Need of Skilled Testers

Some years ago many companies preferred not to have separate test engineers in the project team. But this I have not seen in past 2-3 years in my career. As now all the companies have a clear idea of the need of the QA and test engineers. Also, the QA and testers rolls are now concrete and there is no confusion.

Unfortunately, still, I find the perception of testing as an inferior role in some developers mind. This “anyone can do” attitude should be removed from those people’s mind. Lots of companies hiring “any” skilled personals to do this job and eventually suffering from the lost of money and time. Instead of hiring the junk of testers they should hire some gifted testers who can do their job beyond the developer’s limitations.

If Managers and management remove this inferiority thinking from their mind then they can hire these gifted testers in their organization. Such testers can do a complex job well, can find complex bugs and furthermore can add some procedures to the way of doing the routine jobs in order to make it more structured.

This is what I expect in coming years; let me know your opinions.

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#1 Anonymous

ya thats right, Basicaly people should remove this anyone can do attitute from their mind..
And tester vs developer war is never ending!

#2 Venu Mehta

What other skills for Software testing?

#3 Mohan Reddy

No doubt it is always evergreen field in future,developers n mgt.have 2 think over that.

#4 Appoon

I strongly agree to this Content.
Each Developer should get this thought out of their Mind.
Testers are more or less equal to Developers .

#5 Narendra

It’s right but we do not blame developers that they think testers as inferior. Testing is an art and anyone can’t do this. Persons with analytical mind and strong understanding of software can do it better. Otherwise initiatives may go invain….

#6 dipak

Plz tell me
senarios , moduls, & units

#7 dipak

what is the Unit ?
what is Differens between scenario & modul & Unit?
what is new atometion tools in testing area ? how we lern this tools ?

#8 Anonymous

Ahhh the joys of being considered inferior and being underestimated. When you find a defect that is not really a bug… it’s excused because “you just don’t understand software”. When you find a really obscure defect that can bring the software to it’s knees… it’s considered “lucky” and you just happened to “stumble” across it. But most testers know that it doesn’t really matter what people think…. as long as we keep testing and keep pointing out the things that look wrong. The end result of better software is the goal. At the end of the day, how we got there and who made it that way doesn’t really mean a whole lot.

#9 babitha

What is the difference in roles as a QA and a Tester???

#10 Srivani Kalmath

The very basic roles and responsibilities for these 2 is as follows:
QA : The role is to assist in the Quality Assurance of a project and are not limited to only testing projects in an organization.
Tester/QC: The role is to ensure the Quality of the project thru the Quality Check i.e., testing.

#11 Kiruba Sundari

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#12 kokila

Developers should remove this point “Anyone can do ” from their mind…
Developers cant do testing on their Application as like testers effectively…bcoz developers dont like to find more bugs in their coding & always they like to look their application in positive manner only….so tester only the king in testing the application at every direction…..

#13 Naushad Pasha

Why there is fight between a developer and a tester, they both should work together hand in hand for the company’s progress and there success too. both are doing there jobs. In case if the developer thinks he is superior then the Tester or QA, he should not leave a single bug in his development. If any developer on this earth makes an application bug free then even according to me he is superior then a QA or Tester.

#14 shruti Khavaskhan

Very Nice Article….

Being a Beginner ….In this field…..

Learning alot from this article…

i m really thankfull ……because i will learn alot….

hmmm…..very nice Article……

For Every-body…

#15 Anon

I used to be a software system developer. And now I am a tester. I work in a team of 5 testers and from my experience the testers I work with do not have the skills required to QA the application.

I thought there is a demand for QA with technical skills but this is outweighed by the majority currently in QA that have no clue.

And a developer is the best tester – as long as he/she does not test there own code. Get a level of independence by getting another developer to test your code and you can test theirs.
QA needs to be a part of development and should be done together by people with high technical skills!!And get rid of the slow wast of time QA.

#16 Anon

Also testers are far from being equal to a developer. I was both – but first a developer now a QA.

If you think you are equal do the job a developer does. A developer can do a testers job hands down if he dont get bored out of his mind :-).

#17 Steven

Noone is superior to the other. Developers are mostly more technical but Testers are more up to date on a functional level. In the end both are needed to deliver value to the client.

#18 Abhirup


#19 Abhirup

wherefrom i learn automation testing , please help

#20 fifie

hi guys,
I strongly agreed with this article.
Still find most developers are looking down upon QA job.

#21 Prasad

No one is superior to the other. every one has to work together to deliver a defect free/quality product.

#22 Umair

well in my 3-years doing job as SQE i saw, that all developers report to me, ask with me if there is any error, take permission from me and then implements. i issue the order of implementation SQA is very responsible job and very related to development and from requirement gathering to the deployment.. If you all are SQA, SQE, QA or testers then you all have to make yourself presentable to have command on all ethics of basic programming so as to report bug on testing server and method to overcome. In this way you will take share in development too.
umair.mansoor at hotmail is a good testing tool if you need anyfurther knowledge about it.


anybody having vast knowledge about desktop application testing tools via deployment?

#24 psdk

I read this article,
I thought i may be a gifted testers
but problem of mine is that
I did courses in C#.NET, ASP.NET with MCA degree in hand.
How much it gives benefit to me to working as tester other than developer.
let me know…. abt this.

#25 Sumit

Ya Its true but Testers and developers war helps in delivering error free product.
Is not true??

#26 umair


#27 sing a song

oh baby ding dong

#28 DDD

U know how much salary get the QA…suppose u compare the Developer just little difference not a big margin….

#29 adhi

HI,Sir i am adhi recently i completed my in vlsi (e.c.e) through out carrier i have 60% except (54%) only. i have good communication skills, so please suggest me in which field is safe either vlsi or software. at present i completed my testing course (qtp).either the testing job is safe are not,in software courses wich course is have safe please informe me asap

#30 rohan

Which course is Good?
QTP or Selenium?
Which is most preffered in software industries?

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