Answers To Sample CSTE Exam Questions

Sample CSTE Exam Questions

  1. (d) Fit for use
  2. (a) Unit testing
  3. (b) Standard
  4. (a) Management support
  5. (d) Critical listening
  6. (a) Code of ethics
  7. (e) All of the above
  8. (c) Quantify loss
  9. (d) a, b and c
  10. (a) Build a system boundary diagram
  11. (b) Defect severity
  12. (c) After system testing
  13. (c) Determine if the software is fit for use
  14. (e) All of the above
  15. (b) Cultural differences
  16. (c) Factors that must be present
  17. (a) Risk
  18. (d) Vulnerability
  19. (b) e-business
  20. (a) Level 1