[SOLVED] Steam Pending Transaction Issue – 7 Ways to Fix

Understand the various causes of the Steam Pending Transaction issue and learn useful fixes for pending transaction errors on Steam:

Making bank transactions from an application can be a tedious task, as you need to be cautious about entering the credentials and amount. You need to take various precautions to ensure that your transaction gets successful.

But even after taking precautions and making the payment in the safest possible way, if the transaction displays a pending sign, it can be very frustrating. Also, you can’t be sure whether the money got transferred to the receiver or you need to make the payment again.

Such a situation can lead to scenarios where your money can be debited twice. Many users report similar issues while using Steam.

So in this article, we will discuss a common pending transaction issue known as Steam Pending transaction. And also we will cover various fixes which will help you fix pending transaction errors.

What Is Steam

Fix Steam Pending Transaction

Steam is an online gaming application that allows users worldwide to connect and play games. This platform makes it easier for people to play together, as, on this application, people can create groups based on interests. This platform allows players to play together and stream their gaming skills.

Steam is a leading application in the gaming field which has enabled advanced gaming interests and brought them collectively to one place with ease of communication.


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Steam Transaction Pending Error: Causes

Various possible causes can end up generating steam purchases stuck on working, and we discuss some of them below:

#1) Connectivity Issues

Connectivity is a more significant concern in transactions because bank servers have to be stable to allow the users to attain maximum performance. So if the network at the user’s end is unstable, then the bank doesn’t initiate the payment until all the steps are completed, as it might result in pending payment.

#2) Pending Payments

There might be a possibility that you already have a payment pending from a previous transaction. Therefore, until the last payment gets completed, the bank wouldn’t let you make the new one. But once the previous payment is made, then the bank can process further transactions.

#3) VPN

Many players use VPN for secure connection because it does not expose the system’s IP and therefore does not make it vulnerable. But sometimes, VPN becomes a matter of concern as it bounces system location, so those transactions are marked as pending until they are verified.

#4) Site Traffic

Sometimes when the number of active users on the website exceeds a limit or when millions of people are making transactions instantly, the site traffic can delay payments.

Ways to Fix Steam Pending Transaction Error

#1) Cancel Pending Transaction

While using Steam, users are provided premium features at a reasonable price so users can pay to access them. Sometimes these issues may arise as the previous payment is yet to be verified and initiated. Steam works from the bottom to top order, so first, it clears all pending transactions and then starts a new one.

So you can click on your user profile and then click on “Account details” which will lead you to the screen displayed below.

Click on “View purchase history” and check if any payment has a pending tag, then wait until that payment is cleared.

STORE and Purchase hsitory

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#2) Check If the Website is Down

If you have checked your payment history twice and thrice and still there is pending transaction Steam then you must move to the following method.

Sometimes, because of various technical and traffic issues, the applications cannot respond efficiently, resulting in situations like server down. However, this is not something that can happen every other day, but rarely. So you can check if the application is down or not at unofficial Down Detector.


#3) Disable Proxy and VPN

To make the connection more safe and secure, some users use Proxies and VPN, allowing them to access applications without being vulnerable. Whereas in the case of payments, VPN is not a good choice because VPN slows down the network speed on your system, and thus payments are delayed or marked as pending.

So, disable all Proxy and VPN settings on your system if repeatedly transactions are marked as pending.

#4) Use Another Payment Method

This is not mandatory that the issue will always be with your system. There are possibilities that your payment method might have some problems. These issues include reasons like account sync, payment limit, parental controls, and many more. So if you cannot make a payment, then try using some other methods of payment.

Note: While making payments on applications, always prefer using a trusted and secure method.

#5) Check Network Connection

There can be any issue when an error arises, so you have to keep looking for the actual cause one after another. There is a possibility that while you are checking the server down and other reasons, the issue might be with your internet connection.

So you must check your internet connection because while using Wi-Fi, users face issues known as No Internet, Connected. So active signal of Wi-Fi on your system does not necessarily mean that you are connected to the internet.

#6) Check if the Bank Server is Down

When you have checked all these possible reasons, and nothing seems to fit in, there is a very slight probability that the bank server might be the issue. However, bank servers are safe and highly stable, but sometimes, they are down for maintenance reasons.

So if you cannot make a transaction from a particular bank, then try switching to another bank and make payment from them.

problem with bank

#7) Contact Steam Support

After trying all the methods listed above and still cannot conclude, it may be an issue with your Steam account. So please do not waste another second and directly contact the Steam Support team and explain your issue to them and find the real problem with your account.


Now you can select the issue from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Why is the transaction pending on Steam?

Answer: There are various reasons which can result in transactions pending on Steam error. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Pending payment
  2. VPN and proxies.
  3. Server down.
  4. Bank issues.

Q #2) What to do when a purchase is pending on Steam?

Answer: You first need to wait for some time and then, if the payment hasn’t been processed yet, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Check for any pending payment.
  2. Disable proxies and VPN.
  3. Check Steam servers.

Q #3) Why does it say my transaction is pending?

Answer: When your screen keeps displaying transaction is pending, it means that the transaction is initiated from your end but has to be verified from the bank’s end. So until a confirmation from the bank is released, your payment is marked pending.

Q #4) How long does a pending transaction take Steam?

Answer: The transaction period depends on the bank’s policies, but according to Steam support, it takes up to 10 days.

Q #5) How long do pending funds take Steam?

Answer: Pending funds may take more than just minutes and hours and they can be highly annoying. But at max, these funds can take up to 10 days.

Q #6) How can I cancel a pending transaction?

Answer: To cancel a steam pending purchase, click on the payment on the application and click on cancel payment. The application will verify the cancellation, and then this will initiate the cancellation process.


It can be both annoying and scary if you face errors while making transactions. Therefore, one has to make sure that they are using the most stable medium and network while making a transaction.

Sometimes even the most stable systems are down for maintenance, therefore, we discussed a type of pending transaction error in this article. We discussed Steam transaction pending error, its causes, and fixes.