TOP 17 Cloud Migration Service Provider Companies in 2023

Read, review, compare and select among the list of top Cloud Migration Service Provider Companies for a hassle-free cloud migrating experience:

Cloud migration, although important, isn’t easy for any organization to carry out. It doesn’t matter what the scale of your business is, it simply isn’t cost-effective to have a cloud specialist on your staff to supervise and manage this process. This, for all intents and purposes, is a job for cloud migration consultants.

So exactly who are these cloud migration service providers?

Cloud migration service providers are basically third-party organizations that specialize in the complex but fundamental process of application and data migration to the cloud.

These companies are typically vendor-agnostic, so they enjoy a healthy business relationship with various cloud providers like Azure, IBM, etc. You can rely on these businesses to recommend a cloud provider that best caters to your business’s specific requirements.

Cloud Migration Service Providers

TOP Cloud Migration Service Provider Companies1

In this article, we would like to introduce you to an adequately long list of companies that your organization can approach right now for a hassle-free cloud migrating experience. These names have all been hailed in the industry for their client-centric approach and cost-effective rendering of this very essential service.


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Market Trends: According to a report published by Data Bridge Market Research, the cloud migration services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.50%. This market’s value is expected to rise up to $3820.47 Million by 2029.

Data Bridge Market Research

Expert Advice: Adhere to the following tips to make sure you are in business with the right cloud migration consulting service.

  • Understand your business’s needs first before you look for a cloud migration service.
  • Look for businesses with a client-first approach to their services. They should show a keen interest in understanding what your business is about and how they can best serve it.
  • Look for businesses that have experience working with multiple cloud providers. They should be able to recommend the best to you.
  • Only go for service providers with substantial industry experience and a long list of satisfied clients to boast about.
  • Make sure you have a thorough conversation with them. Try to gauge their responses to understand how knowledgeable they are about the field.
  • Finally, go for providers that offer their services at a rate that is affordable for your business.

Benefits of Cloud Migration Service Providers

As mentioned before, cloud migration service providers are in need of the hour. Their expertise in digital marketing is what companies, across industrial domains, need to survive and thrive in today’s cut-throat corporate atmosphere.

The following are just a few valuable but prominent reasons why hiring a cloud migration company to spearhead your company’s move to the cloud is a wise choice:

  • They will help you create a strong plan for the efficient migration of your application and data to the cloud.
  • You can count on them to leverage their insights and expertise to avoid common migration mistakes that would otherwise cost you immense time and money.
  • You get support from a team that knows how to appropriately migrate a wide range of systems, applications, and platforms.
  • They’ll use a migration model that has proven to do wonders for businesses like yours before them.
  • It is simply more cost-effective to hire a company to perform cloud migration than to hire a full-time migration specialist on your payroll.

What Do Cloud Migration Companies Do

Simply put, Cloud Migration companies provide services that entail moving a business’s applications, emails, and other crucial data to a secure cloud environment. These companies are in relationships with several key cloud providers to help you choose a provider that perfectly suits your business needs.

You can expect a typical cloud migration company to serve you in the following way:

  • They’ll establish cloud migration goals to achieve.
  • Device a migration strategy, keeping your business needs in mind.
  • To help you choose one or several cloud providers.
  • Create a solid migration plan.
  • Initiate the migration process and set up monitoring tools to assess progress.
  • Test the cloud environment and optimize it accordingly.
  • Start shifting workloads from the premise to the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is the AWS Cloud Migration Service?

Answer: AWS cloud migration service basically entails using the services of cloud provider AWS (Amazon Web Service) to spearhead the migration of applications and data to the cloud.

AWS is often the first choice for organizations seeking cloud migration because of how quick and efficient it makes the entire process look. AWS allows you to quickly migrate all of your crucial assets to the cloud with minimal downtime or changes.

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Q #2) Which is a good company for cloud migration?

Answer: The market today isn’t lacking in companies that provide cloud migration services. However, it is hard to find a company that best caters to one’s specific requirements when there are way too many options at your disposal. The list we’ve prepared intends to alleviate that burden off of business owners by pointing them in the right direction.

Below are just a few names that are some of the best cloud migration companies today:

  • ScienceSoft
  • Aspire Systems
  • Veritis
  • 2nd Watch
  • Wipro

Q #3) What are the types of migration in cloud computing?

Answer: In hindsight, there are said to be six major types of migration approaches in cloud computing. Known as the six R’s, they are as follows:

  • Rehosting
  • Replatforming
  • Repurchasing
  • Refactoring
  • Retiring
  • Retaining

Q #4) Is Cloud Migration good?

Answer: Yes, cloud migration is good. In fact, it is the need of the hour for businesses that wish to succeed in today’s digital age.

Cloud migration can help businesses save tons of money on data expenses. It can also help them scale to lower overheads. It also improves workforce efficiency by enabling online real-time collaboration between teams, regardless of where they are located.

Q #5) What are the 3 main DB migration stages?

Answer: There are 3 core approaches to database migration. They are as follows:

  • Trickle database migration
  • Big Bang database migration
  • Zero-downtime database migration
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List of the Best Cloud Migration Service Providers

Here is the list of popularly known Cloud Migration Solutions:

  1. ScienceSoft (Recommended)
  2. Vention
  3. Innowise
  4. Aspire Systems
  5. Veritis
  6. 2nd Watch
  7. Wipro
  8. AWS Application Migration Services
  9. Capgemini
  10. Google Migration Services
  11. Rivermeadow
  12. Tata Consultancy Services
  13. Deloitte
  14. Infosys
  15. SecureKloud
  16. CloudCheckr
  17. Logicworks
  18. Dynatrace
  19. Onica
  20. Saigon Technology

Comparing Some of the Best Cloud Migration Consultants

NameFoundedHeadquartersEmployee SizeRevenueTop Features
ScienceSoft1989McKinney, Texas, USA  501-1000$30 MEnterprise-wide cloud migration, AWS and Azure migration, multi-cloud implementation, recoding and rearchitecting.
Vention2002New York, USA3000+$45MFull stack cloud development, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace Cloud, Azure, Heroku, cloud consulting, cloud migration, cloud solutions.
Innowise2007Warsaw, Poland1500+$80 million (estimated)Infrastructure to various cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
Aspire Systems1996Oak Brooks, USA1001-5000$1 billionCloud consulting, engineering, and optimization
Veritis2004Irving, Texas, USA11-50$18,866 MillionCloud infrastructure design, Infrastructure auditing, Cloud environment testing
2nd Watch2010Seattle, Washington, USA101-500$63 MillionAWS and Azure cloud migration services, Google Cloud VM migration
Wipro1945Bangalore, Karnataka, India10000+$9.4 billionCost report tracking, cloud environment optimization, Hybrid, and public cloud environment management.

Detailed reviews:

#1) ScienceSoft (Recommended)

Best for enterprise-wide cloud migration for mid and large companies and cloud migrations that require refactoring (recoding or re-architecting).


ScienceSoft is a widely recognized cloud migration provider with 10+ years of experience in cloud consulting and migration services.

Architect, migrate, and optimize apps and data warehouses to accelerate cloud adoption and achieve almost unlimited scalability, resilience, +19% app performance, -37% IT infrastructure costs, and +75% IT infrastructure team productivity.

They have a solid track record of successful cloud projects for manufacturing, healthcare, eCommerce, banking, insurance, and other industries. ScienceSoft is a gold-level Microsoft partner and Select Tier Services AWS partner. In addition, they work with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), DigitalOcean, and Rackspace.

Their advantage is that they evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of cloud migration at the beginning of each project and investigate whether and how ROI can be increased.

Another crucial factor of their success is that they migrate data, users, and apps to the cloud in a series of incremental steps and assess the results of each iteration. For complex projects, ScienceSoft also performs mock and pilot migrations to reduce risks.

ScienceSoft’s experts are known for their proactive approach and unfailing commitment to meeting their customers’ needs. They take great pride in delivering solutions that are reliable, secure, and loved by both end users and in-house IT teams.

ScienceSoft puts great effort into collaboration and readily cooperates with stakeholders, IT departments, third-party vendors, and partners. Overall, they’re an ideal partner for long and complex cloud migration projects.


  • A clear cloud adoption plan that covers people, processes, operations, budgets, timelines, and ROI.
  • Applications and DWH design/redesign.
  • A tailored selection of cloud services to meet migration specifics and budgets.
  • Phased cloud migration to avoid business disruptions and easy to roll back if needed.
  • Support and optimization of migrated apps, DWHs, and underlying cloud services.


  • In-house Cloud Center of Excellence.
  • They can handle cloud apps, cloud data warehouses, virtual machines, cloud network management tools, cloud security, and DevOps tools.
  • Established process frameworks and best practices for different migration scenarios.
  • Proved proficiency in building cost-efficient cloud solutions without losing quality.
  • State-of-the-art reliability and fault tolerance of cloud infrastructure.
  • Prioritized data security: 19 years in cybersecurity services and ISO 27001 certificate.
  • Online and on-site training and consultations for in-house teams.


  • They don’t work with small companies unless it’s a promising startup.

Founded: 1989
Headquarters: McKinney, Texas, USA
Employee Size: 501-1000
Revenue: $30 M
Clients: Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, IBM, Leo Burnett, Viber.

Core Services:

  • Custom Software Development.
  • Digital Transformation.
  • Big Data and Data Analytics.
  • Managed Cloud Services.
  • Security Services.

Migration Cost: Contact for a quote.

#2) Vention


Vention is the go-to company for seamless cloud migration and development. Their dedicated teams of top-notch engineers are skilled in developing private, public, multi-cloud, and hybrid solutions tailored to fit your specific business needs. Whether you need to protect sensitive data, control information flow, or allocate on-demand IT resources, Vention has you covered.

With years of hands-on experience, Vention’s cloud development team can help you design accessible and user-friendly public cloud products. Their expert engineers can also assist you in determining how to mix and match various cloud strategies to make your business more agile and offer more services while improving security.

Along with cloud development, Vention also specializes in custom software development, digital transformation, big data and data analytics, managed cloud services, and security services. Whether you’re looking for cloud migration or any other digital solution, Vention can help you streamline your business operations and achieve your goals. Contact us today for a quote on your migration project.

Founded: 2002
Headquarters: New York, USA
Employee Size: 3,000+
Revenue: $45M
Clients: IBM, PWC, PayPal, Mount Sinai, Coca Cola

Core Services:

  • Private Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Public Cloud Products
  • Multicloud
  • AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace Cloud, Azure, Heroku

Migration Cost: Contact for details.

#3) Innowise

Innowise Cloud

Innowise Group is a top-tier cloud migration service provider that specializes in delivering comprehensive cloud migration solutions to its clients. With over 16 years of experience in the software development industry, Innowise Group has established a strong reputation for providing efficient and effective cloud solutions to its clients.

The team of experts at Innowise Group has extensive experience in migrating complex applications, databases, and infrastructure to various cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Innowise Group’s cloud migration services cover a broad range of migration scenarios, including lift and shift, re-platforming, and cloud-native development.

Founded in: 2007
Revenue: $80 million (estimated)
Employee Size: 1500+
Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Locations: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA
Pricing Info: $50 – $99 per hour
Min Project Size: $20,000

The company offers a comprehensive suite of cloud migration services, including assessment, planning, execution, testing, and optimization. Innowise Group collaborates closely with its clients to understand their unique cloud migration requirements and provides customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

Innowise Group’s unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes it the preferred cloud migration services provider for businesses of all sizes and industries. Innowise Group’s cloud migration solutions help businesses achieve cost savings, agility, scalability, and improved security, enabling them to focus on their core business operations.

Partner with Innowise Group to benefit from their expertise in cloud migration and achieve a seamless transition to the cloud. Trust Innowise Group to help your business unlock the full potential of cloud technology and drive growth and success.

#4) Aspire Systems

Best for Cloud Engineering and Optimization.

Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems is another company that excels with regard to its cloud migration solutions. Its specialists are known to use methodologies and approaches that have proven to yield efficient results when migrating from premise to cloud. Clients who’ve used their services for cloud migration rave about their process being quick and hassle-free.

Their end-to-end service begins with understanding the specific requirements of your business. This is what eventually helps them build migration solutions according to their business needs. Helping them initiate cloud adoption is their own system called Aspire Cloud Migration Enabler, which ensures the actual process is executed without any downtime.

Their solution involves an in-depth analysis of the business objectives that they are meant to serve. Perhaps this is the quality that makes them so successful in creating a roadmap to rebuild and support applications.


  • Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud Engineering
  • AWS Cloud Services
  • Azure Migration Services
  • Cloud Optimization


  • Simple architecture building
  • Faster response from the team
  • Partners with AWS and Azure
  • Personalized service rendering


  • Some clients have expressed concerns about the company’s program management capabilities.

Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Oak Brooks, USA
Employee Size: 1001-5000
Revenue: $1 Billion
Clients: NYSE, Eros Coffee, DesignRush.

Core Services:

  • Data and analytics
  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud transformation
  • Oracle Application services

Migration Cost: Contact for a quote

Website: Aspire Systems

#5) Veritis

Best for a comprehensive 5-Step Migration Plan.


Veritis offers cloud migration services with more emphasis on hassle-free digital transformation. You can count on the company to do everything in its power to help your organization (small or large) move to the cloud.

They’ll create a comprehensive migration strategy, build a roadmap to achieve set goals, design workflow models, and facilitate ecosystem collaborations.

The company works closely with you to determine what approach (public, private, or hybrid) would best serve your business. Cloud migration specialists at Veritis make use of the most advanced data analysis tools and pre-set templates to ensure the eventual migration is undertaken as smoothly and effectively as possible.


  • Infrastructure, database, platform, and application migration.
  • Infrastructure auditing to determine its security, scalability, automation, and recovery capabilities.
  • Design cloud architecture.
  • Automation using advanced cloud technology solutions.
  • Deploy and test cloud environment.


  • Comprehensive issue analysis.
  • Identify redundancies and inefficiencies in infrastructure.
  • Seamless roadmap creation for digital transformation.
  • Sector-specific and tailor-made solutions.


  • Delivery can take time.

Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Irving, Texas USA
Employee Size: 11-50
Revenue: $18,866 Million

Core Services:

  • DevOps
  • Managed IT Services
  • Technological Consulting
  • Identity and Access Management

Clients: Bancolombia, Antemeta, Colt, Clarke Power Services.
Migration Cost: Contact for a quote

Website: Veritis

#6) 2nd Watch

Best for OpEx forecast for post-migration operations.

2nd watch

2nd Watch is a cloud migration service provider that specializes in offering a complete solution. The company boasts talent that knows how cloud migration works and how it can be simplified for specific business needs. The company designs an effective migration strategy after assessing your business’s cloud readiness and cost.

The team then builds a well-constructed cloud infrastructure model that is capable of handling security, networking, structure, and migration operations. The company also specializes in implementing CI/CD pipelines in areas where your applications will be hosted.

The company provides you with all the tools and documentation your staff needs to operate in a cloud environment.


  • Cloud Migration Cost Assessment
  • Google Cloud VM migration
  • AWS Database Migration Services
  • Azure Database Migration services


  • End-to-end cloud migration service
  • Implement CI/CD Pipeline
  • Partnership with Azure and AWS
  • Provide comprehensive documentation


  • Relatively new to the industry compared to other companies on this list.

Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA
Employee Size: 101-500
Revenue: $63 Million
Clients: Covanta, Coca-Cola, Conde Nast, Lenovo, Yamaha.

Core Services:

  • Cloud advisory
  • Cloud Operations
  • Continuous Engineering
  • Cloud Modernization

Migration Cost: Contact for a quote

Website: 2nd Watch

#7) Wipro

Best for flexible cloud migration solutions for all business types.


Based in India, Wipro takes a hybrid and multi-cloud approach to cloud migration for both small businesses and large corporations. The company has always been lauded in the industry for the several functions they simplify, like analytics integration, contract management, etc. It is currently gaining recognition by offering innovative cloud migration solutions.

When opting for Wipro’s services, you get the assistance of cloud experts who deliver round-the-clock management of cloud services. They help your organization with everything right from reporting on the cost to automation and availability monitoring.

Wipro serves as an ideal cloud migration company due to its commitment to migration bolstered by faster delivery and reduced costs.


  • Managing public and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Cloud environment optimization.
  • Preparing and tracking cost reports.
  • Streamlining and automating processes.


  • Responsive to specific requirements.
  • Strong team of experienced specialists.
  • Strong industry goodwill and experience.
  • Deliver custom solutions.


  • Support can be lackluster.

Founded: 1945
Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Employee Size: 10000+
Revenue: $9.4 Billion
Clients: Adobe, DataStax, Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon Web Services

Core Services:

  • Data and analytics
  • Artificial and augmented intelligence
  • Digital marketing and interactions
  • IT Consulting

Migration Cost: Contact for a quote

Website: Wipro

#8) AWS Application Migration Services

Best for application migration with minimal downtime and cost.

AWS Application Migration Services

AWS from Amazon serves as the perfect alternative to error-prone, time-intensive manual processes associated with migrating applications. As a powerful cloud migration service, it can automatically convert source servers from physical or cloud infrastructure so they can run natively on Amazon Web Server.

By adhering to a uniform automation process for a wide range of applications, AWS also simplifies the process of migration considerably. You can rest assured that AWS works seamlessly with even the most critical applications of your business like SQL, Oracle, SAP, etc.

Simply put, AWS is fantastic at migrating any application, regardless of the source infrastructure in question.


  • Continuous Data Replication.
  • Conduct non-disruptive tests.
  • Preconfigured modernization actions.
  • Automatic conversion of source servers.

Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA
Employee Size: 10000+
Revenue: $62 Billion
Clients: Finnair, Bosa, World Fuel.

Core Services:

  • Blockchain
  • Backup and Restore
  • Content Delivery
  • Data archiving

Migration Cost: Migration service is free for 90 days. Then $0.042 per hour per server.

Website: AWS Application Migration Service

#9) Capgemini

Best for AI and Automation-driven services.

Capgemini - Cloud Migration Service

Capgemini is yet another formidable name in the IT industry that specializes in accelerating the digital transformation journey of large enterprises. The company currently has migration specialists that exhibit sector-specific expertise.

This, in combination with advanced technology and internationally recognized resources, makes Capgemini an ideal cloud migration partner to have.

You will receive a complete cloud migration package from them. Once you hire them to undertake your migration efforts, you can count on their specialists to provide you with excellent assistance every step of the way. From conceiving the migration strategy to finally executing the migration to the cloud, Capgemini will make the process as hassle-free as possible.


  • Personalized cloud environment management.
  • Modernize business processes.
  • Make the transition to agile models like DevOps and FinOps.
  • Streamlining supply chain.

Founded: 1967
Headquarters: Paris, France
Employee Size: 10000+
Revenue: $18.6 Billion

Clients: ASR Insurance, Citi Bank, ArcelorMittal, HEMA, TAG Heuer.

Core Services:

Migration Cost: Contact for a quote.

Website: Capgemini

#10) Google Migration Services

Best for migrating thousands of enterprise-grade applications.

Google Migration Services

With so many thriving cloud migration vendors in the market, how could Google allow itself to be left behind? As such, what you get is a decent migration solution that facilitates the agile migration of hundreds and thousands of applications in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The solution being offered to you is also easy to use.

You really don’t have to struggle with complex configurations with this one. The actual migration tool makes it considerably simpler to migrate entire workloads. You also get to build your own in-house migration factory with the cloud API that this service offers.

Simply put, if you are looking for a cloud migration solution that spells simplicity and cost-effectiveness, then you’ll find this service compelling.


  • Continuous Data Replication.
  • Enterprise-grade application migration.
  • Pre-migration validation and testing.
  • Automatic adaptation to the cloud.

Founded: 2008
Headquarters: California, USA
Employee Size: 10000+
Revenue: $19.2 Billion
Clients: Verizon, Twitch, SAP, Intel, Facebook.

Core Services:

  • Database Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • APIs and Analytics

Migration Cost: $300 credit granted for free initial migration. Pay as you go model applies after your free credits are over.

Website: Google Migration

#11) Rivermeadow

Best for managed and agile workload migration.

Rivermeadow - Cloud Migration Service

Rivermeadow offers multi-cloud migration services that will help you migrate workloads at a much faster rate. With a flexible and fixed-price approach, you also get a migration service that is cost-effective while also being supremely efficient. The company is home to migration and DR experts who you can trust to support throughout the migration process.


  • DR Setup and Testing
  • Discovery and Assessment
  • Post-Migration Stack Transformation
  • Post-Migration Validation Services

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San-Francisco, California, USA
Employee Size: 11-50
Revenue: $36 Million
Clients: Cambridge University Press, Live Nation Entertainment, Atea, Citrix

Core Services:

  • Project Management
  • Managed Migration
  • Data recovery
  • Data Testing

Migration Cost: Contact for a quote

Website: Rivermeadow

#12) Tata Consultancy Service

Best for scaling Cloud Infrastructure.

Tata Consultancy Service

Tata Consultancy Services is perhaps one of the most trusted IT consulting services of modern times. It is quite popular for a broach array of services. This includes its penchant for delivering excellent cloud-migrating consulting services.

The company takes a more modernized approach to cloud migration today, especially when migrating client applications to cloud-native versions.

In recent years, it has ramped up its focus on cloud technology. This is evident with the training programs they’ve launched internally to train their workforce on a variety of modern cloud platforms. We would recommend TCS to enterprise or IT teams who seek a simple lift and shift strategy for migration.


  • Creating a migration roadmap.
  • Design and deploy cloud foundations.
  • Database and cost monitoring
  • Migration to hybrid and public cloud.

Founded: 1968
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Employee Size: 10000+
Revenue: $25 Billion
Clients: Cambridge University Press, Live Nation Entertainment, Atea, Citrix

Core Services:

  • Quality Engineering
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity

Migration Cost: Contact for a quote

Website: Tata Consultancy Service

#13) Deloitte

Best for migrating sophisticated ERP systems to clouds.

Deloitte - Cloud Migration Service

Deloitte’s team of cloud migration professionals assist you with the entire transition process by leveraging powerful assessment tools. These tools can analyze applications to find dependencies.

This helps the migration team determine whether it is safe to move legacy applications. It also helps them find the best way to execute this move to the cloud.

Website: Deloitte

#14) Infosys

Best for complete end-to-end digital transformation.


Infosys takes every measure necessary to facilitate the agile and timely migration of your business to the cloud. Its main purpose is to help businesses build cloud-first capabilities into their existing technological stack, all in favor of digitizing several crucial aspects of a business.

Their service also includes AI-powered solutions that expedite the migration process and optimize cloud resources.

Website: Infosys

#15) SecureKloud (Formerly known as 8K Miles)

Best for excellent cloud environment engineering.

SecureKloud (Formerly known as 8K Miles)

SecureKloud, formerly known as 8K Miles, is quite a popular cloud migration consulting company in the USA. Its core specialties include cloud engineering, managed services, identity consulting, and of course, cloud engineering. They have professionals that develop solutions based on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

The company is also quite capable of managing common migration challenges, thanks to the database on cloud migration risks it maintains.

Website: SecureKloud

#16) CloudCheckr

Best for AWS Cloud Migration assistance.


CloudCheckr offers a solution that works best to accentuate the capabilities of AWS. The solution they offer can aggregate data from several disparate sources to paint a clearer picture of your AWS cloud environment.

The solution is incredibly effective if you wish to have clear visibility over your company’s spend across all accounts. This becomes possible with CloudCheckr’s configurable dashboard.

Website: CloudCheckr

#17) Logicworks

Best for accelerating cloud migration.

 Logicworks - Cloud Migration Service

Logicworks performs a wide range of cloud migration operations, from beginning to end. The company particularly excels at architecting a cloud environment that imbibes the quality of security, scale, resiliency, and efficiency. Their service also allows you to leverage AWS and Azure funding programs to offset costs.

Website: Logicworks

#18) Dynatrace

Best for easy migration to public and private cloud environments.


Dynatrace efficiently uses migration strategies that are best suitable to your business needs. The company is home to experienced professionals who assist in helping you migrate to both public and private cloud environments. You can trust their team to assist you in the process every step of the way.

They promise to make the migration process fast and efficient… a promise that they mostly leave up to with their service.

Website: Dynatrace

#19) Onica

Best for AWS Workload Migration Assistance.

 Onica - Cloud Migration Service

Onica takes a pipeline-driven approach to migration in order to deliver a service that is less prone to errors or redundancy. Instead, what you get is a migration service that is efficiently accelerated, and automated, and serves as an immaculate operating model for any migration action.

We would recommend Onica to those who seek a relatively more cost-effective and agile migration experience on AWS.

Website: Onica

#20) Saigon Technology

Best for Small to large enterprises.

Saigon Technology

For over 10 years, Saigon Technology has been a highly-revered name in the global IT industry. Originating in Vietnam, the company has expanded its reach across the globe with branches in Singapore, USA, and Switzerland. The company offers a wide range of services, which also include robust cloud migration services.

Saigon’s team undertake the migration process only after evaluating the current state of a corporation’s data architecture. You can count on this team to define the right security objectives, compliance measures, and cloud platform to develop the migration plan. The company excels at building an environment that is capable of meeting each client’s specific requirements.


  • A team of 400+ professional software engineers
  • Cloud Migration from AWS and Azure.
  • Comprehensive stack of software outsourcing services
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certified


  • Over 10 years of industry experience
  • Personalized services
  • Full transparency from the initial evaluation stage to the eventual migration.


  • Some companies may not be satisfied with the price quoted.

Founded in: 2010
Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Number of Employees: 51-100
Revenue: $84 Million
Clients: Panasonic, Standard Chartered, Abbott, Stone Forest, DMI.

Core Services:

  • Custom Software Development
  • QA Testing
  • DevOps Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • AI Development

Migration Cost: Contact the company for a quote


Cloud Migration is no doubt an enticing prospect. However, many organizations underestimate just how complex and costly it can be to undertake this process in-house. It is simply not feasible or rational for a business to transition to the cloud without the assistance of a reliable cloud migration partner.

‘Reliable’ – this is the one word that we believe best characterizes the companies we’ve listed above. No matter the scale of your business or the applications you harbor, you can count on the companies listed above to accelerate your digital transformation process with an agile, cost-effective, and step-by-step move to secure cloud infrastructure.

As for our recommendations, ScienceSoft and Aspire Systems are at the very top of my list for a reason. You can count on these companies to truly alleviate the burden of cloud migration off your shoulders in a cost and time-sensitive manner.

Research Process:

  • We spent 20 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which Cloud Migration Company will best suit you.
  • Total Cloud Migration Companies Researched – 30
  • Total Cloud Migration Companies Shortlisted – 17
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