Web Terminologies: Useful for web application testers

This article will help you to learn basic web terminologies. While testing web applications it’s very necessary to know all web technologies. This will increase the test coverage and also the capabilities of web application tester.

This web terminology article is compiled by Meenakshi M. She is working as a Test Engineer and having 3+yrs of experience in Manual and Automation (QTP) testing.

This article basically covers following terminologies:

What is: Internet, www, TCP/IP, HTTP protocol, SSL (Secure socket layer), HTTPS, HTML, Web servers, Web client, Proxy server, Caching, Cookies, Application server, Thin client, Thick client, Daemon, Client-side scripting, Server-side scripting, CGI, Dynamic web pages, Digital certificates and list of HTTP status codes.

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Web terminologies: Useful for web testers

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#1 Meenal

Thanks Vijay,
you are providing great help not only on software testing but also on all testing related skills.
keep it up..

#2 Srinivas

Thanks Meenakshi M,
You have done really a nice job.
These fundamentals in web application are really essential for any tester.

#3 ChandeeswaraRao

hai Meenakshi

the Document Web Terminologies regarding Web Testing was really useful and Interesting. can u send some more advanced Topics and Docs web testing.

Thanks in advance

#4 MangeshB

What is the basic difference between functional test cases and design test cases …How to write design test cases….please explain with any real example.

#5 chandravadan

what is visionplus testing?

#6 swetha


#7 Deepesh


Is there any practical approch for security testing in website testing.

Thanks in advance

#8 Balaji

In test complete can we test multi languages (OS/Browser/Dataset)
Multibrowser (IE6, IE7,Firefox)
Different O/S
Multiple Instances(Server Instances, deployments)
Pls give give explanation for these questions.
Looking the reply as earliest

#9 Bhaskar

Please help me, How i can fill a hidden text box from WinRunner?

#10 balu

Thanks Meenakshi M,
You have done really a nice job.
These fundamentals in web application are really essential for any tester.

#11 basava

Hi meenakshi and moderator of this site,

you guys are really doing a great job.Any thing i want to get the things about testing, i will just open this site and i will get whatever i want.Keep it up guys and thanks for providing essential help.

#12 Jayshri

I got lot of knowledge from u r site.
I am Manual tester I have good knowledge in WR & QTY but not experience on the same.

Plz give me Error type in testing for assigning to developer

#13 Vidhya

Hay Folks!

Netrocon pvt ltd is in need of a QA! (Chennai) Qa professionals with 2-4 yrs pf experience

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Do you know any HR ids pls….
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#15 Shankarasubramaniam

Thanks Meenakshi,

You have given a good testing of QTP. But i want to how write test case. pls send me my mail id

#16 shital chivate

halo meenakshi
can u assist me for finding testing jobs.
specialy in b’lore and pune.

#17 david

Hi Vijay
I am david from chennai, I have attened so many interview but result will failure I don’t know but i have answerd for my questions I don’t what the people think about me?
what time you says test case are completed?

#18 david

Hi vidya
can u tel me the address?

#19 david

HI vidhya
can u sent me the Email address for that company i ll forward my resume

#20 sate

Hey meenakshi

one place, one doc you can find the such relevant information to understand the web terminologies.

great work

#21 selvam

Great Vijay and meenakshi.you are really lighting a lot .words cant explain it.

#22 satyanarayana

I saw this site today only.It is excellent.The efforts you are putting are invaluable.I got lot of information what i am needed.I am requesting you to provide some real time situations faced while using QTP like Regular expressions,Descriptive programming ,Object identification,Recpvery scenarios and various types of Parameterization.

#23 satyanarayana

If it is possible give complete description about QUALITYCENTER.Like what are the modules present and how to use them in a real time process?

#24 jaykay

HI David

sorry for the delay here is the id qa@netrocon.com
its a small organisation in velacherry,chennai.

#25 harsha

Is there any opening on manual testing? pls let me know
I have one year of exp.

#26 vishal

i am absolutely new to testing can some one tell me how to install winrunner and QTP

#27 George

If you dont have the tools, can procure the trial version from net, and follow the instructions which leads you. And see the system requirement for both.


Hi All,

Hope this helps…

Q: What is the difference between client-server testing and web based testing and what are things that we need to test?

Ans: Projects are broadly divided into two types of:
2 tier applications
3 tier applications

[a] This type of testing usually done for 2 tier applications (usually developed for LAN)
Here we will be having front-end and backend.

The application launched on front-end will be having forms and reports which will be monitoring and manipulating data

Eg : applications developed in VB, VC++, Core Java, C, C++, D2K, PowerBuilder etc.,
The backend for these applications would be MS Access, SQL Server, oracle, sybase, mysql, quadbase

The tests performed on these type of applications would be
– user interface testing
– manual support testing
– Functionality testing
– compatability testing & configuration testing
– intersystems testing

[b] This is done for 3 tier applications (developed for Internet / intranet / xtranet)

Here we will be having Browser, web server and DB server.

The applications accessible in browser would be developed in HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript etc.,
(we can monitor thru these applications)

Applications for the web server would be developed in Adv Java, ASP, JSP, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl, Cold Fusion, PHP etc.,
(all the manipulations are done on the web server with the help of these programs developed)

The DBserver would be having oracle, sql server, sybase, mysql etc.,
(all data is stored in the database available on the DB server)

The tests performed on these type of applications would be
– user interface testing
– Functionality testing
– security testing
– browser compatability testing
– load / stress testing
– interoperability testing/intersystems testing
– storage and data volume testing

A web-application is a three tier application.
This has a browser (monitors data) [monitoring is done using html, dhtml, xml, javascript]-> webserver (manipulates data) [ manipulations are done using programming languages or scripts like adv java, asp, jsp, vbscript, javascript, perl, coldfusion, php] -> database server (stores data) [data storage and retrieval is done using databases like oracle, sql server, sybase, mysql] .

The types of tests which can be applied on this type of applications are:
1. User interface testing for validation & user friendliness
2. Functionality testing to validate behaviors, i/p, error handling, o/p, manipulations, services levels, order of functionality, links, content of web page & backend coverage’s
3. Security testing
4. Browser compatability
5. Load / stress testing
6. Interoperability testing
7. Storage & data volume testing

a client-server application is a two tier application.
This has forms & reporting at front-end (monitoring & manipulations are done) [ using vb, vc++, core java, c, c++, d2k, power builder etc.,] -> database server at the backend [data storage & retrieval) [ using ms access, sql server, oracle, sybase, mysql, quadbase etc.,]

the tests performed on these applications would be
1. User interface testing
2. Manual support testing
3. Functionality testing
4. Compatability testing
5. Intersystems testing

01. Application runs in single memory (Front end and Back end in one place)
02. Single user only

01. Application runs in two or more machines
02. Application is a menu-driven
03. Connected mode (connection exists always until logout)
04. Limited number of users
05. Less number of network issues when compared to web app.

01. Application runs in two or more machines
02. URL-driven
03. Disconnected mode (state less)
04. Unlimited number of users
05. Many issues like hardware compatibility, browser compatibility, version compatibility, security issues, performance issues, etc
see friend when we consider the security testing, both application should well secured to internal and external threat.

As per difference in both the applications come where, how to access the resources. In client server once connection is made it will be in state on connected, whereas in case of web testing http protocol is stateless, then there comes logic of cookies, which is not in client server.

More for client server users are well known, whereas for web any user can login and access the content, he/she will use it as per his intentions.

so, there are always issuses of security and compatibility for web application.


#29 AjayN

Hi meenaksh,
Tell me waht is visionplus Testing? and also also guide me how i update my knowlege about same.

#30 AjayN

Hi meenaksh,
Tell me waht is visionplus Testing? and also guide me how i will update my knowlege for same.

#31 usha

Hi friends,
I have to appreciate you people for doing a great job.
I have a doubt in MANTIS(defect tracking tool).That is,how to feed the datas in to category field…I tried but I haven’t got the solution…….Plse help me to find the same…..Thankyou……………..
With Regards,

#32 jayant chauhan

hi my name is jayant and currently working as a software tester on manual testing in stc third eye technology in Hyderabad and i would like to update myself with automation testing so please tell me that which tool should i upgrade myself with as i am having 1 year experience and want the growth in the testing profession.

#33 prasad

hi usha

did u get the solutionf or mantis bug tool
i can help u email me


#34 neetu

gr8 job meenakshi!!

Very nice material…indeed very usefull

#35 Hitesh Shah

VIJAYD your comment is very good for client/server application and web also, i want to know about security testing on web applicaiton , how to test server and application , pl give me steps with example.

#36 Hitesh Shah

I want article on database testing. how to test database with example ? anybody write knowledgeable article .

#37 dhanya

very useful

#38 balaji

i am working in webtesting i want to know what are all the tools used for webtesting

#39 balaji

very nice material meenakshi
can you please tell me for testing web application which tool is very good you working in QTP and manual are you testing web applications

#40 shruti

Hi all,

Can anybdy tell me how much importance is given to usability testing while testing websites.Moreover,which techniques r actually used.

#41 sate


In reply to your question usability is the one of most important part that we consider while testing any web application/site, there are numerous number of user can use a website/application so that we need to check the usability of the website for numerous number of users. Usability make sure that a website/application should be very easy to use for end user.

Techniques front, i would recommend that testing guy should test the website/application with end-user point of view, how easily a end-user can get the desire information within less time that really important.

i hope this helps….
please amend/add if anything missed…


#42 shruti

Thanx Sate,
CAn u pls tell me ur country n different methods used while testing usability.Actually,for research i need to know region wise.Like through different articles I’ve cm to know High tech labs are used to record the user’s expressions n all but as cost incurred is high so how many companies r using n which methods usually u ppl r using.

Thanx for ur reply.It is really a gr8 help.as i was wondering whether it is tested or not.

#43 Jay123

hi, very much helpful to software testing beginners, getting answer for our questions, i am from internet marketing having computer science educational background can start my software testing career now?

#44 Prema


Could someone assit me in writing testcases for a web based application.

#45 Bharat

can you tell me ,how to test in audio/video streams.
and how to test peer 2 peer testing.

#46 Hi vijay and all

Hi ,
I am new to this blog but the information you are providing is great no words to explain your work …can any one explain what is tracebility matrix and what is the part of tracebility matrix in real time projects?.

#47 Manoj

HI i want to know software testing openings and want to know abt web testing and QtP related things.. plz help me out in this regards..

Thanks & Regards

#48 Nag

Hi meenaksh,
You have done great job.I learnt very much from this article. Keep posting like this article.

#49 Jaya


You have given very much information about Web application testing, difference bet ween client server application etc.

with very good ex thank you for such knowledge sharing with all of us.

Please tel me what will be the best test cases for the same. reply back

#50 sachin magdum

i want to know imp tips for website testing,

#51 jack


I am new to Testing. I got 5 months of experience in manual testing.. i want to join in any institute so that i can improve my testing skills and subject knowledge. i am in hyd. can any one suggest any institute and type of course as well, please leave a comment. it would be a great help for my carrier.

Thanks in advance.


#52 Prudence

With the bases loaded you strcuk us out with that answer!

#53 Mahesh G

What is the maintenance testing process?

#54 sukanya

i am a trainer of software testing as ur articles are easy to understand i get get lot of help to make my people understand

#55 Lavi

Hi, has anyone done integration testing on FTP Servres between 2 web applications? what are the things a tester should keep in mind for generic testing for such interfaces?

#56 Anila

What are the common errors occurring in share point 2010 sites..

#57 kalpana

how to test mobile web application? i need step by step process

#58 vijay

Great work, please do keep up the good work and sharing the knowledge

#59 vijay

How to do bookmark testing…for search engine.

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