Significant Changes in the QA World: Our Last Year Recap & Happy New Year!

We want to wish a Happy and Healthy New Year to all our readers!

The last year has been a wonderful year for STH – why wouldn’t it be? We had the best of the readers and followers behind us.

Back in December 2006, I started this blog with an intention to help software testers and today – after 15 years – it is helping thousands of Software Testing and Quality Assurance professionals worldwide!

Significant Changes in the QA World

Quick Recap Of What Was Remarkable Last Year


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Significant Changes in the QA World

Well, enough about us. Let us talk a little bit about our habitat – the QA Sphere. 🙂

The initial thought was to highlight certain key points of the QA field’s evolution over the last year. But, for something as vast, a year’s time is almost insignificant and the changes are not so imminent.

So, we chose to sum up a few of the significant changes that have happened in the QA world over the last decade- more or less.

What are the significant changes that happened in the QA world over the last decade?

#1) QA Toolbox Is Getting Lighter

Test/Defect Management tools earlier had to be installed on local machines, had a server, a database configured for them and had a specialized Admin who had to be contacted even to add as much as one user. Despite all this, the tools were pretty heavy on local memory consumption and the overall network load.

While these tools still continue to exist and thrive, the newer, ‘lighter’ versions are a breath of fresh air. They require no installation, can be accessed through a URL via the internet, take minutes to set up and the hosting of the database and servers is optional (the tool companies provide that for a nominal fee). These tools are light on system resources and network- not to forget the pocket. Sold!

#2) People Over Process

Those of us who have been in this field long enough would easily agree that the software development system has moved from being the traditional linear way to the more rapid, iterative models like Agile.

Since changes are fast, business-critical and competitive- there isn’t much scope for checks and measures (processes). This style of project development has realized that the maximum chance of success lies only in choosing the best team out there – self-learning, fast, efficient, responsible team players.

It is more important now than ever to be better than the best at what we do.

#3) Documentation – Relatively Getting Lesser

Don’t you all remember how we used to spend anywhere between 3 weeks – 1-month writing test case documents. Well, that has considerably gone down, with entire project releases being 2 – 5 weeks; we no longer write these detailed documents.

We settle for one or two liner test cases briefing what is to be tested and how. For some, this is a blessing and others it’s a luxury lost. Whichever way we see it, it is surely a substantial change.

#4) QA Tools Are No Longer Hostile with One Another

Well, they weren’t hostile earlier, simply isolated. To elaborate, earlier two tools of the same type or supporting type would not interact with each other leading to isolated data from various teams/processes in different places. That has changed, thankfully! To name one, tools like JIRA, Rally, and HP ALM interact bridging the distance between them. They are friendlier with each other now. 🙂

#5) Mobile Application Testing

Nowadays with every web application coming up with its own sister mobile app, mobile application testing has become huge. Those of us who are not into it yet aren’t going to be able to resist it any longer. It’s coming after us!

While some things have changed, the others remained the same. Teamwork, Positive attitude, a smile – they go a long way.

In the coming year, we hope the QA community spreads its wings wider, soars higher and reaches farther than it ever did before.

Wish you all a safe and fabulous new year!

Over to you

Let us know what went well for you last year and what did not. Also, please feel free to add to the list anything else you think had changed in the QA world over the years.

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    1. Evolution of Context Driven Testing and Rapid Testing principles by a passionate community
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