing?
Vijay: Well Srividya I would like to add one more testing type i.e Desktop Testing in this discussion. So now we have three testing types Desktop application testing, Client server application testing, and Web application testing.

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Some Interesting Software Testing Interview Questions

In this post, I am going to answer some of the questions asked by one of the readers Srinivas M.

1. In an application currently in production, one module of code is being modified. Is it necessary to re-test the whole application or is it enough to just test functionality associated with that module? 

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