What Is Cost Of Quality (COQ): Cost Of Good And Poor Quality

COQ – Cost of Quality

This tutorial explains what COQ is, costs of good and poor quality, cost of quality formula, examples, and ways to improve quality to optimize COQ:

Demands of the competitive global economy have placed a strong emphasis on quality across the IT industry.

In recent years, IT has been supporting the business in many ways and so its activities are being scrutinized by business executives in terms of added value i.e. larger profit margins, lower operational costs, faster software product delivery, etc.

The cost of quality in software development is a metric that could aid in turning software into a profitable tool for companies. Companies are looking at ROI i.e., the return to the organization from investment in software development.

Quality is gained at a price and the cost is called COQ or Cost of Quality.

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5 Deadly Mistakes in Requirements Management and How to Overcome Them

Deadly Mistakes in Requirements Management !! (3)

Explore the ways to tackle the 5 Deadly Mistakes in Requirements Management (with Examples):

Every major standard, certification, and regulatory organization mentions the need and importance of well-defined requirements in the product development process.

Indeed there are numerous sources that devote to requirements and best practices.

However, yet years of experience have shown that companies still struggle not only with writing but also with managing requirements and integrating them into their product development process.

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