Katalon Recorder: A Trusted Alternative to Selenium IDE

Read this hands-on Katalon Recorder review to understand important features like Quick Time-to-Value and Easy Test Management and thus opt for Katalon Recorder over Selenium IDE for an increase in productivity:

Testers Amidst the Automated Testing Trend

The software has shifted from process enablers to strategic differentiators. Accompanying this shift is the ever-increasing demand for software to be released faster. But software is complex. Therefore, the speed of development is positively associated with the risks of software defects. Software defects affect shareholder values. They translate into undesirable business risks.

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Are Your Developers As Good At Testing As They Think They Are?

Are Your Developers As Good At Testing As They Think They Are

This tutorial explains Developers-QA codependency and its solution. Also learn about Katalon Recorder and automate your browsers with Katalon Recorder:

Gone are the days when traditional software development methods are keys and consumers are your final testers. Now is the era of breakneck product delivery speed, yet one glitch might cost you your company (just ask former global bitcoin trading company Mt. Gox, they would know).

To balance quality and profitability, testers and developers are united into one cohesive pipeline to continuously develop and test the application.

But for testers, is this practice as beneficial as it seems? 

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How To Perform Web Application Security Testing Using AppTrana


An In-Depth Review of AppTrana – A Perfect Application Security Solution from Indusface: 

Nowadays, website security is no more an option, as any internet facing site is prone to attacks. Attackers do it for a variety of reasons, some do it for fame, some do it to get competitive info and some do it just for fun.

No matter what the reason, the breach is costly and regardless of the company is big or small, every internet facing website needs a comprehensive security solution.

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Cynet All-In-One Security Platform Hands-On Review


A hands-on review tutorial of Cynet Autonomous Security Platform for blocking all types of security attacks on any network:

Cynet is changing the face of the security industry with the first Autonomous Security Platform that consolidates all aspects of the internal environment protection in a single interface.

The autonomous platform is threat-agnostic, converging all the technologies and capabilities (including endpoint protection, EDR, network analytics, UBA, and vulnerability management) to answer the visibility, prevention, detection and response needs of an any-sized organization.

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Application and IT Infrastructure Performance Monitoring Using eG Enterprise Tool (Hands-on Review)


A Hands-on Useful Review of ‘eG Enterprise Tool’ for Application and Infrastructure Performance Monitoring for IT Teams:

The IT landscape has changed drastically over the last few years with the advent of new application development and deployment frameworks.

Gone are the days when we had client-server applications running on physical machines.

New technologies like micro-services are giving rise to cloud-native and containerized applications which use dynamically provisioned resources based on the workload demand.

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Mind Mapping in Software Testing – Ways to Make Testing More Fun!

Mind Mapping in Software Testing

As all of us know, a visual aid is more powerful than any other mode of learning. This has been proven many times that people will remember creative visual aid sharply than learning things traditionally.

Usually, we have seen people explaining presentations by chalking the lines, circles, and squares on boards or through PowerPoint point slides.

But have we ever thought to represent it in a more creative way? Have we ever thought to make it still more colorful?

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