30+ Tested Web Tools And Services In 2020 for Small Business


Review of 30+ Best Web Tools and Services for your small business and projects: Wen design, development and marketing tools and services

If you have a business or a project that you want to develop, or if you want to start one from scratch, then you should use the right web tools and services for a competitive edge.

In 2020 i.e. in today's mechanized world, everything can be done with the help of the internet. There are tens of thousands of web tools and services, unlimited computer power, staff on demand, cloud computing and so on to get what we need.

Let's Explore!!

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How To Perform Web Application Security Testing Using AppTrana


An In-Depth Review of AppTrana – A Perfect Application Security Solution from Indusface: 

Nowadays, website security is no more an option, as any internet facing site is prone to attacks. Attackers do it for a variety of reasons, some do it for fame, some do it to get competitive info and some do it just for fun.

No matter what the reason, the breach is costly and regardless of the company is big or small, every internet facing website needs a comprehensive security solution.

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Contact Center Testing (Call Center Testing) Guide

Contact Center Testing

A complete guide to contact center or call center testing with tools and techniques:

A Contact Center Testing is a type of testing done on Omnichannel customer journeys to thoroughly examine the transition points of communication. It tests voice, IVR, email, SMS and chat communication points.

In the changing age of different types of customers, expectations are much higher than they were ever before.

Companies need to meet or exceed customer expectations with the best possible customer service. So, companies need a system to meet those higher expectations of customers consistently and compete with others to stay successful in the market.

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Ultimate XPath Writing Cheat Sheet Tutorial with Syntax and Examples


Top 20 Ways to Write Ultimate XPATH for ANY Type of Web Element (XPATH will never be invalid):

A web application is made up of different types of web elements such as web element for a button to click on, input web element to type text, drop-down, radio buttons, etc.

These web elements are also called tags or nodes.

When it comes to automating web applications, it starts with writing an automation script that will find the web element, perform an action on it such as, click on a button, enter text into input box, select a checkbox, select a radio button, scroll up or down and finally verify the expected behavior in turn of the action.

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Cynet All-In-One Security Platform Hands-On Review


A hands-on review tutorial of Cynet Autonomous Security Platform for blocking all types of security attacks on any network:

Cynet is changing the face of the security industry with the first Autonomous Security Platform that consolidates all aspects of the internal environment protection in a single interface.

The autonomous platform is threat-agnostic, converging all the technologies and capabilities (including endpoint protection, EDR, network analytics, UBA, and vulnerability management) to answer the visibility, prevention, detection and response needs of an any-sized organization.

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