I’m Writing an eBook and Need Your Help to Make it Super Helpful!

This is something that’s in my mind since a long time. I get so many questions from readers about getting started in software testing and becoming an expert in this field! I thought it would be helpful to all if I share these answers in an eBook.

So, I’ve decided to write an eBook on software testing career and becoming an expert in this field. It would be the collection of answers to all these burning questions almost all testers face in their career life. I’ll also include some of the most useful guides I’ve ever written on this blog over the last 6 years with updates aligning with latest trends in software testing field.

ask questions

So Here is How You Can Help:

What questions would you want me to answer about software testing and building a creative career? What could I answer that would help you in your own career?

Any feedback is welcome. For example, you could say that you want help on how to get started in software testing. You can ask more specific questions about software testing career or any specific task you find difficult to understand/manage in your career. So this eBook guide will be helpful to all from newbies to experienced professionals who seek help on general to any specific software testing/QA topics.

I’m trying to make it with full of practical tips and guide. Of course, it would come with a little price for the value I’m proving in this eBook. Don’t worry, you get a chance to win a copy of that killer software testing eBook for free if you just ask your biggest question in your testing career.

I’d love to know what burning questions you have or what pieces of software testing advice you’d like to know about! If you don’t have any question, I would still love to know your suggestions or ideas to make it more helpful.

Thank you! I want this eBook to be super useful to all, so ask me all you’ve got in your mind!

Directions: Type-in your question below, and then click “Submit My Question!”

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#1 Smita Sarode

My question sent. thanks

#2 Jennie P

thanks for providing the opportunity. looking for the ebook.

#3 Manoj Gupta

My question sent. please have a look at it.

#4 Sopan

I have sent the question, hope u will include the answer in ebook. thanks!!!

#5 Mohan

I have Sent my question, looking your kindful replly..

Thanks.. :-)

#6 Vijay

Just wanted to say that I am overwhelmed with the amazing response I’ve been getting from you guys. I got tremendous response within few hours of post release. Almost 100+ readers sent me their queries on software testing. I’m really very excited about this eBook and hope to have similar support from you guys on the launch.

Please keep on posting your queries.

Have a nice time.
Thank you!!

#7 Priya

I have submitted my question. waiting for the book

#8 subodh

The ebook is not important for me but the answer of my question is .

#9 Samrendra

I have submitted my question.

#10 Nilesh Deshmukh

I also posted my question dear, please help me by answering it

#11 Darshil

I have posted my question hope you will be including it

#12 pankaj

i have posted my question so please provide me the answer as soon as possible

#13 Anjali

I have posted my question… hope i will get your valuable inputs

#14 Sam

Just a reminder to include different software test tools in your eBook. A list would be nice to make it convenient for QA engineers to test software. GUI is the latest buzz so eggPlant will be a nice addition.

#15 mohan doss

hi dude’s…
ebook 4 manual testing is inevitable one for software tester… so tester must download it and use…
it gives much more information to me.. i ill hope,it’s possible to u are all… thanq very much.

with regards:daringdazz@gmail.com

#16 Rajasekaran


I have posted my question and awaiting for the book publishing day. Keep me aware once the e-book launched.

All the best

#17 Vinay Prakash


Looks a bit exciting the “mini hype”(the Ebook Launch) you have created..I have posted the question

Looking forward..

Cheers n Regards,

#18 Ganesh

I have forwarded the questions. Hope to get the E-book soon….its really good thought that came into your mind.

#19 sai

i have posted my question.

#20 Divahar

I have posted my valid question.

#21 gurpreet

i have posted my question.. n waiting for ebook… :)

#22 Saddletree

Eagerly waiting for the ebook.. please release it soon so that we all can get help from it..!! Thanks and great idea of sharing knowledge.. Keep up the good work..!! Chao

#23 Nagesh

How to write the test scenarios give me some ideas.

in advance

#24 Nagesh

Please help me to write the scenario’s

#25 Nagesh


How to write the test cases Give me some tips and tricks for Writing better test cases.


#26 shruthi

Many of us face the interviews..we know the concepts well but could not be able to interpret the things correctly..It would be helpful if you could mock answers on questions like tell me about yourself and what are your daily activities.Answer it in your own way and we can incorporate our activities based on your answer

#27 Shruthi

Is it very important for the tester to know the application architecture on the application he is working on?

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