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10 Worst Things a Critic Would Say About Your Software

It is a typical practice to include the list of known issues with the QA sign off anĀ email.

This helps teams make the right decisions as to:

  • Let the end-users know the problem areas
  • Plan for training accordingly
  • Work on Change Management
  • Include these issues in the help files or documentation, so we provide alternatives, etc.

The list includes confirmed defects that were either deferred or not fixed due to time constraints and such.

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Practical Software Testing – New FREE eBook [Download]

“Practical Software Testing – Manual Testing Help eBook Version 2.0” – A free ebook from STH in association with Chindam Damodar. Assuming that you have no idea where to start in learning software testing, we have designed this free ebook just for you so that you can get started in no time. There are significant changes in the Software Testing pertaining to these recent days. In this ebook are the exact basic steps and testing fundamentals you must know before starting to test any application. Continue reading →

Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities + Chance to Win 10 Copies of this eBook [Contest]

Exciting times!

Want to win FREE copy of our second eBook Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities – Work from Home Jobs for Software Testers to Earn Extra Income”?

We have 10 copies for you to grab. Here is your chance to win 1 of 10. Read on to know more..

This is my second eBook recently published on Amazon. This eBook is handling a hot topic – Freelancing opportunities for software testers!

Yes, I get many questions on how to find freelance testing QA job opportunities and even questions like ‘Is it really possible to earn some extra income working as a freelance software tester?

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Announcing My New eBook “Software Testing Career Package – A Software Tester’s Journey from Getting a Job to Becoming a Test Leader!”

I’m SO EXCITED to announce the launch of my new eBook “Software Testing Career Package – A Software Tester’s Journey from Getting a Job to Becoming a Test Leader!”. The eBook has finally arrived and is available for download (purchase) today.

It’s 132 pages full of practical information and real-life examples which provides an easy way to master various software testing techniques.

A lot of passion and hard work has gone into the making of this book and I really hope that you enjoy reading it.


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I’m Writing an eBook and Need Your Help to Make it Super Helpful!

This is something that’s in my mind since a long time. I get so many questions from readers about getting started in software testing and becoming an expert in this field! I thought it would be helpful to all if I share these answers in an eBook.

So, I’ve decided to write an eBook on software testing career and becoming an expert in this field. It would be the collection of answers to all these burning questions almost all testers face in their career life. I’ll also include some of the most useful guides I’ve ever written on this blog over the last 6 years with updates aligning with latest trends in software testing field.
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